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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 03/24/17--03:24: Windows 7
  • Just bought an Aspire ES 15 with Windows 10 pre installed.

    Can Windows 7 be installed on this device, and can it be purchased in flash drive form as this device doesn't have a DVD drive feature.


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  • 03/24/17--00:08: Acer Aspire ES 14
  • How to remove the white spot on my acer laptop screen?

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    I have an Acer E5-575G-55KK. I bought a 1TB Samsung T3 SSD. It is supposed to do 450MB/s but I am only getting 30MB/s read/write.

    I have it connected through the USB-C port via a Belkin Thunderbolt cable (which defaults to USB-C on non-Thunderbolt devices). I tried using the supplied USB 3.0 cable on the 3.0 port and the speed was even lower.


    Samsung support site says "T3 supports the max speed of 450 MB/s in the Windows 7 (or up) PC environment with USB 3.0 and UASP Mode support."


    I looked online and an article told me to check in Device Manager under "Storage Controllers" for "USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device". I did and it is there, however, when I talked to Acer support they said my laptop doesn't support UASP. The rep didn't seem to knowledgeable though.


    Does this computer have UASP support? How do I check?

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    How to disablet Hyper hreading  ??

    I need to disable the CPU Hyper Threading on this  computer ,

    On the BIos there is no setting do disable it, the CPU its on i3 .

    I installed the latest Bios version but i get the same problem , no Hyper threading control .


    Is there any way to disable it ??



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    I own an Aspire F15 (F5-573G-71FU). I wonder if I can install a SSD drive in my laptop. If it's possible which kind do I have to choose ? Will it be possible to boot on this drive ?


    Picture of the motherboard.



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  • 03/24/17--12:11: AMD o i5?
  • moved to the Spanish community for better exposure

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    So not too long ago I was just playing a game and I made it crash. I tried to open up the task manager to close the game I was playing, but I tried many many times to close it and I was able to close the other apps that was running. So I restarted it and now it's stuck restarting for a while now. All I'm able to do is sleep or turn it off but when I turn it back on it's still shows it's restarting

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  • 03/24/17--13:33: Aspire E 15
  • Did changes to msconfig, must of disabled something, now running very slow and when it loads says I need to activate windows go to settings, but can't access settings... help!

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  • 03/24/17--15:05: E1-731
  • I have two situations that are extremely annoying.
    01.  Two of my three Acer Laptops don't have the following problem.  The third stacks pages on top of each other as I go from one to the next.  The other two just show the last page.  How do I correct this?
    02.  The cursor skips around as I type such that I never know where it will end up.  How can I stop it from doing this?
    If you have any solution to these problems, my email is as follows:
    Thank you in advance.  

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    I have had this laptop for gaming for months, but as of last month i have had to deal with overheating. Small games which required little effort to run now cause the laptop to overheating in a just a couple of minutes. I am at a loss as to why and what i should do.

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    Can someone please help me? I'm having troubles with my Acer Aspire E14's precision touchpad. I don't know what's happening here. It works for some time but then there comes a moment when it becomes sticky. Everytime I drag, it stops for a second then it works again. Please help me, I would really appreciate your kind response.

    PS: Are Precision Touchpads different from ELan/Synaptics Touchpads?

    Thank you!

    -Acer Laptop User

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    My new Aspire E5-575G has a problem with a script and the message keeps popping up, regardless if I say yes/no/close.

    It refers to: script error;  line:0 token:0 code:0

    https://  require/requires.js


    Would you know how to solve this?




    ps I mailed the Acer-support 10 days ago; no reply yet.


    [removed js url link]

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  • 03/25/17--12:40: E5- 573T
  • I have received a new Acer E5 -573T laptop from my brother in Germany. It came with a Windows 10 Home 64 bit operating system and it is in German. I do not understand german and I will like to have it in English ir French. Can any one help me how I can change the Language from German to English if it is possible ? I have not been able to locate the Windows certificate and key in case I may need to re-install the operating system. How can I obtain the operating system key?


    Thanks in advance for helping me out.


    [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    I have an ACER Aspire E1-572 with Windows 7.  

    The blue power light stays on and then OS system blue light next to it comes on momentarily and then turns off.

    But nothing is booting – and the screen is all blue.

    I WAS able to get into the system menu by pressing F2.

    But I am trying to boot without a complete reset so I can try and SAVE all my files and info.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    Hi All,

    I have just purchased an Aspire E5-574T-51BV and am having multiple problems after an automatic (unrequested) update to Win 10 Build 1607.


    USB3 and USB2 ports not working after sleep mode, Management Service Module not functioning correctly, Touchscreen working intermittently, Touchpad the same.


    Now I download and install updates manually one by one, have disabled automatic updates, cleaned the registry multiple times, used 3rd party win 10 cleaner - all to no avail.


    Now I find that this model does not support Win 10 Build 1607 (Anniversary) as stated on Acer Support.


    Please tell me my options to be able to use this Laptop, without a constant battle to make it function correctly.


    Thank you in advance



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    Hey anyone who reads this, I bought an Acer Aspire E 17 not to long ago and im fixing a computer for a friend and it seems like its going to be a brick, but the SSD is still fully functional. i was wondering if inside the E 17 there was a place for an SSD or if i would have to change alot more than just plugging it in a putting a screw... Thanks for your Help

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    hi, i purchased an acer computer es1-432, i want to install windows 10 with usb drive, in bios i can't find the uefi and legacy mode.

    The BIOS is "InsydeH20 Setup Utility"


    I can't update the bios because there is no system.




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    moved for better exposure

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  • 03/26/17--06:51: Aspire F 15 F5-537G-76QP
  • my PC dosent answer well to some engineer softwere like solidwork altough it a good one it too slow to work and make lots of bug i see lower level that answer better..,whats the reason?????

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