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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I own an Aspire E5-575G-52DA, and I want to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8GB, is there anyway to upgrade it without voiding the warranty? The warranty sticker is located at the screw of the door where the ram and harddrive sits. Thanks!

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    As the topic.


    What kind of interface SSD M.2 supports Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-56vs NX.GD8SV.001 (SATA 2280, PCIe, NVME...)?


    Thank you !!!

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  • 06/12/17--03:01: Acer Aspire E5-475G
  • i can't use my nvidia graphic card. whenever i enable it i can't get into the login screen and all only blank. someone help me pls


    Nvidia Geforce 940MX win 10

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  • 06/12/17--05:17: Acer E5-551G bios corrupted
  • Hello everyone.

    I need the bios.fd file to recuperate my laptop because dont start.

    When i turn on, the led brights one seconds and later penglishower off.

    The fans and HDD dont work, i think the problem is the bios.

    Anywhere can extract the bios.fd file and send it to me? Is very very important for me. PLEASE HELP!

    PD: Sorry for my bad english, im from Spain.

    This es my laptop:

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    Hi, i have problem with the audio, ive installed the realtek as the recommended audio device for my laptop series, it works for a while, but ive been reinstalled it for more than 3 times, each time still works, but this time it doesnt anymore, i got "This device cannot start (Code 10)", so i reinstall the realtek again, but doesnt work, please help

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    Does acer F5-573g-59aj supports raid?

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    Hello everyone,


    I recently purchased an Aspire E5-575 laptop. I am very happy with the purchase except for one annoying problem which has persisted since purchase. 


    When I am using my laptop, the problem occurs at random and does not have anything to do with insufficient RAM. The problem results in my screen freezing and when I am watching a video or listening to music, the sound gets all choppy and begins to studder. After a few seconds of the screen being frozen, the computer resumes. I have not been successful in diagnosing the issue however I have a feeling it has something to do with graphics or maybe a graphics driver installed incorrectly. I would appreciate any input for other individuals having had similar issues and how to resolve it, besides doing a full reset of the laptop which I would like to avoid. 


    Thank you all


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    I have a problem, my cpu fan turn on couple of minutes I shut down my laptop. Happened couple times. I upgraded to last bios 1.12. Anyone had similar problem?

    Thank you

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    Hi to all,

    I have setup in Windows 10 if I press the power button it would shut down, but when I press the power button, nothing happens.

    Anyone had similar problems?

    2017-06-12 20_41_22-New Message - Acer Community.png

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    So I've had this laptop for around a month now and have been experiencing terrible download and upload speeds.  When on Wifi im getting max 4Mbs and same with the ethernet, I have tested at neighbours' homes and have been experiencing the same problems, any suggestions?


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  • 06/12/17--11:48: New Acer Aspire
  • Hi all.

    This is my first post. I have a new Acer Aspire ES1-523 all of eight day's now, and really getting angry with it, or is this normal for this machine, slow running,freezing scrips, long page just hangs, windows needs to refresh page, some web pages seem to take for ever to load, the list goes on and on. Anyone with any help would be appreciated, or is there a turbo switch on it. Or have have I bought a dud?.



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    The device has a USB-C port, but it's not clear if that port supports charging via USB Power Delivery or another standard?  The port is labled USB-C 3.1 which means it should support Power Delivery.  But since plugging in a USB-C charger cable can damage the laptop if charging is not supported, I don't really want to just try it and see what happens.



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    I bought my Aspire Aspire V7 laptop in September 2014 and was excited about it. It worked great, I loved the size, I loved the space on the hard drive, it was fast, and the battery lasted really long. I was happy. 

    Just a few months after I got it, I began to have issues. It slowed down, it lagged, I had to restart it constantly. In roughly September 2015, I finally sent it to you to be repaired. I got it back and it worked for a week or so. It then had a multitude of additional issues -- randomly shutting down, battery not working, the mouse wouldn't move when the charger was plugged in, along with all of the same issues as before. 
    I sent it back to you again in October 2015. I got that back, and it worked for a couple months, but never up to the level it was working when I first got it brand new in 2014. After the second time I had the computer repaired, I could not install certain software on my computer. 
    After that second time, my one year warranty was up, and as you know, I could not even contact you for help without paying for it. My issues were never fixed by you, but I had no way of expressing that. 
    I brought the laptop to a local computer repair place in the fall of 2016, as it had the same problems -- lagging, not installing software, etc. He couldn't find anything wrong with it.
    It has had the same issues ever since, and last week (June 2017), the laptop stopped starting. I took it to the computer repair company and they said the motherboard is ruined, and they don't know why. I had no viruses, never spilled anything on it, and took very good care of it. On the outside, it still looks brand new. 
    I just wanted to express my disappointment with your product, as well as your customer service. I bought this laptop for around $750 as a graduate from college, which was a large chunk of money for me at that time. I read great reviews of Acer Aspire laptops and heard many positive things, and at that price, I thought I would have a working laptop for at least 4 years. 
    In reality, I had a working laptop for a few months and have been struggling with it ever since-- not even 3 years. As a comparison, I had a $350 HP laptop that lasted me longer than 3 years. 

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    This question is not about the installation process.


    My device is eligible for Windows 10 upgrade and it is listed in the list given on this page .



    My question is that how much it will cost to me? Is acer provide Windows to its customers?


    Many companies provide OEM edition Windows to customer at lower price to upgrade operating system from DOS to Windows 10. Is Acer does this?

    If yes, then please let me know about price of both Windows 10 Home Edition and Windows 10 Pro Edition.

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    I have a new Aspire F 15 F5-573-738R with OS on SSD

    I notice I have 3 Windows folders - Windows, Windows.old & Windows10upgrade,

    Do I need all?

    Is it safe to delete Windows.old & Windows10upgrade?



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    Hello, I am thinking of buying the Aspire E5-575G-57D4 from Amazon US. ( = Acer + aspire + e55-575g ) My question is, the SSD is M.2 or 2.5" ? I asked Customer's Support but the answer I got is: " The SSD provided in this unit M.2.5 "256 GB SSD (Kingston or Samsung). " That's got me confused, is there anyone who can answer with certainty?

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    I am about to buy Acer Aspire F15 (F5-573G-59V4)  which comes along with default 4GB ram.


    I would prefer to upgrade it by adding an 8GB ram or 16GB ram. Not sure if it has how many slots and need a suggestion on which is the best ram suitable for high performance on this laptop for both 8GB as well as 16GB.


    The laptop which we are looking is

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  • 06/13/17--15:34: Windows 10 not sleep well
  • I have E 15 Touch laptop, model is E5-571P-55TL.

    Windows 10 is installed on it.

    But sleep not work well.

    It work well I close the lid or press the power button at begin.

    But sever hours laster both the lid and press button key could not sleep well when I tried to open the laptop, it failed.

    I have to press the power button for a long time to bring it shutdown that means the left light gone.

    Then I press the power button again it comes but excel and word will shows:

    Document recovery page comes out
    Excel has recovered the following files. Save the ones you wish to keep.
    Available files
    Close (bottom)


    I tried remove all personal files on locol disks with windows 10 and acer care center several time, actually reinstall windows 10 on the laptop, it comes same errors.

    I don't know what I am wrong.


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    I'll be given an F15-572something from a (sry) complete noob for a clean-install of Windows 10 (apparantly preinstalled) after a recovery-attempt due to a corrupted Windows-Update.... (i doubt there will be another choice than clean-install)


    Unfortunatly, all signs stand for "she will not provide the needed media for a clean-install" aso.


    Questions - as I never had an Aspire (or Win10) to tinker with:

    a) how to perform a clean-install? Is there a "reset by manufacturer"-Option in the Alt-F10-Settings to do so? (that will do clean-install without leaving traces of the old installation on the c: drive?)

    b) if there is no "reset by manufacturer"  - can i use Microsoft's Diskmaker to create a Win10-DVD and use that to reinstall? (will the Serial-Number be taken from UEFI or..?)

    c) are there any Aspire-specific Shortcuts (like entering UEFI to boot from USB or DVD etc) that could come in handy?


    (Thanks for any other hint for an "Aspire-F-Series specific install" - i already downloaded all drivers for the F15 i found on the support-page ;-)

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  • 06/14/17--00:11: E1-731 battery uprade
  • What larger battery or external battery pack works for E1-731 .

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