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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    From the support page I have downloaded LaunchManager_Acer_7.00.3006_W10x64_A. I am running Windows 10 Pro x64  and it says that this OS is not supported. What is the solution?

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    Hi All, I connect E5 to external display with resolution 4K via HDMI port. IN pc setting only use external display but i have problem with mouse movement, it very jerky (mouse move not smooth) how to fixit, or some thing not compatible here. 

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  • 04/27/17--01:19: Mouse pad not working
  • Hello, i installed windows10 pro 32bit on my aspire ES1-572 but mouse pad is not working...if i connect an external mouse through usb it

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  • 04/27/17--02:19: Upgrading my ram
  • I want to know how many ram slots are there inside my Acer Aspire E14 (E5-471-32HE) , I saw a video of acer aspire e5-471-34VN, we almost have the same laptop, I think i saw in his video that his laptop has a 2 slots for ram, but he just replace his 1 ram with another ram. are there really 2 slots for my laptop( Acer Aspire E14 (E5-471-32HE) )? Should I replace the default ram installed with a new ram or just add a new ram in another slot if my laptop has 2 slots for ram... please help me...

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    I have acer aspire e14 ,e5 471, and I saw that i have 1/2 slots of ram in  

    Do i need to have 2 same ram installed for it to work? because I read something from other websites, If I need to have 2 same rams installed, what is the current ram installed in aspier e5 471? current ram is only 4gb, but is it okay if i buy same ram but 8gb? please help me...

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    i am in very bad condition because  my touchpad is not working and see in monitor after windows 10 update

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    Hi,I want to upgrade my laptop screen from 768p to 1080p,seeing another posts in this forum make me think this will probably work.

    Through HWinfo64 I discovered that my screen is this one:


    A local store in my country is selling this one:


    It seems compatible,but what about the 2 lane  vs 1 lane edp?will it work?

    my notebook is a e5 571 52zk(brazil),it has no descrete gpu,only intel HD5500.

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    Acer downloaded some updates on my computer on 4-26-2017 and i lost explorer and all microsoft windows and will not shut down or off-have to hold power button down --dont know if it finished the download as battery wore down and shut off..

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    I have an "Acer Aspire E1-572G". I had Windows 7 x64 on this laptop. Both graphic drivers (AMD & Intel) were working well and I could switch between them. Also I had "Minecraft" and "Construction Simulator 2015" on this laptop. After upgrating to Windows 10, I have been lossing this abilities. Graphic drivers won't work and I can't switch between them. I can't play Minecraft upper than version 1.8.9 and Construstion Simulator 2015 runs hard. I can not install graphics drivers.

    Please Help

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    I turned on my acer e 15 and got a blue screen saying my header checksum for this file (what file) doesnt match. I don't know what i did or why it even happened. What do i do to fix this or is it even fixable

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    Hi guys, this model comes with 256gbs of ssd, but I can't access it or locate it, it doesn't show up on disk manager! Can anyone help?

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    When I play certain games, such as minecraft, I get this diagonal screen tear. I've tried going into the Nvidia control panel and turning on vsync and triple buffering, yet nothing works. I've reinstalled my graphics card driver to the latest one. It still appears in full screen mode and window mode. The only time it doesn't appear is when I have the fps limit cap at 30. I've researched this and haven't found a clear solution. Is this permanent or is there a solution to this? 

    ~I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 940MX 2GB Vram, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD, Intel Core i5-6200U, Windows 10, 1920x1080p, and also and intel core integrated graphics card. My GeForce GTX 940MX is dedicated. 

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    Hi I was wondering if is possible to replace the CPU of a E1-572 laptop. This originally came withth a i3-4010U. I have an old computer where it was possible to take out the cpu and put a new one but for the E1-572 there is no a specific section on the back of the computer to get access to the cpu; Will this mean that the CPU is welded to the motherboard?



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    I had upgrade my acer to windows 10 when i want to restart there is blue screen and always restart every time but not until log in account

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    Hello guys. I have a problem with this bsodScreenshot (1).pngScreenshot (2).png

    They happen in different situation.... when pc is in idle too (i was downloading a steam game).

    As you can see, they seems to be caused by the same address.... faulty driver? I have had this problem since i have bought it from amazon, but upgrading bios to 1.23 had resolve the problem for 2 months .... but now i have bios v1.25 and Windows 10 Creators Update. Some ideas?

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    Dear Acer Community,

    Yesterday while translating a Word document, my screen displayed in negative, maybe due to Adobe Reader which now offers to display pdfs in white or black.

    I searched but could not find how to get my screen back to normal white. Photos, for example, were in negative.

    So I launched my first ever recovery of system since purchasing the computer in 2014. After the recovery, everything was fine, and My Documents were saved, nothing lost.

    However, same negative screen happened again today after consulting pdfs using Adobe Reader.

    Again, I launched "restauration du système" in French, which I think is "system recovery" or "system restoration" in English.

    But this time, the system has been restored as if the computer just came out of the factory. I had not asked for that at all.

    Please inform me how to cancel the last system restoration / recovery, if possible, in order to get my documents back. I am working on a long translation of 1000 pages in Word with many pdfs of laws that I need.

    Of course, my main translation is saved on a USB stick, but many of my other documents are not, and it would save time to be able to cancel this last system restoration.

    Thanking you in advance, Best regards, Carolyn

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    Hello everyone im Hamza from Paris


    I just bought a month ago an acer f15 and I wanted to know that
    if there is a possibility to turn on the light of the keyboard because i dont see any option on the keyboard


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  • 04/28/17--18:49: laptop service
  • Can't turn it on and crashed suddenly.I didn't buy it for a ling time,it's still in the warranty .

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