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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 06/09/17--20:50: acer E14 DISPLAY FLICKER
  • HELP I was just browsing the net when I was bluescreened. So it restarted but it turned to a black screen.


    I followed previous threads and fixed it- it worked fine for a few minutes until it started flickering. 


    Any help? I need this to work for my files Smiley Sad



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    So my gpu has overheated and I was stuck with the default intel one(lost my warranty so yea) and a pc repair shop said that it can't be fixed but I kind of doubt that I know a lot of friends that replaces or upgraded their gpus so I was woundering to what can I upgrade and if not how to replace it ?

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  • 06/10/17--02:18: Driver troubles
  • i cant update my drivers any recomendations pls


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  • 06/10/17--05:39: Aspire F15 Screen Brightness
  • F5-572G-75Z3 rinning win 10 64bit.


    Im unable to adjust my screen brightness using any method. windows does not have a screen brigthness adjustement bar, not even on power settings. mobility centre has bar but no effect on screen brightness. Fn key can change volume but left/righ arrows has no effect on brightness.


    ive reinstalled/uninstalled screen drivers. the latest drivers available from acer support is not the latest version which windows installs when i ask it to update driver (so windows finds a later version somewhere). launch manager is running.


    im using DIMSCREEN app in the meantime to protect my eyes from full screen brightness but it has its issues. please assist me.

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    I have this laptop that hadn't been used in about a year and I got a replacement battery for it, put it in yesterday and turned the laptop on. It worked fine for about 15 minutes and I had it on charge. I then took the charger out to take the laptop downstairs and the screen went black. When I plugged the charger back in the laptop didn't seem to be charging at all because the light didn't come on beside the charge on the bottom of the laptop. I tried pressing the stand by button and it flashed about 5 times and went off again but the screen is still black. I've tried using another charger as well but the laptop still isn't showing signs of charging. Anyone have any advice? It would be appreciated! Smiley Happy

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  • 06/10/17--11:19: Aspire E 15 E5-573G-5679
  • My acer laptop wont turn on after i removed the charger and the battery is in built. In addition i was tryna plug in my earpiece nd it got stuck at the usb port that was no trouble but it went off after so i do not know why.i need help

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    Hello i am looking to install an optical drive for my laptop but i would like to be sure which drive model i need..


    The laptop is an Acer Aspire e15 e5-523-93tu


    this is the first part of the s/n: nxgdnek007


    Kindly appreciate any help!

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  • 06/10/17--12:01: E5-573G upgrade options
  • Hi, I've noticed that in my E5-573G, the CD drive slot is filled up with a dummy plastic piece. Instead of adding a CD/DVD drive, can any other piece of hardware be added to my computer (in that slot)?




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    I've replace thermal paste but i don't know what exact lenght of thermal pad replace under heatsink gpu core

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    Wireless drivers and video drivers won't work for Windows 8 and 10 for "E5-573-50PS" Acer Aspire notebook.

    Any ideas? I have downloaded all the latest drivers... and they just don't work.

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    While browsing temps are normal (50ºC~60ºC), but while gamming (cs go for ex) I usually get 85C~90ºC in CPU and 75ºC~80ºC in GPU.


    I've tried using a program called notebook fan control with e5-471g config. While using this program temps where much more controlatted. Max 73ºC~75ºC CPU and 65ºC GPU. But I also found something unpleasant, ahci latency increases a lot and I got random stutter in games (1-3sec of duration).


    So what I ask is, why don't acer enginners or IT develop a program to control F5 573g fan speed or at least enable a way to change it values in BIOS?



    Best regards,



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  • 06/11/17--04:29: Need help
  • My laptop is Aspire E15 E5-575-57VC
    I need the password for the original account because I wont to restythe laptop to the factory settings
    Please if some one can help me

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    Visit Acer Store.

    Enter my serial number or SNID, then click Submit.

    but not available.

    my SNID is **************


    [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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     I am having an audio problem form about a week now, I tried all the possibilities and now i am praying that I can get it over with.

    I have the Aspire E15- (es1-511-c7yp) win10 64bit

    single 3.55 mm jack at the back.

    it stopped recognizing any devices plugged into it after an update.


    I have done almost everything:


    1. Reinstall

    2. Rollback driver- 

    3. Run in Compatible mode

    4. check for disabled devices

    5. Check that box that says "enable auto popup dialog......blah blah blah"


    oh my the main speakers works perfectly.

    any Ideas what to do because I ran out.


    Please Help me- please Smiley Sad

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    How to enable AMD turbo core technology on E5-553G F79R? it says up to 3.6 GigaHertz. But, then i use AMD OverDrive it doesn't support. How to fix this?

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    Ok, so i recently bought an acer aspire e 15 e5 575 33bm for 350 US, i already had a 250 GB Samsung EVO SSD which i installed in it, along with the 8GB of memory i bought along with the PC. Now my question is, is there a way to increase the dedicated graphic memory, i tried going to my BIOS but the option wasn't there.

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  • 06/11/17--11:46: Acer E5-521-23KH
  • When this laptop turns on it shows the Acer logo, at the bottom it shows Prepairing automatic repair, then goes to blank screen and stays there.  Any suggestions?

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  • 06/11/17--16:25: Aspier E5
  • Hello, need a simple 3rd grade answer. Am I able to add an M.2 SSD to my Aspire E15? Specific model is: E5-523-2343. It has a 1 TB HDD, but I would like to transfer the operating system to an SSD, and use the HDD solely for storing word files and pictures for school. Any advice or information is greatly appriciated. Thank you!!

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  • 06/11/17--16:52: acer aspire e5-571 - Bios
  • I have an Aspire E5 751g-79xu which was bought on the 27/3/15

    I have removed Win 8 and replaced it with Win 7 both 64bit versions

    I have a problem with the BIOS in that it seems to be slowly corrupting itself

    First of all I could not acsess the supervisor part of the BIOS I would like to do this to add a second drive in the Optical bay

    I have not touched the BIOS since I first bought the laptop and had to change to legacy to run win 7

    Now even with no passwords set for either user or Supervisor I can acssess the Bios at all

    Is there away to reflash the BIOS so that it will give me back supervisors rights

    I have spoken to Acer Australia and they arent helpfull at all say take it to an Acer tech which is a bit hard given I live 500 miles from the nearest one

    Any help will be gratefully recieved


    Peter R

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  • 06/11/17--20:54: recovery partition
  • Sir, i just reset my acer laptop . i lost all my data, i need my data back which are stored in partitions which i created personally. is there any chance ?

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