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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I would like to know if there is any way of upgrading CPU (i5-4210m) in my laptop...I was looking for some CPUs and found i7-4712MQ and i want to know if its possible. (Yes i know that its a stupid idea to upgrade laptop cpu)

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  • 06/29/17--09:53: E5 572G Boot
  • SPECS: i5 4210m 16GB Corsair Vegeance DDR3L Gt840M SSD Samsung 500GB.
    I'm using this laptop since August 2015 for playing games word browsing etc.. couple of months now I'm having this problem that randomly occurs. I open the laptop normally do my work and close it again without noticing any lag or problems except when gaming 5-6 hrs with room temp 30-32 when laptop gets too hot.. the next day I'm trying to open the laptop and this happens Led on Cpu fan on screen lights up for a sec and then lapto closes and opens again doing the same thing maybe for hours without showing boot screen or anything just black screen. So I checked the flex cable of the screen change Thermal paste removed ram changed slots etc.. but nothing.. laptop won't boot.. So this happend again b4 3-4 days and today I went to check it and it opened normally like nothing happend no hibernation or sleep mode is set.. does anyone have a clue about this thing..? Thanks in advance.

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    My name is Thong , and I come from in VN . I have one problem with my Acer Laptop.

    How I can boot windows 10 on my acer aspire es1-533? And the second problem . What this can support Hyper V or VT-X Machines? Because I learn technology of security network and it neccessary for my laptop. That is big problem because some one in acer talk me it support and can enable with bios. But in Bios I don't see anything to enable it.

    Please talk me answer . Thanks

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    My geforce 940mx has stopped working ever since the anniversary update and pretty much have a warranty claim on it but haven't shipped it out.  


    As I ran a RKILL program to check things over, it stated these two services are missing.


    Is there a way to know how to reinstall them or where to look?  



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  • 06/29/17--13:05: Aspire E5-572G REBELLION?!
  • Hello everyone,


    I have an E5-572G System Specs: i5 4210m GF840m 16GB Corsair Vegeance DDR3 1600MHz SSD Kingston V300 128GB.

    So i have this laptop since August 2015 and the last 3 months im facing with a problem that randomly occurs. The problem is that laptop after my "normal" use and shutdown the next time i try to open it, it wont open and maybe it will open after 3-4 days even if i try to open it 200 times. As i said this happens randomly without any sign [changed thermal paste the first time this happened, disabled all sleep and hibernation, tried booting without battery and then plug it back and the opposite (worked the first time), lcd flex cable, plug a second screen, even checked for anything like virus xD that might cause the problem]. 

    So when this happens laptop power led goes on fan the same screen lights for a second (without showing boot screen) then fan stops spinning , everything is dark for a couple of seconds (around 10-15) and the laptop restarts, everything goes like before (everything is black) exept that the second time it will stay like this without rebooting for hours. Also today that it opened after 3 days BIOS setting where 

    restored to default (i didnt do anything) i dont remember if this happend the previous time.

    The only thing i did today is updating the BIOS with the same, once more. Now everythin is back to normal but i think that this will happen again, and im asking if anyone has a clue or faced the same problem and has something to say or propose.


    Thank you in advance for your time.


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  • 06/29/17--13:18: Acer Aspire e15 e5-574g-52qu
  • I put my laptop in sleep mode by pressing windows key, power, sleep. Problem is now it won't wake up. Moving mouse, hitting keys will not wake it up. I never used that way to put to sleep before thought it might take a special keystroke to wake it up.
    Can someone help? Warranty is up 23 days, wouldn't you know it.
    If you can help me it would be great.
    Thanks, Roland

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  • 06/29/17--18:44: About Graphic Cards
  • hi my laptop model is Aspire F 15 , F5-573G-71GR . can i upgrade my graphic card mine is 950M NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 4GB DEDICATED V RAM

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    i forgot my password for my laptop it is a acer aspire with Windows 7 system .i have no disk to reset the password, so can u help me reset it without a floppy disk or a usb flashdrive? 

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    I'm a newbie here, my first post. I've had my Acer laptop for a couple years with no problems, love it, but all of a sudden I'm getting an irritating pop-up. "This PC" launches at random times, including start-up. I googled for fixes but nothing has worked. Please help! Smiley MadWoman SadScreenshot (154a.png

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    Will opening back plate and installing ram void warranty? There's a WARRANTY VOID STICKER under a screw which is needed to be removed if I'm to upgrade my RAM. Just a general question and I hope I'd get answer from people with experience on this or from acer directly. Looking forward to your reply.

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    Sometimes my laptop freezes on startup. It shows Acer logo and does not do anything else. Can someone tell me why? Can it be HDD?

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  • 06/30/17--04:53: Aspire E14
  • Hi. I need help pls.this is urgent..i have lots of pending work laptop wont respond after boot. I see the desktop icons but its just frozen there. I am unable to do anything and even launch task manager or launch in safe mode. Any ideas?

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  • 06/30/17--06:57: Acer aspire e1
  • Hi everybody
    I bought two aspire e series laptop about 4 years ago.
    But unfortunately they have been stolen a week ago.i have their serial number but i need the SNID number and all the specifications (mac adress and etc) to report them to police in order to find my laptops.
    When i locate the serial number in acer website it can not find my serial number.
    How can i solve this problem? Please help me.thank u.
    My laptops have been stolen with their box and all their documents.
    1)S/N : NXM6BEM061***
    2)S/N : NXM020BOA7***


    [edited for privacy - THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM - please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    Hi, can someone please confirm what's the maximum supported RAM for Acer Aspire E15 E5-571P-59QA?

    I see the RAM has lots of parameters:


    1Rx8 PC3L-12800S-11-12-B3

    What parameters shall I'll be matching to buy a compatible RAM?

     Is this RAM with model KVR16LS11/8 compatible with my laptop?

    Thanks in advance

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    4 months ago I purchased an Acer Aspire ES 15 laptop. Things were fine until a few weeks ago when the laptop suddenly began shutting down automatically. Regardless of what type of surface it is on, the laptop is shutting down more frequently. I haven't noticed any difference in temperature when it shuts down.

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    I installed BIOS version : V1.12 on my Aspire E5 - 774G - 582T , SNID : 63914775776 . Thinking the install would make my PC faster . I think i made a big mistake in doing so . Because now my PC is running very slow . I need to change it back , but i dont know the proper version or ware to find it . Can sombody Help ???. " SOS "

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  • 06/30/17--21:45: Acer e5 575g
  • Hello. I am posting this from Malaysia. I bought this laptop in May from the online store 11Street. I want to know how can I register my warranty manually because the last time I tried to register (the day after purchase) it through here,, it said the laptop was :

    Beyond the time allowed for Standard Warranty Registration.
    Registration of Std Warranty should be done within 90 days of purchase of the computing product (hardware).
    Please click here to proceed to submit a request for manual registration.


    So, I clicked on the "here" button which brings up another form to request for a manual registration.

    Fast forward 2 months later and here I am still wondering if that form even worked in the first place. I got ZERO calls, messages, or emails from Acer in this 2 months although I have entered my contact details there.

    Can anyone help me resolve my warranty issue quickly? Preferably via PM or email. Thanks. 

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    I'm trying to set up voice search on Chrome and I think my microphone is not working properly as it does not hear my voice search command. Where is the microphone on this laptop and how do I establish if it's working.


    In windows 10 I have run troubleshooting on audio and it detected 'audio device muted' which it fixed. Still no voice search success. I run troubleshooting again with the same muted result. No matter how many times it runs & fixes, I still have the same 'device muted' result.  Are there any more checks I can do to see if the microphone is working.



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    hi im just wondering if there's

    a possible way to flash bios using the method of

    fn+esc + power button in this model

    my laptop only hangs on the acer logo

    i installed a windows 10 64bit on legacy mode

    but i accidentally load the bios to default

    when i turn on the laptop it said

    no bootable devices

    after that it only hangs on the logo whats so ever

    it does not enter the bios anymore

    i tried the memory card and hdd in other units and its working fine

    can someone please help me

    where can i download a .fdd file for this unit

    also in the support download link... they only support windows base flashing bios


    my unit is ES1-431-C5AF



    please email me @ if you find any solution anybody Smiley Happy


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  • 07/01/17--07:45: Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-77BJ
  • What does 1TB HDD + 128 GB SSD mean? Can they be used at the same time? Or one at a time?

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