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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 01/10/17--00:33: Aspire e1-532 RAM issue
  • Hello, I just purchased an e1-532 equipped with 2 RAM, 1 of 4gb and the other of 2gb, the problem is that the PC only detects 1 that 4GB (Dimm1 or 2) the only difference between the 2 RAMs is the voltage (1,35> 4go and 1,5> 2gb)


    is it possible to modify a parameter so that both of them work? I have a BIOS change with the Advanced BIOS Setup menu



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    Moved for better exposure.

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    • Maximum Memory:16GB
    • Slots:2 (2 banks of 1)

    *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.

    |4GB|  |Empty|
    So i have got an Acer Aspire E1-571G, and i would like to get a new RAM, becouse i already have 4gb, and would like another one of 4gb, so in total i have 8gb.. Is that possible for my laptop? Or it "exceeds manufacturer supported memory"?
    Thanks! Smiley Happy

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  • 01/10/17--04:19: acer aspire es 15
  • My acer aspire is just out of warranty and has broken down. It is in for repair and I cannot access my documents.

    I set up my cloud on the acer laptop but did not link it to any other device. Can I access my cloud from another laptop to get my documents 

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  • 01/10/17--04:19: acer aspire es 15
  • Moved for better exposure.

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    want to restore my laptop to factory restore - the F11 key dont work -

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    Bought this on amazon - what a fab laptop.  However, before I installed any of my own stuff, gave it a test run - the battery life was all over the place.  Immediately when disconnecting from power (fully charged), it went to 7 hours, then a few seconds later 15 hours, then 4, then 12, then 32, then 9, then 12, then 7 etc.... every few minutes it was a radically different number.  I wasn't doing anything except surfing the net.  I talked to amazon support, they said yes, battery problems - replaced it without hesitation.  On the second laptop, EXACTLY the same issues - immediately I disconnect from power, on a full charge, it's 8 hours.  Then a couple of minutes later it's 15, then 3, then 16, then 10 etc.... I initiated the return through amazon, sadly (because the laptop is a beauty and I already ordered the 4 gb extra RAM) - then contacted ACER technical support through online chat.  I was told it's a glitch and there MIGHT be a software update in the future.  When I queried that, I got a variety of entertaining answers, like I should do a factory reset (which I did on the first laptop - no difference) - then he told me it's Microsoft's fault, that I need to report it to them and THEY can release a fix -then he said it's not only Acer but other brands too - then when I kept querying his responses, he said finally the only way to tell what the problem is is to return the laptop to Acer for evaluation.  I said I already returned the first one, so surely they know there's a problem.  He had no comment - didn't really seem to have any idea what's going on - had to keep "leaving the conversation to research it"..... oh well.  Maybe it's NOT battery life, but the sensor or whatever it is that gives you the indication of battery life.  Laptop battery life seemed to last quite a while even when the battery indicator was going from 10 to 3 to 21 to 17 to 5 to 9 etc.... but it's disconcerting to see that you have 4 hours left when you should have close to 12 hours!   so I can't figure out what the issue is - and Acer doesn't know either.  On both brand new laptops.... - without any additional programs added, only firefox, same issue.  Anyone have ideas?  Am returning the second one very sadly.  SHould I try a third?   Thanks


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    have owned this new laptop for a month we bought two of them windows 10 is junk want to go back to 7 at least it worked

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    hi guys I just installed windows 7 ultimate using usb drive but some drivers are missing and cannot connect to internet.kindly help.drivers missing are

    1.Ethernet controller

    2.Network controller

    3.PCI Encryption/Decryption controller

    4.Universal serial bus controller

    windows 32 bit

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    I have an Aspire e1-471 and It wont turn on I doesnt beep or anything it just black screen or no video there are three lights that are on when i start opening it the Power switch then the battery ( orange ) and the disk ( blue ) my hard drives gives off a knocking sound IDK why haha

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    Hello, I buy the last yeard, the model laptop  E5-575G-53VG coming with procesador I5, I want update it to I7, how the model E5-575G-76YK,  I can update?


    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Both lights are on, press the power button and nothing happens.  

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    The laptop once bluescreened and opened the troubleshoot settings.

    The problem is, it requires a password that we set a long time ago and don't remember. Safe Mode also bluescreens. Running on Windows 8

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    My computer is off for weeks or months at a time. In addition to turning it off at the machine itself, should I unplug it as well? or not?

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    I have an Acer E5-575 with a 1366x768 screen and I would like to upgrade it to a fullHD one.

    My ref screen is b156xtn07.0

    I would like to know which screen should I use to replace it and if I may have troubles with the current cable ?


    Thank you.

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    I just bought a brand new Aspire E15 E5-575-33bm and the trackpad rattles when I tap it. It feels really cheap. Is this normal? The trackpad on my girlfriend's Macbook is solid and makes more of a thud sound, no rattle at all. I really like this computer otherwise but this rattle is going to deive me nuts.

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  • 01/12/17--02:21: Acer Aspire E5-575G
  • I have an Acer Aspire E5-575G with Windows 10 and 4GB RAM installed memory (3.85GB usable). 

    The performance is VERY VERY SLOW!!!

    Sometimes it takes more than 60 SECONDS to launch a browser or even an MS Office application. Very often I get "not responding" on the top ribbon.

    I have used many laptops for the last 20 years ... this must be the slowest ever!

    Please suggest a solution to improve the speed.

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    laptop acer es1-533 there is no legacy mode (only UEFI) in bios system bios v1.04

    i have insydeh20 setup utility


    but i need legacy to boot from flash, what to do?


    if there is new bios version to update, that has legacy choice, what will help?


    i switched secure boot  enable disable all the same no option


    Please answer so i am to return laptop or exchange it to model that has one

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    Hi, I have read numerous threads on my issue. Although I can't prove it 100%, since getting Windows 10, my tv has no sound when playing from my laptop via the HDMI cable. I have tried:


    1. Updating drivers.

    2. Right clicking the speaker icon in the system tray and changing everything I can think of. This includes ensuring playback devices has the tick for showing disabled devices, for which I see none. I only see Realtek high def audio.

    3. Uninstalling the hd audio, rebooting, reinstalling and rebooting.

    4. Trying numerous hdmi cables in different hdmi sockets on the TV.

    5. Trying another laptop on the same tv and seeing if the tv has a setting to change (it does not).

    6. Changing recording devices settings.

    7. Looking for any drivers on the acer website.


    All I want is sound to play please. Any help appreciated. I have an E1-532 laptop. Thanks.

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    I Am a user of acer Aspire F 15. My Laptop Was pre-installed windows 10 home and it was make automatic upgrade to windows 10 pro. And now it's give me warning message that my activation will expire soon. I was contact with microsoft support team. they show me that my product key will end in 31 Jan 2017. and they tell me to contact with acer. What I should Do? I was buy this laptop 6 month ago and I lost my purchase receipt but acer says that my laptop's warenty ended. Can I get any help? 

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