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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 05/13/17--00:00: Aspire E5-471G
  • Hi acer community,

    I already install all required drivers/software for my laptop Aspire E5-471G  but I check on Device Manager->Universal Serial Bus Controller got "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failes)".

    Need help.

    I using Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing (64-bit)



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    i have aspire E 15 model laptop configured with amd radeon R7 M265. I recently tried to update amd radeon driver with the help of automatic detect tool provided by amd radeon official website( Updation didn't completed successfully. i tried again and again but every time it was unsuccessful. when i tried to open amd radeon settings in desktop it shows this(look the image below)











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  • 05/13/17--03:50: Acer aspire E5-511 POGC
  • Am having touchpad problem on acer aspire E5-511 Windows 8.1 will I have the same problem if I install Windows 10....cause windows 8 and 7 touchpad was working...

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    Hello Acer i can't open amd-v on bios 

    now bios version 1.16 

    Acer release bios can open amd-v Which version? you can tell update time can you


    i'm sorry i'am thai i can speak english little bit therefore you may read do not understand very much

    Please thank you

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    Hi, I bought a M.2 SSD online which I thought I could use with a M.2 to SATA adapter but I have been reading that M.2 won't be seeing by old laptops BIOS; Anybody knows about this?

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    I have the ES1-111M-C72R. Should I use the Synaptics or ElanTech touchpad driver?

    Will the "wrong" driver not work at all, or just operate partially?

    Machine came with Windows 8.1. Now running Windows 10.


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    I am at a loss with my laptop. The battery began charging less & less & now it only works while plugged in. I went to try to replace the battery - it is non-removable.
    What can I do?

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    Hi, I've had had my e5-575-33bm for about 6 months now.  I was battling a 100% disk usage problem but I was semi-successful in containing it though it would spike every so often.

    Recently, I was stuck in a automatic repair loop and nothing would fix it.  I tried all the command line commands that you can find regarding this topic, I tried repairing with a USB install of Win10, I even tried to format the os partition and it failed. So I guess it turned out that a sector on the hard drive where the system was stored failed. The hard drive isn't completely dead it seems as I'm able to access almost everything when I plug it (using an external HDD box).

    So six months, intermittent 100% disk usage problems, and now a bad HDD. (as I'm typing this with no other programs running other than edge and this one acer tab the disk usage shot up to 70% and back down to 0%). 


    Does anyone think this could be a hardware issue? Like failing mobo or bad ram?  Would Acer give me a new HDD or new RAM?  Or will they just say 100% disk usage is normal?

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  • 05/15/17--05:36: WiFi Upgrade ES1 711
  • Hello

    I am a Private singIe user based in UK. I am running an ES1 711 - Model ZYL.  OS Windows 10 Pro.

    I'm happy with it thus far.  I am now able to get a faster server etc.  However, the WiFi card on the machine is unable to 'see' any 5G connections/servers.

    Is it possible, to upgradee the WiFi card so as it will 'see' and connect happily without causing any other issues?

    if so, which are the suitable cards that are not on any 'whitelist'??

    Is there a suitable video or PDF instructions of the correct way to do this upgrade?


    With my Thanks in Advance

    Michael Titterington

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  • 05/14/17--10:20: Permanently Attached Battery
  • My previous Acer laptop had a removable battery. When I first acquired it, my company IT person suggested always keeping the battery out while plugged in to help extend battery life.


    Compared to other laptop users who didn't unplug and ended up with very short battery life, this was a great suggestion.  


    As you probably know, I can't remove my E-series battery.




    Have batteries improved to the point where they don't need to be removed, or is this a make money service project for Acer?  

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  • 05/14/17--11:29: Bios Downgrade E5-571
  • Hi I've currenty upgraded my bios to version 1.31(latest) and I' having some performance issues. I want to downgrade to version 1.26. Is ther any possible way?


    aspire e5-571

    Windows 10

    8gb ram

    intel core i7-5500u

    intel hd 5500




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    Hello everyone,


    Since some time, my es1-131 is displaying a strange problem. The machine runs fine on battery (in fact, I am using it to write this post ). However, if I connect the power adapter it immediately turns itself off. As long as the power cable is connected it is impossible to start the computer. All that happens is that the battery light blinks and comes back on again.


    Unplug the power cable and the machine happily starts again. The battery is being charged as usual while the computer is plugged in.


    Has anyone else experienced this? Any solution?


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    Hi all,


    After a clean install of windows 8.1, 32-bit, there is no Bluetooth icon on the taskbar, and searching for "bluetooth" brings up nothing.  No bluetooth listed in the device manager either.  I went to the Acer site to download a Bluetooth driver, but the only driver listed supports up to windows 7.  I downloaded it anyway and then got a "no license" error.  


    Can anyone suggest a fix for this?  I'm unable to even find out which drivers are compatible with 8.1 32-bit for my laptop.





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    dear mam/sir

    i just would like to activate my microsoft office, but i dont know which is my product key. their mention its in packaging but i dont found it..???

    warm regard


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    Hi...I have an Acer Aspire ES1-531 laptop and it is asking for a startup password.  I was using it yesterday and it worked perfectly fine.  I have had this laptop for literally just over 12 months...of course the warranty just expired.  The only thing my screen shows is that it is asking for this password...which I have no idea what it is.  Help???  I need to get onto my laptop.  I can't get passed this screen to even get a Start Menu.

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    Acer Aspire E15 - Windows 8.1

    Laptop working fine last week, then looks like it tried to download/update some Windows updates. 

    Now it's stuck on startup "Updating your system (0%)" - first time I left it for well over 24 hours. Tried hard boot, but it just goes back to the same thing. Any idea how I can get this fixed?



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    Everytime I open my laptop blue screen will appear and indicating Default boot device missing or boot failed. I watched several videos how to fix it but everytime I restart and Click F2 and change it to legacy in boot, it shows only enable and doesn't have legacy. Kindly help me. Thanks

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    We've only had this laptop a week and it has stopped clicking when we tap on the sensor. It is still moving and if pressed hard it clicks but tapping does nothing...

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  • 05/15/17--08:41: Acer e5 575 53ej
  • E5-575-53ej nx.ge6aa.019. Can i add dvd drive? Before i buy it is connection on mother board if so part numbers.

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  • 05/15/17--11:53: aspire e 14
  • this laptop, skips, jumps, spins whenever it feels like it. It closes out pages, opens wrong pages. screen size increases decreases at will. What have  I done?

    And I hate, hate, hate windows 10

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