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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 08/05/17--15:53: Kit HDD for Aspire VX 15
  • I just bought a Aspire VX 15 laptop, and since I live in Mexico and the complementary kit only ships to US and Canada, I was wondering which pieces I should buy, because I`m not that sure what to buy.


    I want to ask if (Sabrent 3.5-Inch to x2 SSD / 2.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive Mounting Kit [SATA and Power Cables included] (BK-HDCC) ) ( Amazon would work and:


    (Seagate Barracuda Sata 6 GB/s 128 MB Cache 2.5-Inch 7 mm Disco Duro Interno ST1000LM048, 1 TB para Portátil) Hard drive would work. ( )


    Thanks in advance!

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  • 08/05/17--19:02: Acer Aspire 7540
  • Hi,
    This evening I went to a friend of mine so I put my laptop on standby / sleep mode by pressing fn+f4, now I came home later this night and suddenly my laptop won't start up anymore at all, It also doesn't seem to be charging anymore which is weird considering the charger was working without problems when I went out.

    Hope there's someone who can maybe give me some tips to help out.


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    If I buy the E553G can I install Windows 8.1? will there be driver issues? How to install? because I do not want Windows 10.

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    Hey guys I'm trying to salvage this old laptop. At first, I was trying to install Windows 10 on another partition using a bootable usb but I can't boot directly to it because the BIOS asks for a password even though it didn't when the laptop was on Windows 8.

    I tried to reset the RTC (CMOS) battery by opening the laptop but I immediately change my mind after removing only the RAM (I never got to the motherboard). I reinserted it then try to power up the laptop. Nothing happens. The power button only lights up just 1 second. No fan, no display. I tried many fixes like power on the laptop for 30 seconds without battery it didn't help.

    Maybe can someone help me with this problem? The battery does indeed charge on ac adapter and I also tried powering on while only on adapter and without battery.

    Here's the video when I try to power on my laptop:

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    Okay, so i just found these post


    And I have the same issue, My C:// Is parted in 4 Partitions too, the guy says thath he found a solution but 



    I just ran into this. I had to make sure Secure Boot was disabled in the bios. Then in another area there is the option to Launch CSM. You want this enabled. It will then set things to legacy boot. I did have to use Macrium Reflect rescue/usb boot to fix boot problems to ensure that it wrote the mbr to the partition. Once all this was done I was able to encrypt the drive.


    The two part disabling of UEFI is what threw me for a long time."


    I really dont know how to do thath if these would work for me, i know these isnt veracrypt forums but maybe someone knows any solution.

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    I have an issue as soon as I plug in my laptop to the AC adapter the CPU and motherboard temperature spike to 90C when playing games, about 10 seconds after removing the charger the temperature drops to around 65C while playing games still. Idle temperature is also around 15C higher when plugged in.

    This happens whether the battery is fully charged or not.


    I have updated all the drives and the bios too.


    My AC adapter isn't an original Acer power supply, could that be the cause?


    Bought the laptop a week ago, there is no ventilation issue also.

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  • 08/06/17--07:55: Aspire 5251-1005
  • Lost password for my Acer laptop w/windows 7 ... do not have a reset disc.. cannot sign in to access files..

    What can I do to reset password?? have tried everything!

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    After my battery ran down and my laptop turned off i plugged in my charger but my laptop would not turn back on.  I have tried unplugging charger, taking the battery out and holding power button for 2mins to discharge possible static.  Laptop will not turn back on when charger plugged in whether battery is in or not.  I do not even get any lights come on when i plug my charger in to indicate the battery is being charged.



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  • 08/06/17--09:59: Aspire E 15 Start
  • My laptop stoped working, did not accecpt reboot from Securety USB, made a cheat by doing a copy from my wifes laptop (fujitsu) and manage to restart the computer. 

    But it canot find the drivers for PCI encrytion now.

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    I have a strange Problem with my Acer, the Screen is getting Black-Grey( you can better see it in the Image)


    If i jam a tissue between Screen and Notebook, it dissapears and the Screen is working fine.


    I'v read, it could be the Cable what bring the Image from the Mainboard to the Display itself, could this be the solution ?


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    First post so I'm not sure what board to post to.


    I upgraded my Aspire E5-774G memory from 8 to 16G and I ran the cpu-z application on my laptop to determine the frequency of memory access.  It was around 800-1000Mhz but the memory vendor g.skill states it can run at 2400Mhz. It requires a bios change to the dual+ channel XMP Bios profile.  Is that available to me and if so where can I find it?

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    Hi, I just bought brand new Acer aspire E5-575G-56K4, with 1080p screen. Link : . Similar to .

    I noticed that battery life is quite low compared to advertised 12 hours. I tested it listening to music on youtube, connected through WIFI, screen brightness set to 75%, geforce GPU inactive and it went from fully charged to completely dead in 3 hours 27 minutes. I know that 12 hours is unrealistic, but even laptopmag review said it lasted them more than 9 hours ( source: So 3.5 hours seem rather low to me.

    My question is: is this normal battery life for this laptop? Should I send it to warranty?

    Maybe someone has this model, and could share how much their laptop last?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Can one of the Acer support provide the part numbers for the compatible DVD drives for these 2 laptops?


    ES1-512 part # NX.MRWAA.017

    ES1-523 part # NX.GKYAA.006





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    Please help I need Acer es1-531 universal serial bus controller driver for windows 7 32bit.Thanking in advance

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  • 08/07/17--04:18: Aspire E 15 E5-521G-44TG
  • A month ago, my laptop started to restart itself whenever I am using or conncected to the internet. Sometimes it works perfectly fine but most of the times it requires the ethernet cable so I could use the internet. When it's just starting to be like that, I need to restart it a couple of times before it works but when I use the wifi as my internet access it restarts again. Just a while ago, it works fine but when I am about to transfer rooms, it restarted again and there are no wifi and bluetooth settings.


    Most of the time, there are no wifi and bluetooth settings on my laptop. I tried installing again the Qualcomm Atheros for WLAN and Bluetooth which I saw on the programs but the file needed for it to be reinstalled is not on my system.


    Can someone help me about this problem?

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    Is my Acer Aspire E17 E5 773G protected against an harmful UEFI BIOS flash?

    How can I check that the BIOS of my notebook is healthy or already infected with harmful codes and built a backdoor into the installed OS under the boot process?

    Is an "AMT" function in the BIOS?

    How can I clean an infected BIOS?

    If the UEFI BIOS is infected than is the legacy BIOS same infected?



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  • 08/07/17--07:45: Acer Aspire ES1-431-P8LA
  • Hello there, i have an Acer Aspire ES1-431-P8LA laptop.
    Currently it has 4GB DDR3 Memory. But what i have realized that it's not being enough for my tasks.
    So, i was thinking if i can upgrade the RAM or not ?
    Is it up-gradable? If yes then what can be the maximum amount of memory upgrade i can make ?
    Moreover, I've heard additional RAM upgrade can result in consuming more Battery Power. Is it true?
    Thanks everyone.

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    Where can I purchase an authentic charger for my laptop? The model name is in the subject.

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    I have the Aspire E15 (E5-575G-57D4) and the wifi icon dropped off the face of the planet within the literal first 5 minutes of the laptop being on. Internet only works when plugged into ethernet. Other devices are connected to the wifi but the laptop does not have the option for wifi. 


    The network settings can only see bluetooth and ethernet. Under Airplane mode only the bluetooth is available to toggle. I have downloaded both available LAN drivers from the Acer website for my model. The drivers appear in the download folder but do not appear under the Device Manger > Network adapters or under any other folder even though I have run the setup wizard for them.  


    Please help!


    Screenshots are below. 


    Network connectivity - Airplane Mode 7Aug2017.PNGNetwork connectivity - icon shot 7Aug2017.PNGNetwork connectivity - Network Settings 7Aug2017.PNGNetwork connectivity - Device Manager Network Adapters 7Aug2017.PNGNetwork connectivity - Downloads 7Aug2017.PNG

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    Hello everyone,


    I'm really interested in the E5-575-33BM but Amazon does not have it available right now.


    Does anyone know who else is selling this for $349.99 new or if Acer sells it direct? I didn't see it in their store but I wasn't sure.


    Thanks in advance

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