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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I'm going to guy this laptop and want to know if it has a backlit keyboard.


    I'm choosing between this two modifications: E5-575G-53VG and E5-575G-55KK. Any difference except last one has a newer 7th gen i5?

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  • 11/24/16--03:32: E5-773G battery calibration
  • when will i know it is due, how do i do it?

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    I would like to know if the warranty will be afected if i do the ram upgrade myself.

    I have an acer aspire E5-575G-51BN.


    Thank you.



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    I am attempting the laborious process of making an SSD drive my primary boot drive which seems to require me making a USB boot disk using the Acer recovery tool.  Needless to say this is way more difficult than it seems it should be.  Anyway, when I run the Acer recovery tool, it gets to a window that says I need to enter a USB disk with at least 8GB free.  I enter a USB drive with 16 GB free and it will not recognize it.  I plugged in a USB with 64 GB and it recognized that, but I cannot use that drive because it has important files on it.  


    Why does this process need to be so difficult?  


    How can I create a USB recovery drive on my 16 GB USB drive?

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    My ES1-533 laptot wont send emails and doesnt show that they are sent in my sent folder. I have only had this laptop for a few days. Hoping someone might me able to help me.

    Cheers Gerard

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    When I upgraded to win10, the usb charge management program was lost. My usb 3.0 port stapped working.  Any ideas?

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    I bought this laptop new 4 months ago I have used it only 2 times because I cant get the pointer to point anywhere without taking 10 minutes. Now I was going to sell it but the screen wont even turn on. All the tips I have read in disccusion forums are not working and dont see anywhere to take out battery what do I do. I hate this computer waste of 500$.

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    Hello, I have recently purchased this model, which comes with 1 Tb HDD and I would like to move Windows 10 to an SSD.


    I am just not sure if this model has a M.2 free slot where I can install a SSD drive while keeping the HDD for storaging.


    I've read other 575G models have it, though I do not know if all the 575G series share this feature.


    Thank you!

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  • 11/24/16--16:36: what ssd should i buy?


    I need performance and durabality fromthe ssd .I am confused here..what to buy??


    1.Intel ssd 540s (durabality awesome under heavy load but no performance improvement,4K read QD1 is poor) 750 evo(performance including 4K read awesome but suffers under heavy load,70 TBW)

    3.adata sp550 (says that it is a perfect ssd for price performance and its TBW is 90 but the chance of being defective is very high seeing the review in newegg or amazon)

    4.corsair force le leb(same as adata sp550 , random write is worst,60 TBW)


    i wont do much of writing but just for reading all the time but what i need here is performance and Reliability...thats where i get confused...PLS HELP me here

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    Hi. I own ES1-111M-C7DE and since the Windows 10 was automaticly instal, I can't use my touchpad and the Wifi
    don't work good. I installed all drive but it's still don't work. Now I want to return to Windows 8.1, but I
    am not able.

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    Does anyone have any ideea how can i unlock Configuration TAB in bios?Ok,i understand that Advanced and Power Tab or blocked and you need some bios mod,but guys Configuration Tab? The problem is that i got an eGPU and my laptop have already 2 gpu (intel and nvidia) and i need to change in bios Graphcis Device to UMA.Im very happy with my laptop,but in the future i will not buy anymore Acer laptops for simple reasson that it dosen`t offer support for future upgrade.

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    As tital says in my pc i cannot see my dvd/cdrom drive and nothing showing in the bios,

    Help please.

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    Hello, checking the wear out percentage of my newly bought laptop I have found out that is already 7.9%, is this normal?


    Tha's the level when I checked the first day, without any cycle done, and also after 3 full charges/discharges. It barely lasts 4 hours on battery.


    I obtained this data with 'HWiNFO64'





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    New to the Forums and just purchased the acer aspire es1-571-p1vn laptop and pleased with it.  Though in the near future I am looking at upgrading the ram and HD to SSD.  Can someone advise with regards to the RAM upgrade. 

    Crucial's memory tool suggest (Crucial 4GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM  DDR3 PC3-12800 • CL=11 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1600 • 1.35V)  As I understand it has a max ram of 8GB.


    Thanks in advance.


    p.s. I take any upgrade would invalidate any warranty?


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    As you know, many concerns have been raised over Windows 10's privacy policy such as I would have preferred to continue using Windows 7 but if that's too much to ask I can compromise on Windows 8.1 On the Resource CD Autorun didn't work properly, I had to look in the DRV folder and certain drivers such as the NVIDIA graphics driver aren't compatile.

    IDs of devices without drivers installed:



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    So i was stuck in the unexpected error loop  i was able to fix that. now my install is stuck at 64%. i have a usb that i can reboot from i just cant figure out how to boot from the usb.

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  • 11/26/16--00:42: E1-570 boot & RAM issue
  • Hi all


    I have an E1-570 8Gb i3 laptop, over the past few days has stopped booting, wifi light but nothing else.  I've done power downs etc but no luck.  I've tried booting with only one memory stick in and it started up.  it appears that both sticks are working ok but the problem is with one of the slots.  Presume this means a new motherboard but any ideas as to alternatives before this appreciated... 


    Also, would running on just 4Gb in one slot (apart from a drop in performance) cause any lasting damage if i wait?


    thanks for any advice!

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    I have a wierd problem with my Acer Aspire M5-481T-6820 laptop running windows 7 Home premium.  Over the last few weeks my system will not fully load any program that contains forms and fields.  I have several programs that should load forms.  The form fields load but none of the field title text or the options within the fields.  Other prgrams like the acer eRecovery Management console do the same thing.  The base of the program loads but there are no words so its tough to know what the fields say.  If I get lucky and click the right box eventually the correct option may load.


    This started around Nov 9 2016 and I have unistalled anything that was installed anywhere close to that.  I have also run full system scans and updated all windows but still this occurs.  Any thoughts on what coudl cause this?


    In a system with a o/s CD I would simply run a windows refresh over the curent system and reload o/s files, leaving my system intact from an application point of view.  I am however not sure, from the wording, that the Acer eRecovery refresh option (which I can get to on started up from ALT + F10) will refresh the o/s and leave my programs installed.  It appears to suggest all it will do is backup my data to a folder and recreate the o/s.  Is this a correct read of the process?  This device is critical to my livlihood so if I can fix the problem without a rebuild that is the best course.


    Thanks D.

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    Is there another slot for a DDR3 memory chip in my new Acer Aspire ES 15?

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    Three years ago I bought this Aspire M5 laption which has Windows 8.1 installed. And I made the recovery DVD right away. Recently I bought a SSD and was trying to replace the original hard disk. However, when I use the recovery DVD, it installed Windows 7 but not Windows 8.1. I checked my profile at Acer website and confirmed the laptop I purchased did come with Windows 8.1. Any body has seen such things?

    Thanks in advance.

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