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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    No sound when I pluged in my headset or speakers.

    can you help me?

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    Hey guys,


    This is the second new Aspire F 15 laptop I've picked up. I replaced my previous one with a new one because of a high disk usage error. I couldn't fix it despite spending countless hours trying every fix I could find online.


    So I'm quite frustrated now, after picking up a new model and seeing the same problem. The disk usage typically hovers around 95% in task manager when nothing is running, and when I open any program it shoots to 99% - 100%. Sometimes it goes below 90%, but it's always shortlived.


    The services in task manager that usually hog all the disk usage are:

    Service Host: Local System

    McAfee Scanner service


    I don't think this should be happening with a brand new laptop, especially with the second model. Can someone please explain what might be causing this or how to change it? Or if I should just return it and get a different laptop. The F 15 has everything I need for my price range, and I'd rather not have to find another laptop. Again, I've tried every solution online that I could find, and it nothing helped.


    Any insight would be much appreciated.

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    I installed the latest version of linux mint using USB, and chose 'install along side windows' option. While restarting after installation, the boot loader is automatically loading windows 10, without giving any choice. I can see linux is installed by observing the disk space. Then how to make my PC boot it, or allow a choice ? Looks like this problem is not yet resolved on ACER laptops, as I don't see a straight forward solution across blogs/communities trying to address this problem. I have upgraded to BIOS v 1.37  

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    Is there a slot for m.2 ssd in this model? I hope you can help me. I want to upgrade to ssd but i will still keep my 2tb hdd as storage

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  • 02/20/17--19:08: Differences in memory use?
  • Hey guys,


    So, earlier I asked about switching around which GPU is being used by a laptop, so I'm wondering - are F series meant to be more demanding in memory use compared to E series units? Because I have an F series and (had) an E series, both had the 4gb ram that goes with them upon purchase, but my E series laptop didn't seem to use up so much memory (just around 70-80% compared to F's 80-95%, same applications used on both)

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    Opened my computer this morning and my pin to access tiles will not appear when I click on home/start button. Why and where could they have gone and how can I restore them.

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    i've bought an aspire E5-553G recently and now i have some problem with detecting my graphic. i tried AMD software , addintional graphic setting and power option, Bios , ... and none of them didn't work , it's a very bad problem that u can't use your main graphic !! 

    help me please . 

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    I thought it was going to be a plug and play deal but im trying to upgrade the ssd that came with my laptop to a samsung m2 850 evo 250gb. Its not being recognized by my laptop.

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    I need a laptop with a specific type of ethernet controller.  Are there any Acer laptops that have either an Intel Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Controller?  It will be either a Pro/100 or 82XXX chip.  Thanks.

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    My computer updated to windows 10 and the system is faulty. I would like to go back to the initial windows 8 but none of the recovery options are working.

    I.e. windows recovery from before start up . or the programme on the computer e recovery I think it's called.

    How do I reinstall windows 8 manyally after having updated to windows 10?

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    I'm using an Acer E5-572G.
    Regularly I have it hooked up to my TV-screen,
    My main issue occurs primarily when I watch videos:

    • Sometimes when only watching videos on the TVscreen and leaving the built in monitor idle.
    • Sometimes when using heavy graphical programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop, working in large excel-sheets or typing code.

    The issue:
    Suddenly, up to once an hour the computer freezes in the middle of a video and the sound goes haywire in a millisecond loop or something. No commands are possible at this stage and the computer does not respond to any input except for a hard reset, removing the hdmi-cable or closing the lid does nothing.



    Secondary issue

    • Start up has been really slow since day 1, didn't react on how slow it was until I started full time work and my collegues mentioned my work computer was anciently slow, I myself thought it was just the same as my private computer... after upgrading to an Asus computer with an SSD and similiar gear as this E5-572G I was appauled at the difference in start up times... 


    Tertiary issue

    • Network
    • When logging on to my schools wi-fi and testing the bandwidth, I get only about 1-10% (10Mbit/s down, 0,1Mbit/s up) whereas my fellow students get around 100-1000Mbit/s down and 100MBit/s up.
    • At home about once a week my connection to my home network just magically stops working on the computer but not on any of my other devices.

      Conclusion - Never again an acer 
      Let's hope this forum can give me some answers... not being able to send a support e-mail or even fill in i form is just beyond all critique when everything is wrong with the product... 

      PS the mouse pad is really lousy too...

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    I'm looking to buy the model as stated above:  E5-575G-56LN


    This perticular model has the gen 7 i5 7200U, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD which i think is a bit little for a drive.


    I saw in some other versions of the model that you could put in an extra drive in it. Can i do that in this model?


    I'm unsure of this because that was an E5 575G 53VG, and I don't know how these last 4 sings come to play. 


    Please give me guidance in this!

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    Bought this laptop and so far everything is great except one problem: Colour Banding. The colour banding only appears on the laptop's screen, not on other monitors or TVs. So I know that it isn't a driver issue. Installed the latest version of the BIOS of this laptop, 1.13 which is said to "Modify display not smooth on Windows Paint" it does improve the banding problem a little, but only a little, the problem is still there. The laptop has been like this since I bought it. Nothing fixes the problem except the BIOS which is only a little improvement. Please keep improving the BIOS as colour banding is the most annoying thing ever! The display doesn't look sharp and as good as other Acer laptops I have. And I know that it isn't only mine laptop, as other people who have it have the same issue and everyone complains about "bad screen quality" in the reviews.


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  • 02/21/17--17:36: Aspire E-1 731
  • After shutting down my Aspire E-1 notebook the blue power light stays on. I have to hold the button for a period of time and it will go off. Also when I try to restart my computer it shuts down completely it doesn't restart like it is supposed to do. Any idea why this just started and how to fix it.

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  • 02/21/17--18:22: Aspire E 15 CD Drive Help?
  • Sorry for the noob question. How do I insert a disc in this laptop? I see the outline of a disc tray on the right hand side, and I opened the cover, but I didn't see any buttons I could press. When I go to This PC and right-click on the CD Drive and click Eject, it just says "an error occurred while ejecting CD Drive." 


    It's an Aspire E 15 E5-574G-75N8. Thanks to anyone who helps.

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  • 02/22/17--03:32: f5 573g 59v4
  • so this is an issue i have been facing ever since i bought my previous laptop e5 574g.


    it's about the calibration and quick access application of acer.

    issue is that i always set to display with a manual calibration and when ever i restart my laptop, the screen resets to its default calibration and then i always have to go to the control panel and click on my saved calibration profile and then set that as default. use my setting box is always ticked.


    this only happens i have quick access installed and when it's not ,the calibration works just fine but i have to install quick access for the num lock and caps lock indications.


    tried switching off evry setting in quick access that might interfere with my calibration still the issue shows up on reboot. a year and a half passed and still no conclusion to my case.

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    Kindly gave me the dwonload links below the given hardware ids :


    Ethernet Controller

    Network Controller


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    So while i am playing some games like Star Wars :Battlefront or Rainbow Six: Siege my GPU(950m ddr5 2gb) is at 70-75degrees of celsius  (never goes over 75) and CPU(i5 7200u) 80-90(never saw going over 90). So my question is, should i be worried or it's okey?

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    Olá a todos!

    Estou muito inclinado para aumentar a memória RAM do meu Aspire E1-571. Como tal, gostaria de saber qual a marca usada originalmente para comprar uma igual. Se isto não for possível, que detalhes técnicos devo ter em conta ao adquirir a minha nova memória RAM?

    Obrigados ACERianos

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