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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I'm having difficulties with connecting my Acer Aspire e-530 (Windows 10 Pro 64bit) to my Linx 1010b tablet (Windows 10 Home 32bit)! I want that Linx would be as a second monitor! But sadly devices don't see each other! Cable is fine, because I could connect tablet to TV also I can connect laptop to TV! Could it be because laptop is 64bit?
    Any ideas?

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    My laptop's keyboard is typing wrong letters, @ is typed at 2 but it should be on ' key.
    and " is typed at ' key.

    please help me....what should i do?

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    Hi, I have an Acer Apire E 15 and I love everything about it, apart from 1 tiny issue. Basically, when I am streaming videos, with the HDMI cable attached and connected to my TV, at random times the screen freezes, the sound freezes awkwardly and I have to hold down the power button to turn it off and restart it. This only ever happens when the HDMI cable is connected. I've tried searching online about it but can't find anyone else mentioning it. I stream videos online constantly, whatever I'm doing in the house I'm watching tv shows online, on my laptop, constantly and never ever have this issue, it is it literally only when the hdmi cable is attached. Other than when the whole pc freezes and has to be restarted, there is no issue with using the hdmi cable. The picture appears on the connected TV sucessfully, the sound succesfully automatically plays out of the connected tv speakers, the ressolution is correct etc so I cannot work out what is going on! Can anyone help?

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    I bought Acer Predator 17" (GX-792) the deep learning research purpose, and I installed Ubuntu 16.04 as dual booting.


    I think everything works well, except trackpad. There are two buttons in the trackpad, which should be supposed to work as `primary`(left) and `secondary`(right) button.


    However, when I tested in the system mouse testing menu, I found that OS recognizes the left button as `secondary` and the right button as `middle`. How can I fix this? Could anyone please help?


    * For information, I tested with external USB mouse, and it works well.

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  • 04/02/17--19:24: Wifi issue
  • My Acer Aspire is blocking all of our other devices from using wifi when it's connected. Is there a way a way to fix this??

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  • 04/02/17--19:42: New Bios for E5-575G
  • When I looked at the driver update section of the Acer Support website for the Aspire E5-575G, it said the latest BIOS came out on March 27, 2017 as noted below.

    The update is not accomplished with routine Windows 10 updates or the Acer update software. Support at +1(866)661-7100 to ask them about the BIOS update and was told it was handled automatically during windows updates. When I told him I was certain that was not the case, he hung up on me.

    What is the guidance on updating BIOS?

    BIOS/Firmware (7)
    Upgrading your system BIOS incorrectly could harm your Acer product. Please proceed with caution.

    1. Update ME to for some sku
    Date: 2017/03/27
    Version: 1.25
    Vendor: Acer
    Size: 27.8 MB

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    I bought this laptop around September 2015 and since July 2016 i am experiencing issues with Battery.

    it Sometimes start charging and sometimes it says battery not detected.

    I called customer care many times but everytime they suggest me some new troubleshooting.

    After september they told me to visit Service centre for replacement , but now they want me to pay instead of free replacement of Faulty part.


    Amazing part is that they also advised me that they also can replace with a local battery at only 2.5K and original at 4.0k after which i was shocked.

    Can anybody do justice to me.I am in Trouble.

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    acer aspire e5-473-33uf not powering blue led On when charging

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    I can Live boot Ubuntu but it can't access the internal storage (32GB eMMC), I am getting "failed to initialize mmc0, error -84" at boot.

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    Yesterday I Tested a video conference using Google Hangouts on Air for the first time on a new Aspire E5-575G. I was ashamed of the image quality from the webcam. It was as if someone took a 100 pixel image and expanded it to 600 pixels. There were no obstructions to the lens.

    The laptop specs say "Webcam: HD Webcam (1280 x 720) supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR)." There seems to be no video software that came with the 575G other than a 2006 Microsoft driver 10.0.14393.82 dated 21Jun06, which the Acer Care Center software indicated was up to date.

    The 77 page computer manual mentions webcam or camera four times with no discussion of settings, software or image quality.

    The only discussion I have seen in this Acer Community has regarded Crystal Eye software that appears to be model specific and is not llisted under the 575G software & driver updates.

    When I open the camera from the Start menu there are hardly any settings that can be adjusted.

    Any suggestions on how to get a better image from this webcam?

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    Actuall I was trying to dual boot Kali linux 2016.2 on my Acer E5-573g laptop (I have Windows 10 installed). After complition of installation I used easyBCD to alter bootloader option as I was not receiving dual boot option and the grub loader was also not working. Even then the Kali linux didn't load, instead it gave an error on black screen as NST/AutoNeoGrub0.mbr not found. I have tried  using live CD to reinstall Grub loader but it didn't work either.

    The BIOS version is V1.3. I have already followed almost all the procedures and solution available online i.e.either on google or on youtube, almost every site possible but I am unable to solve it. So, could you please teach me to resolve this problem. It would be really nice of you if you could give detailed procedure for this as I am quite new to Linux.

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    I have a Acer Aspire E5-521-24PQ and I need someone that has the same laptop to be kind enough to make me a recovery drive for it. I have no problem sending flash drive and paying for shipping. The partitions on mine got deleted and I have tried and tried to recover the partitions but it finds so many files and I dont know how to do it. Please can some one be kind enought to do this for me.  Please reply as soon as possible.

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    webcam of my laptop has stopped working and also when i search for it in the device manager i find nothing like imaging driver and webcam in the device manager. i am worried about it to be solved. i hope your instant reply with would probably resolve the issue i am facing. i am hereby attaching a screenshot of what it writes upon the screen when i open camenra.


    thanking yoScreenshot (41).png

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    i have Acer Aspire E5-573g laptop. in windows The Battery shows 89% avaible and  plugged in,charging

    If I remove AC power cord, the Laptop will turn off imediately and without ac power cord won't turn on


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    This laptop does not have an internal DVD drive. Will it accommodate one? If so, what model will work?

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    acer aspire e1-510 screen wount turn had a lock screen when acer appeard on screen the i entered password and i enterd the bios and try to clear every thing containing password then i saved to restart.but when it resarted, the screen never turn on again.power comes alright and the power light is on.but the third light only blinks twice quickly and thats keeps runing.nothing shows up., please i need help.

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    For all of those that say the M.2 port on the E5-575 series laptops is SATA only I provide proof that at least the newest laptops with 7th gen Intel processors support PCIE 3.0 X 2.  Throughput is about 1700 MB/s read, and 1400 MB/s write on the Samsung 960 EVO I installed, but that is because there are only 2 PCIe lanes instead of 4.  Either way the drive is at least three times as fast as a SATA interface drive.  Given the fact that there are only 2 PCIe lanes I wouldn't spend a whole bunch on the fastest possible SSD.  Get one that tops out around 1700MB/s read and 1400MB/s write to save a few bucks.


    Instructions for my results:


    1:  Decrypt any drive encryption.  There can be issues when cloning the drive if it is encrypted.

    2:  With laptop off install new M.2 SSD.  My laptop (E5-575G-55KK) included the standoff and screw.

    3:  Boot computer, and install NVMe driver from SSD manufacturers website.  Windows 10 comes with one, but the manufacturers driver will be better.

    4:  Restart, then clone drive.  I used the Samsung software to clone the O.E. 1TB drive. 

    5:  Boot into SSD.  I removed the HDD to do this.  The laptop booted straight to Windows.  It should be possible by using the BIOS, or pressing F8 too.

    6:  Format the old HDD.  I have an old SATA dock that I did this with, and used the command prompt with admin privledges to use Diskpart to clean the drive.  This removed all partitions and uninitialized the disk.  Then I used Disk Management to reinitialize, partition, and format.

    7:  Enjoy!


    Samsung 960 EVO E5-575G-55KK.jpgSamsung 960 EVO E5-575G-55KK-2.jpg


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    My Aspire E5-575 touchpad stopped working completely. I have had the Aspire only 4 months, bought it in December 2016. I have Windows 10 64-bit operating system. Touchpad driver is Synaptics and driver status states that the driver is up-to-date. I have also checked mouse settings and they are just fine but the touchpad is completely dead. External mouse works fine.


    Any suggestions what to do or should I contact Acer maintenance center?



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  • 04/03/17--22:52: Audio Issues
  • Hi,

    I have an Aspire E-14 and i oly got it last July. For a while now it has been having audio issues. Whenever i play anything, it makes scratchy sounds and sometimes even pauses or stops playing it completely. What can i do to fix this?

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  • 04/04/17--09:20: Aspire E1-472G
  • Hi
    I have encountered an issue regarding driver violation with my laptop.
    It keeps on restarting with this message below.
    " your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. we're just collecting some error info and then we'll restary for you 0% completed"

    Please help how to solve this issue

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