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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 05/27/17--23:07: Aspire F5-572G
  • Hi,


    I have an Acer Aspire F5-572g laptop and im having trouble with the fan, it is about a year old my fan makess a whirring noise, it stops when i turn it on its side but it starts again straight away. please help!

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    Wanted to see if there were any options for a backlit keyboard with regard to my Aspire E1-572.

    And if so, can you please reference a part #?


    I've done a fair amount of research online and have not seen many options, even in the aftermarket world. 

    The one grain of hope I've seen thus far is this: , I have yet to talk with them to see if this is real, however I have my doubts being as I have not found a similar product anywhere else online. 


    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Recently we've had a few power outages and I've decided that I need a good battery bank to keep my laptop (Acer E5-575-33BM) charged up while the power is out so that I can get more than 3-4 hours of usage out of it before it dies on me.  I currently have a handheld 20,000 mAH portable USB battery bank that also has a vehicle jump-starter and plug for charging laptops, but for some reason it will not charge this laptop with any of the provided connectors (I made sure to set it to 19V input as indicated on the charger but still no dice).  This is the first laptop I've owned where the battery is non-interchangeable so I'm looking for a good battery backup unit for my laptop similar to the USB battery banks that charge laptops but one that is compatible with my laptop.


    I've looked at different models, including some that even have an AC plug built into them so that I could plug my charger into it, and keep my laptop juiced this way.  This is the only feature I don't like about this particular laptop but since it's a budget machine technically (even though I have a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD installed, another 240GB Zotac Premium SSD in the 2.5 inch bay, and 16GB of DDR4-2133 memory in it) I have to work around this problem.  Any Amazon suggestions for a battery bankup device for this computer that are portable and don't break the bank?  Thanks for the input!

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    I know that this isn't the first time this kind of question is made here, but i couldn't figure it out with other posts. Also, it isn't clear enough if the answers apply to my model. 


    Basically, i want to know if the m.2 port supports SATA and/or PCIe. More specifically, this model:


    Plextor 256GB M.2 2280, wich has the interface: M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 with NVM Express.

    Searching around, i've encountered pleople worried about the number of lanes the PCIe uses. So, if PCIe is possible, the 4 lanes of the model above would be a problem? I would use all of its capability?


    This is the site that has the model above, in case you need more specs about the ssd. It's in portuguese, but i guess it is understandable.

    SSD Plextor 256GB M.2 2280 M8Pe Series PCIe - Leituras: 2000MBs / Gravações: 900MBs - PX-256M8PEG


    Thanks in advance.



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    I warmly welcome. Today I launched my laptop and I have no sound in the speakers, the sound is only when the headphones are connected. I checked the drivers and updates and various tips but nothing helped. Please help, best regards.

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    Today, I decided to use my laptop after 2 days of not turning it on. Before turning it off, I was watching videos on the Internet for about 5 hours. When I tried to turn iot on, it couldn't. I plugged the AC adapter and the Chargie LED didn't turn on. I'm really concerned about my laptop. Could someone help me, please?



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    I just bought this 2 weeks ago and just yesterday while I'm using it it suddenly turned into a black screen. When I connected it to my tv via HDMI it is working and I can see the home screen all good but can't see anything on my laptop screen. Tried restarting and resting it for hours yesterday but still black screen. And this morning, it worked again! Anyone experiencing this same issue? Is this some kind of a related issue in using Windows 10? Thanks!

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    I've had this laptop for about 2 weeks, and have Windows 10.  A couple of days or so ago, I unplugged it and took it into another room to use.  It was on battery at least 6 hours with no problems.  It's been plugged in since then.


    I just looked at the battery meter and it shows only 35% power remaining.  Why is it not fully recharged by now?

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  • 05/29/17--04:35: Aspire ES1-523-499J
  • My Wifi is not showing in available wifi networks. My Wifi was previously working, tried a lot of different things to get wifi to work again
    - I think it's because my wifi has wpa security, and noticed recently there is no option for wpa security type when adding a new network, but there is the option to add wpa2 and wep security types.

    Can someone help?

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  • 05/29/17--05:49: Dual Monitor for E5-722
  • Hi,

    I have an Aspire E5-722 I'm trying to setup a dual external monitor configuration, using the laptop as a desktop with 2x HP 22es monitors.

    The laptop has 1-HDMI and 1-VGA port.


    My issue is that the computer will only detect one monitor at a tiem, and the default is the HDMI as the master monitor when both ports are used. When the HDMI is disconnected the monitor conneted to the VGA port automatically starts up. With windows 10 it will not detect both monitors, do I need to go into the BIOS settings?



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    There have been posts about compatible drives but have given brief descriptions. Please include full Model #s. As just an example, there are numerous Samsung 850 EVO NAND SSD 256 GB models and not all are compatible. So, please include model #s. And just specifying "2280" is not enough info.

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    Keyboard on my Acer Aspire 7551-2560 is not working. I'am running Windows 7.

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    The laptop does not shutdown when i press the power button though it is set in windows 10.

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  • 05/30/17--02:56: Acer ES1-111M-C414
  • Bom dia,

    Tenho um portátil Acer ES1-111M-C414 e instalei o Windows 10 x64 do zero (Mudei a bios para legacy, arranquei pelo menu multiboot, pen drive, etc). Já tem os updates e drivers todos e o meu problema é que as vezes não inicia e aparece a mensagem de erro de leitura dos disco (A disk read error occured. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to restart) e se fizer o CTRL + ALT + DELETE ás vezes arranca e outras tenho de desligar o pc para tentar arrancar de novo. Já procurei firmware do SSD EMMC Hynix HBG4e 32G(é incorporado na board) mas sem efeito, também tenho a Bios actualizada (V1.16).
    Alguma ajuda?! Alguém que teve o mesmo sintoma?

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    I want to reset my Aspire E15  E5-574G-54Y2  

    by resetting , does it lost all the windows 10 updates and get back to previous windows7? 

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  • 05/30/17--03:46: Acer aspire e5-572g-3366
  • Hello. I want to upgrade my laptop. This one have a 4gb ram 1600 ddr3. I want to add 4gb to have 8gb,but ok, I will look for a 4gb ddr3 1600, but what about cl (because I saw many) and what about voltage? Someone said cl11 1.5v.

    Thank you

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    I was very excited to buy this laptop when I saw the price, but the thing that appealed to me the most was its supposedly 12 hr long battery life. However, when I received it in the mail yesterday, I was very disappointed after running a few games on it. The battery life seemed to only last about 2 hours when I was gaming, but the battery indicator says 8 or so hours. Why is the battery so inconsistent?

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  • 05/30/17--07:59: Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575
  • I am considering buying this model here, on Amazon. I am a YouTuber, and I run a channel, and I am looking for a low-budget laptop that I can play Minecraft on, for my channel. I've seen videos of 30fps and 60fps and such. How many fps would this be able to run (Minecraft), and how good would it perform?

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