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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    hi there

    I have an Acer Aspire F15 F5 -571 i5 16gb ram and 1 tb hdd

    I would like to speed it up with an external ssd - is it possible to buy an external ssd with usb connector 

    and simply plug it into the laptop and then run it faster?

    many thanks 


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    Hi Team Customer Support,


    This is the issue on my battery. I purchased it last october 2015, I started to face challenges/error on battery charging.


    1st encounter: battery is not charging using the ac power cable/charger in the power outlet, alternative taken was plug it on another outlet. Still no orange indicator light unlike before. So I rest it for about 6 hours. Then I charged it with the same outlet and at last its charging.


    2nd encounter: battery is not charging again and no orange indicator and the alternative that i was doing wasnt work already. alternative taken: was go to this community and read some reviews about my concern to get solution. i notice this  and try this: 

    How can I disconnect the internal battery from my Acer notebook? -pinhole reset button on my laptop acer aspire e14 eg 473g and its still not working Smiley Sad  Please help me cutomer support/technical team, im loosing my patience..

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    I am having problems with my laptop. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and can not get the touch pad to be seen in device manager. I can attach a mouse, and it will show, but when unplugged the pointer goes away and the mouse disappears from device manager. I also can not seem to get any sound from the speakers at all. I downloaded the drivers to no avail.


    Thanks for your support.

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    Wife's laptop - had auto update on for Windows 10.  It put on some updates a few weeks ago and after a reboot it had problems. She tried to power it off and back on a few times and now after getting passed the Acer boot screen it has the spinning dots and says "attempting to recover installation" and hangs there. (Left for a couple of days). 


    Power off and turn turn it back on and it does it again and again and again. 


    Is doing fast boot so no way to enter bios and change the boot order to start from recovery image. 


    I took out the cmos battery to reset the bios, but nothing as the default boot order must be HD. 


    Need help ...  getting into bios and changing boot order to recover 



    thanks all

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    I regretfully installed the latest BIOS\Firmware upgrade (1.14) for my Windows 8.1 system ("maybe there's some new improvement?"), as seen on this page in the BIOS\Firmware category:


    The upgrade went fine and the machine is working, but now the boot process is much slower, as if it happens in two new steps:the Acer screen appears, the screen goes black, then another Acer screen appears with the spinning symbol and it stays there for some seconds, then black screen, then finally Windows 8.1.


    I like to turn off the keyboard lights (Fn + F9) right after power-up, but now the keyboard lights turn back on when the black screen appears! I think this is crazy, like something is being reset?


    I tried downgrading to the lowest version available from the downloads, 1.10, but the slow startup still remains.

    I want to undo whatever it is that these new BIOSes do, and I unfortunately forgot to see what BIOS version that came with my Aspire V Nitro VN7-791G-792A. I would like to revert to my factory firmware. --- edit: Getting the startup to be fast as it was is actually what I'm after, I don't care what firmware version it is.

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    Guys I don't wanna wake up and turn off the power switch of my charger everytime my laptop reaches 100% (I plug it in all the time) but I heard charging at 100% might damage the battery...



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  • 09/04/17--20:56: USB Type C Acer E5-575G-728J
  • I have a small issue with this laptop that I am hoping you will sort out for me.

    The problem is the USB C, if I connect a Type C USB flash drive it all appears and have no problem with using it ( Brands I have Kingston/Sandisk), when I safely Eject Drive all good and no issues.

    I will continue using the laptop and no issues, very happy with laptop, after completing my CAD drawing and want to save to USB C drive, i insert the drive back into the USB C slot, but the computer will not recognize that it is plugged in, it does not matter what brand I use of flash drive, once i have safely removed a flash drive, the laptop will not recognize the flash drive again until i reboot the computer.

    This does not happen with the the Type A USB slots, I can insert and eject them as many times as l like and no issues, the only issue is the type C USB slot.

    I am not sure if this is a BIOS, hardware, software issue.????. I have not reloaded any drivers. It is like the port switches off when you eject the drive or goes to sleep and does not wake up again when drive inserted.I also made sure that power management was turned off for USB ports..



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    I'm the owner of a Acer Aspire V5 573G and my screen is currently broken. A part of the screenis simply black, like on the photo below. Everyone once in a while the whole screen is artifacting with weird colours. The image on the screen is also sometimes going/dripping downwards (hard to explain). Does anyone know if this issue is the LCD itself or just the cable




    Thanks in advance!


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    Is it possible to replace the cpu on aspireV5 531P-987 B6G75M to get better prfomance? The installed cpu is Intel pentium CPU 987 1.50GHz.

    Can it be replaced with a cpu with better preformance?

    And if so, where can I browse (and purchase) for compatible CPU's for this laptop?



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    I have already tried following the intructions from this thread, but almost nothing has worked.


    Intel Driver Update Utility does not pick up anything at all.


    I have managed to install the USB driver and Realtek Network driver only. Although my device list still shows the network driver as not installed, even though I'm using the adapter to connect to the internet and type this now.


    While trying to find the drivers for my Intel Graphics card, I found on the Intel website that they specifically state that the Win7 Intel graphics drivers for 7th Gen CPU are not supported. Only Win10. So how am I supposed to install drivers that don't exist.


    This then doesn't allow me to intstall the NVIDIA drivers for the GTX 950M, as it requires the intel drivers to be installed first.


    I haven't even bothered with any of the rest yet! What do I do now? I don't want to run Win10, its horrible!


    Please Help!

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    After seeing this "DPC Watchdog Violation" the computer reboots but hangs immediately and will not reboot.


    Leave it a couple of days and it works. Last night was working for 6 hours and I was stress testing it All ws fine. Switch it on today and leave it and then the DPC error BSOD screen came up... reboots... hangs... will not come on at all past the ACER splash screen and revolving loading dots hanging.

    Can anyone assist me with this as I am stumped as to what to do about it.

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    It is now my second day to using this laptop, and quite often, I tend to hear crackling noises coming from the laptop. As a side note, the laptop is not able to handle functions such as opening 3-4 windows with other applications in the background. Could the reason behind the crackling noise be from the HDD hard drive?

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  • 09/05/17--18:48: Black screen during standby
  • Lately my Aspire e 15 laptop has started going to a black screen during standby mode, no mouse pointer and I end up having to hard reboot it. Now I am getting a blue error screen that checks the laptop, goes to 100% and sits there and again I have to hard reboot it. The hard drive had to be replaced before it was 1 year old (under warranty thank God) but I have had nothing but problems like this. Please help me figure out why the screen goes black in standby and now why I am getting the blue screen. I swear I will never buy another Acer Smiley Sad

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  • 09/06/17--06:46: AspireE5-575G-56GY
  • Jab mene laptop liya tha tab unhone kha tha ki 999 ki warrenty bad jayege but site pe to 1117 dikha rhe he

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  • 09/05/17--21:19: Aspire V3-575-N19Q6
  • Hello guys im a nebie here, i just wanna ask how to open the 3rd USB port, the one on right side. it has a safety cover and i dont know how to open it. thank you

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    All of a sudden my keyboard has stopped working.  Tried nearly all of the fixes listed on line but nothing worked.  Replaced the keyboard and according to Win 10 the new device is functioning properly...but it is not...any ideas of how to fix would be greatly appreciated

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  • 09/06/17--11:59: upgrade ram
  • HI FRIENDS I HAVE RECENTLY BOUGHT ACER E5-575G LAPTOP , and i want to upgrade ram memory so i thought to buy 2400Mhz ripjaws sodimm ram 8gb ddr4 ,,but before buying i just want to confirm that whether it supports my laptop or not ..?  Processor i3,ram channel ddr4...  

    current speed check using SPD of CPU-Z is 2133MHz....


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    I recently bought the above acer aspire model. I wanted to add in a HDD for data storage purposes, but when I opened up the case to add one in, I was unable to figure out how. I was lead to believe that is was possible. If so, how? 


    Thank You

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    Hi I have a Aspire M5-583-6637, and I am having some problems with my battery not charging. If I shut my laptop off, or close the lid, if I take care not to move labtop, I can plug it in to recharge, yet if I move the cable or labtop at all, it will stop recharging. If my labtop is on and battery at 100%, I can plug it in and it will stay charged, unless I move laptop or cord; and if laptop is below 100% and on, the battery switch between charging and not charging rapidly.

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  • 09/06/17--18:01: Aspire E15-575G-72JS
  • I have bought an Acer Aspire E5-575G-72JS from Sri Lankan Agent. It is i7 according to the sticker. But I don't find it in any website.

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