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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    Hey there,

    I've been using my laptop since 4 months without removing the battery  becayse i don't know how.

    It's always 100% charged and i'm scared if it get's damaged so pls help. I can't even find the location of the battery.

    If possible send me photos or a video please Smiley Happy

    Sorry for bad english

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    I have used iTunes for my music for years, and when I installed it onto a laptop I purchased some 3 years ago, it "compresses" the main sound program which runs in windows 10, it's like it "semi-muffles" the windows sound system, so when the ITunes program is running, and even with the sound icon visible on the taskbar showing the volume of windows is at 100%,it still sounds a little quiet.......Is this a sound card problem, or maybe the wrong sound driver is installed, (this was installed direct from the ACER website), which would indicate an issue with the ACER sound driver program....... Maybe the Sound Card itself is faulty, and that the system itself is in need of a replacement. EITHER WAY, my first decision is to see what ACER can do about they have a program which I can download, then upload onto my system, then install it. WHAT IS ACERS THOUGHTS ON THIS........DO THEY SELL A NEW SOUND CARD FOR THE ACER ASPIRE ES1-512 C59L Laptop Computer ? Thank You CJSpiritMedium ~ (Chris Jones)

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    I'm trying to use my DVD Player and it won't work. I tried numerous apps, ACER Video Player, Windows Media Player, and I recently purchased Windows DVD Player app, and although I have a DVD, it's not working using either of the apps. I don't see a DVD Player drive listed in my Device Manager, under sound, video and game controllers, I only see HD audio device and Realtek HD audio. Am I possibly missing the driver? Any help is deeply appreciated thank you.

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  • 05/02/17--09:24: Screw size for E5-571P
  • Trying to order replacement screws for the bottom of my Aspire E5-571P, but don't know which size to search for. Wasn't sure if it was standard for all E5-series models, or unique to different model numbers. Thanks in advance.

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    Suddenly my acer battery life is diminished . Since four months of purchase it was giving me 4 hours with normal use. But now it is 2 hours in same conditions. I installed chrome recently. But after seeing draining of battery I stopped using it. But no change is seen . please help.

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    I have an out-of-warranty Acer Aspire E5-521-205Y laptop whose hard drive failed. After doing recovery management, Windows 8.1 was automatically installed, so how do I re-install the Windows 10 free upgrade and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

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    Just received my brand new Aspire E 15 and after 1 week the battery no longer charges. I charged the battery fully one time and then once i went to charge it again nothing!! My outlets work and i only have 5% life left on the laptop. Is this a ACER warrenty i should look for or the other optional warrenty i purchased?? Need it to be quick since this is needed for work and school.

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    I discovered some (10 letters and symbols) keys stopped working a few days ago.

    I couldn't find the solution in Acer Community. It is not under warranty anymore. I hope I don't have to take it to a computer shop. I have read one instance with different model saying it was fixed by a small change in the software. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    Acer Aspire E5-473G

    4GB DDR3 RAM

    1TB Hard Drive



    I want to upgrade my RAM upto 8GB, is it possible? What is the memory limit for this laptop?



    I want to upgrade into SSD. Does my laptop supports multi-drive (like 1 SSD and 1 HDD at the same time) or should I buy a whole 1TB SSD for my laptop?


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    My notebook does not work, it's black and does not work on TV. How to correct it bios? acer aspire E1-532 please help
    my country is not registred acer help centr. country georgia. please help.

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    I've been pretty happy with Aspire, until now..... I have a HUGE issue with my Aspire E5 722, it keeps on reinstalling Windows 10 EVERY DAY!!!!!


    I have a Dell, and Sony, updating the same OS, with the same configuration, never had this problem with those, just with my Aspire E5 722 laptop...


    Can anybody give me a clue of how to fix this??


    Many thanks!



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    How to fix the Acer Aspire 5536 black screen problem


    [subject line edited to more clearly reflect topic]

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    Hello apparently I got this Acer Aspire gaming laptop on Tesco last year which the date was 17/12/2016 that I first ordered then after a couple months within April last month one of the USB ports were malfunctioning then decided to stop working after a while no usb device are able to connect to it what so ever as it just goes off without connected and I believe this is a USB malfunctioned issue. The USB port though is located on the right side where the CD/DVD drive is though but just been having issues with it lately. Any way that this can be fixed at any cost please. Thanks. I believe it's still in warranty though.

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    Hello, i want to upgrade a ram in my laptop from 4 to 8 if it is possible. Does it have multiple ram in it? And what is the compatible memory to put in? Thanks in advanced

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    sorry i can't provide the model name for the acer laptop im trying to get help with. i also don't know what board to put this in too sadly. but here goes nothing. so my mom bought us two acres a bit over four months back and we received one that after getting past the language and keyboard settings it would just go black with the cursor still in the screen. she didn't do anything back then to try and fix it for some reason and i really need to get this set up since the other acer that arrived with it just died on me last night. i've read that i should try and turn it off, unplug it, and take out the battery but that didn't work. what do i do? cause so far both these laptops were a huge waste of my money.

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    Good morning


    I have an Acer Aspire E1-572g laptop which has both an Intel graphics card and an AMD Radeon R7 M265 graphics card. The OS is Windows 8.1. I play a game on the internet called Uru which has a number of shards. On some of them textures are missing. In each one that has this issue the game is using the Intel graphics card which is also the only option available.


    My laptop came with the AMD Catalyst Control Centre. I went to the power tab and added the exe files to the application list and set the power setting to High Performance. Sadly this did not solve the issue so I searched the internet for an updated version of the Catalyst Control Centre program. I was unable to find one nor the executable for the version thats on my laptop.


    I also discovered that AMD has discontinued this product and replaced it with the Crimson ReLive application. I downloaded and installed it and sadly discovered that it has not fixed my issue. My laptop's BIOS does not have any graphics setting where I can choose which card to use. I have read a number of posts on other sites like the Windows 8 forum where users have disabled the Intel graphics driver only to find when rebooting that Windows 8 uses its default driver and not the AMD Radeon driver.


    What must I do to get my laptop to use the AMD Radeon driver? I would like the Radeon driver to be the default driver and to always use it. Since installing the AMD Crimson package I have noticed that when I shutdown my laptop it hangs at the green screen and the little dotted circle freezes. However if I shut my laptop down without logging into windows 8.1 it does not freeze and shuts down normally. I am not sure if the Crimson ReLive program is causing it. The Crimson program advises me that my Radeon graphics driver is uptodate.


    I will appreciate any help to solve this graphics issue.





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  • 05/04/17--00:39: Acer E5-575G-56KS
  • Why is there not even a single mention of Acer E5-575G-56KS ?

    It's really irresponsible of Acer. I bought this laptop couple months back from a retailer and since I couldn't find a proper review(or even a mention) anywhere on their website or forums I wasn't even sure if it's a authentic product from acer. It's design language is pretty similar to other E15 series laptops. It has got an Intel core i5-7200u processor with Nvidia 940Mx graphics card. It has a 4Gb DDR4 ram and a terabyte of storage. If anyone else owns this laptop please hit me up on this discussion so that i can atleast be asurred of this product bieng authentic.


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  • 05/04/17--03:40: Aspire ES 15
  • I need to change my email address in the profile but the system wont let me and it wont let me contact anyone either - Help please, how do I do this?

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    I have a laptop cer E-1 570g i3. how to access the advanced bios menu?

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