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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 03/22/17--11:58: need legit windows 10
  • new to this forum. may be on wrong board. my aspire one 756-2868 does not recognize the hard drive. my recovery disc is no help. i ordered a new hard drive and figure the easiest thing to do is install a new os. where is the best place to get a hard copy of windows 10? i never did have a hard copy of windows 7. did not come with laptop.

    i want to pop the new hard drive in and just do a clean install of 10 if that's possible. cheaper than a new laptop.

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    Hello all. Longtime Acer user, here.


    Had the pleasant surprise to see that the specs changed on my Acer E5-575G-53VG which I purchased a few months ago from AMZN.


    The Acer specs page shows the Intel i5-6200U CPU, but the Intel® Processor Identification Utility shows that my Acer indeed has the i5-7200U installed, instead.


    I'm not sure if any other E5 models also have this upgrade, but the 7200U is much newer and a faster CPU.


    The 6200U has a slower base freq. of 2.30GHz and max Turbo freq. of 2.80Ghz compared to the 7200U base of 2.80GHz base and 3.10Ghz Turbo.


    The integrated GPU in the 7200U is also upgraded, but, of course, the E5-575G-53VG has a sweet, dedicated GeForce® 940MX GPU.


    Nice job, Acer!

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    I can't access the 20gb solid state drive through my computer and would like to know what this pc uses the drive for?   I have tried to clone the hard drive to an external usb drive so I can avoid problems if the installed hard drive failed.  Went through that already and don't like having to start over with Windows 8 and then all the update downloads as well as downloading Windows 8.1.   I have not been able to boot from a couple clones I made - when I setup the Bios to boot from the external drive I get a Windows error and autmatic restart but never boots.   I a wondering if the solid state drive might have boot information on it?


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    Tried to enter a supervisor password in UEFI firmeware so that I could disable secure boot for a little while. I entered the password that I desired but I could never get into the confirmation window. Is there a specific type of password required. I tried arrow keys, f6 and f5 or "Enter" but nothing.





    Windows 10

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40 GHz
    BIOS Version/Date    Insyde Corp. V2.25, 11/28/2013

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    Hey there!

    Utimately my goal for this laptop is soley Skype. After purchasing this laptop at a pawnshop for 60$ it felt like a steal after downloading the updates and verifying that the camera and sound was functional. I'm attempting to Update windows Vista to windows 7 in hopes to fix the problem. Unfortunately I get held up on the requirement to install WV service pack one. After successfully installing"so it says" I get hung up every time on checking compatibility than the loop continues infinately. Is this an easy fix or a dead deal? Im PC illiterate. Prompt feedback appreciated!

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    bought a recertified acer V nitro off acer recertified ebay..

    out of the box, after powering up, it wont shut down.

    after shutting down (or hibernating or sleep), it will startup again. every time.

    have tried all solutions that i can find googling on the web... nothing has worked so far.

    only posting this because acer helpline put me on hold all god dang day until end of day... then wants me to call tomorrow.

    ill keep this laptop if i can figure out why it wont shut down.

    its going back otherwise, if they will ever pick up the phone.


    [subject line edited to clarify topic]

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    i have a 1 laptop acer aspire 7551 series, but i have a big problem with my black scree, i repair and this reslove again , how to fix my accer please help me . how to get bios 1. Updates KBC to version 1.07.
    2. Fixes brightness will change to maximum after system resumes from sleep mode (S3) other small verison i use this version in my laptop and , how to fix again

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    Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT525MX300SSD1 will this work on this laptop and would u recommend it or would some other brand be better. Thanks

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  • 03/23/17--07:59: F5-573G
  • Hello, I bought a F5-573G i7 Lap. It comes with Nvidia 940mx 4gb VGA. When I check the display adapter properties There is a 4GB shared video memory and no any dedicated video memory.

    But the device manager shows the Nvidia graphic card + I have installed all drivers and I think Nvidia is working properly.


    My question is why doesn't display adapter properties show the dedicated memory and How can I remove the shared 4GB video memory?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Is it possible to add a dvd optical drive to the F15 F5-537T-545K laptop? I see a blank on the side and would like to add a dvd burner into the laptop. If so, please point me to some information on parts needed and parts that will work. 

    Thank you



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    Hopefully someone can help me out with my Aspire E5-575G.  Everything was working fine until, SO IT SEEMS, after Windows Anniversary Update.   I started getting WHEA Logger erros in event viewer and a BSOD with unexpected hardware failure took place.   This all happened while having the latest BIOS updated too.  Well now, the Geforce 940 is no longer detected in device manager or the BIOS.   Again, with everything updated, even the bios, this machine worked great. 


    I did one RESET option and that did not resolve the issue


    I went into device manager and under I/O PCIe root port, I rolled back drivers to an older version to see if that would help. I did that to all 4 and scanned for hardware changes.  VOILA!!! OTHER HARDWARE FOUND!!  3D VIDEO CONTROLLER.   Unfortunately ALL 5 DRIVERS i have didn't work AND WOULDN'T DETECT THE GPU. After a few reboots, the OTHER HARDWARE vanished.


    I downloaded original drivers for NVIDIA off of Acer's website and even 4 different versions off  of NVIDIA's website(new, old & older).  No GPU can be detected. 


    I then tried to do a factory reset in recovery mode and for whatever reason, it couldn't complete the operation.  Stopped at 11% and stopped with UNDOING CHANGES. 


    I then created via the Windows 10 tool a USB windows 10 installation off of Microsoft website.  I formatted the drive completely and reinstalled windows 10.  Still nothing.  



    Anyone have any ideas?????

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    Please help me to resolve the issue in updating firmware v1.17 improve touchpad as it was always failed. I cannot use my touchpad in my Aspire E15 (E5-573G-57WL).

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  • 03/23/17--12:47: E5-573-59CS - Linux Drivers
  • Hello Acer!


    I very pleased to using your product and i have distrurbing issue to resolve.


    Ok, I did dualboot on my laptop. Windows 10 + Ubuntu on GRUB2 and i want some drivers to this laptop on linux. your website don't have any drivers for linux distros and i search some manufactures of touchpad, mainboard, etc. hardware.


    If you have any actually drivers for debian, ubuntu driver can I please you to give some link to download it?


    Best regards,



    [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    Webcam works fine with Skype, but not independently. I am using built-in Windows 10 "Camera" app and when I click on video icon I get an error message about not being able to save (0xA00F425C).  Windows is up to date and driver says it is also up to date. Any ideas?

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    I have an ACER Laptop M5 - 481T -6831. It came with Windows 7 but it has been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

    When opening the camera application it says that it cannot find the HD webcam and displays an error code

    0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5).

    I tried to update the camera driver and it says that the one that it has is correct.

    I uninstalled the camera and searched for new hardware but it doesn't change anything.

    When opening Skype the camera does not work either.

    Can anybody help?

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    I've tried changing the volume with the buttons but nothing seems to happen?

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  • 03/23/17--13:22: ES1-131 Battery upgrade
  • Hello everyone!

    I've just upgraded RAM in my Aspire (thx Acer for memory slot and comfortable base opening) and just saw that there is plenty of free space. Not only for 2.5" hdd but also original battery looks like have 3 cells but has place for 4. Battery life in this netbook is awesome but I would like to know if it can be improved. Are there some working 4-cell batteries fitting this laptop? Or maybe someone tried adding next 3 cells in parallel with existing and put them in free space?


    If you have put in your laptop free space something other than battery - write about it too Smiley Happy

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    I have an issue I starting to do recovery using USB but I cannot simply because I get an error saying "system doesnt have any usb boot option" how do I get this done? I have changed USB ffd and USB hdd to top and still no change. What am I doing wrong?

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    I have Acer ES1-111-C4WF model which was working fine until yesterday. Now, when I start it (power button on) power light (blue) gets on but there is no display/black screen as if laptop hasn't started.
    I googled the issue and found that I need to reset the bios by changing the '.fd' ! name and flashit.exe(?). I download the bios file(Acer website) and didn't get any such file(. fd).
    Now I am at lost to know how to get my laptop up and working.
    Pls help.
    Many thanks in advance.


    [edited to override word filter]

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    Hi,  A bit over two years ago I bought an Acer ES1-111-C3CP and found that the Touch Pad problem that a lot of user's were complaining about was not working on my model. The comp was bought for my Wife who is bedridden, she uses it from 16 hours a day upto 24 hours a day ( her sleep pattern is erratic to say the least). I bought a wireless mouse for her to replace the Non working Touchpad and for the last two years she has been using it. Four day's ago the mouse died, she started using the Touchpad and since then it has worked perfectly, 100% better than when first bought. My question is, has there been a driver update that fixed the problem, has anybody else found that their Touchpad is better than when first bought?






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