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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 10/09/17--23:26: Upgrade RAM E575g
  • How to upgrade RAM from 4gb to 8gb? this laptop has integer battery

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    I have a new aspire es1-731g-p10g which I bought less than 5months ago.

    When I bought it, the battery lasted for about 6hours...

    Then few weeks back it started shutting down at 30% without lasting up to 2hours and not giving warning. Just goes off..

    But today, I did a full charge, and it started showing battery full (blue light) then I unplugged it, and put it on.

    In less than 5mins while in 96% it went off without warning.

    Whenever I press the power on button, it blinks the orange light 5times without turning on.

    Please what should I do?

    The battery is inbuilt.

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    How can I do a fresh install for my video driver? Because when I uninstall it  and restart the pc, it appears again.

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    Just purchased my laptop oct 6. Fully charged sunday night and didnt turn on until tues night ( today) i was surprised that the battery is down to 10% even if i didnt use it for 2 days. Can someone advise if acer batteries drain even when pc is shutdown. Its not in sleep mode nor hibernation. Totally power off

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    Laptop doesn't starting , but showing charging when i plug the charger , i tried to remove battery and then plugged it again but still problem was same , Help me guys ..... Please

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  • 10/10/17--10:18: Wifi Problem
  • Just bought a new Acer VX 15. And I am still having a problem with wifi connection. The problem is that I can see other available networks on wifi but I can not see home network. Could anyone help me please?

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    I bought ACER Aspire E5-575-59FD laptop contained Linux. I tried to install Ubuntu 16.04.3 with bootable pendrive. After installed Ubuntu , it again opened installation page. I tried again then it redirects same installation page. Means ubuntu is not installed. Why ? Please suggest.

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    I have an Acer ES1-511 laptop.

    Suddenly the laptop will not power on.

    The power adapter will not charge the battery, or power the laptop at all.

    I have tested the adapter - and it is not the problem.

    No lights come on at all when the adapter (or another known working adapter) is plugged in to the laptop.

    The laptop was sitting on the table - working fine one day, and not at all once the battery died.

    Nothing was spilled on it - it wasn't dropped...

    Not sure where to start with this.




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    Hello everyone!


    So my mom recently started complaining about her laptop shutting off a little while after she turned it on. I checked it out, and as I expected, the computer would turn on, get really hot in the bottom, fan spinning at 100% = computer turned off. So I disassembled it (it was already out of warranty) and reapplied thermal paste and now it works beautifully again. It doesn't turn off and it runs cool to the touch on the bottom. However, the battery now doesn't work. It was fine before, with only about 20% of degrading according to HWMonitor. When I reapplied the thermal paste I decided to unplug the battery and then start my procedure just to be safe. Once I was done replacing the thermal paste I plugged in the battery again and the computer wouldn't turn on. Plugged it in to AC power and it booted right up. As soon as you unplug the power though, it turns off. Windows does detect a battery that's charged to 100% and when I physically unplug the battery it says a battery isn't plugged in. One thing I did notice though is that now when I plug in the computer into AC power the battery led turns from orange to blue really quick, saying it's already charged. I don't use the laptop everyday since it's my mom's but I don't remember the battery LED changing that quick.


    Did I damage the battery by unplugging it by any chance? What do you think happened? I'm very weirded out right now since the battery was working fine before I tried to "fix" the laptop...



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    I have a problem with my wireless adaptor (Qaulcom Atheros ).It won't connect saying no connection available.Not even in task manager.I have code 12 & 45
    I have rebooted laptop & wireless router a few times and plugged Ethernet cable from router to laptop (not working) but when. plugged into desktop worked

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    Hi all,


    Can I install SAMSUNG 850 EVO M.2 250GB SSD in my aspire F5-573G-72HS laptop?

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  • 10/10/17--21:36: Es1-572-357c
  • I need to replace the glass on my laptop but don't know how to remove the battery or how to replace the glass once I buy the part

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    My Acer's battery is just dead because i forgot to plug the AC adapter when i playing Pro evolution socer 2017. Playing until the battery depleted, then it won't charge anymore, is dead. I've tried anything to get it back alive, failed. So my notebook is now have no battery, it's removed completely.


    The thing is that now when i play any games, it's stutters randomly. Stutter just under 2 seconds randomly. Sometime the solution is to cap the frames, and limit the cpu to 85% max load at power management. Sometime it won't work.
    The last solution is to switch to integrated intel HD 5500. No stutter. But lags for heavy games.


    I monitor the "perfCap Reason" in GPU-z. When stutters began, the label often change to "Pwr".
    I think is not because overheat, it stays under 72C for CPU and GPU. This happened right after my battery is dead.


    Things i've done :
    Reset cmos battery
    Reinstall driver
    Reinstal Windows 10 on another drive
    Update BIOS
    And I have borrowed friend's AC adpter, problem still presist.


    I have Acer E5 573G
    Intel i5-5200u
    Nvidia 940M 2GB DDR3
    Galax L-series SSD 120
    8GB 1600 L-DDR3
    1080 screen


    Is my acer notebook have some kind of protection when no battery, like throttled graphic cards ?

    or simply i have a hardware failure ?

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  • 10/11/17--06:33: Acer laptop
  • My laptop started hibernating yesterday , it's still going right now help please? Smiley Very Happy

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    I just bought a refurbished laptop for my mother and found that the touchpad's vertical scrolling function didn't work. Looking online I found a YouTube video which pointed me to it being a problem related to drivers. I thought by going to:



    ... that I'd be able to pick my make and model and be able to download/install the correct driver, however, after picking Acer E1-772, it then asked me to pick the operating system and therein lies the problem. My OS is Windows 7, but in the link above it only has Windows 8 and 10 as options in the download box, so I wasn't able to progress any further. I tried picking Windows 8 and downloading a Synaptics driver, but it did nothing. I would therefore appreciate any help/advice about this issue. Thanks.



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    My Acer Aspire that I purchased in June 2016 for my 75 year old mother to keep in touch with family and friends via email and facebook developed a no valid drive error in September 2017 after minimal use. I can assure everyone that my 75 year old mother has not altered the hardware or software in any way. I phoned Acer service who ran me through a series of checks that determined the hard drive probably has just up and died - after 15 months minimal use!!!!! The service representative then told me I could bring this substandard piece of hardware back and have it repaired for approximately $250 - half the cost of a new machine.

    Quite frankly THIS REALLY SUCKS.

    While I realise the laptop is out of warranty do I still have a reasonable case to have this repaired for no cost under the Sales Of Goods Act?

    I actually wanted to email Acer for an answer on this but they very coyly have no email contact information available anywhere on their website.

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  • 10/11/17--23:13: My Acer Z1401 won't turn on
  • My laptop are charging but everytime I turn it on, it will lighten up a bit, but then, after a few seconds, it turns off again. The screen aren't even lighting up. I tried pressing the power button 20 seconds and turning it on again but it's still the same situation. Please help.

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    Hi, i have literally owned this laptop for 24 hours, i only just set it up today.  Twice now it has said OOPS we encountered an error and have to restart your laptop.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Thankyou

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  • 10/12/17--01:38: Aspire E 15
  • Hello,

    I used my Aspire e15 yesterday morning and when tried to turn on in the evening, it is not responding. Plugged the charger, again no response. The battery is not removable. could you please help.

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    Hello community,
    I had bought my ACER Aspire E5-575G-53S6 3 weeks ago. I have used the laptop for my programming purposes, such as using Unity3D, Android Studio, Inellij IDEA, and so on. Since my bought, i have experienced 6 hard fault on my laptop with Windows 10 operation system for 3 weeks. It's awful. All that time, blue screen occured and wipe all unsaved data without any warning, just blue screen with code 0x00001d8. Also, i checked event journal and it said occured kernel power error. I have no idea what to do.
    Is it case of garantee replacement?

    Any suggestions?


     - Intel Core i7 7200U up to 3.1GHz
     - 8GB DDR4 Memory

     - 2 GB GDDR5 memory, Nvidia GTX 940MX 

     - 1 Tb HDD

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