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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    My Acer aspire is about two years old but recently it’s been slow and then if I tap it lightly to the right of the mousepad or by the CD port, my laptop creates a loud static noise and the screen has coloured distortions. I thought it was a one time thing because it stopped for a while but it keeps doing it now and I don’t know what to do. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?

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    I want to add RAM to my laptop but i'm not sure if the RAM i chossed is compatible and i don't want to make a mistake


    Current memory: 2GB, PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM Kingston ACR16D3LFS1KBG/2G


    I want to add 2GB. Is this one compatible?


    Kingston KVR13S9S6/2

    DDR3 1333MHz CL9  1.5V  Unbuffered  SODIMM

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  • 09/30/17--17:04: No Signal HDMI
  • I have had countless issues with the laptop randomly shutting down and after sending the laptop in 2 times the laptop no longer has that issue but has another.  When hooking up to anything via HDMI the TV or moniter will show up in duisplay setttings but the TV will show no signal.  The HDMI cord and TV are good and had tried 3 other cords and moniters.  I have unistalled the generic PNP moniter driver and then renistalled with no sucsess.  I really dont want to sent it in a third time but will if neccesary.  What else should I try next.  I have also updated the Nvidia drivers.  

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    I have an Aspire E5-575G. It has an i7-7500U and a GeForce GTX 940MX GPU. However, lately the system has just not seen the GPU at all. I noticed when trying to update the GPU driver to resolve another issue that the Nvidia driver installer couldn't find any compatible GPU. The error it gave was "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue -- This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware." (This is the very installer downloaded from Acer's site, mind you.)


    Interestingly I noticed that the Device Manager doesn't see it either; all it sees is the integrated Intel HD Graphics 620, which presumably is all it's been running on recently. If I check off "Show hidden devices" the driver appears, as if the GPU were removed. I tried Googling this, but while I found lots of similar cases of the error in the installer, even from other Acer laptop owners, none of those solutions worked. Other cases were fixed by going into the BIOS and changing the GPU setting to Switchable, however there is no such GPU setting at all in the BIOS of this laptop (BIOS version 1.29).


    What is going on, and why is my laptop not seeing its own GPU? Is there seriously a hardware failure already on a laptop I haven't even had for a month?


    EDIT: I should add I'm really close to just reinstalling Windows, which I'm reluctant to do, but if nothing comes of this thread I'll have to. We'll see if that solves it then...

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  • 09/30/17--22:03: Acer laptop
  • I7-5500U 2.4 GHz with Turbo boost to 3.0GHz
    4GB DDR3 L Memort 1000GB HDD
    now onto the problem today is october 1 2017 and yesterday i bought a steam sale assassins creed bundle and installed black flag through steam and i played for like 8 hours yesterday but just this morning aftwr opening my acer i open the game black flag and it already started the opening but then my acer desktop becomes black screen even tho the power light is on the color blue i tried ctrl alt delete nothing i restarted it by holding the power button for at least 30 sec nothing still black ibknow the power is on becauae the color blue is on and even when i plug the charger the color is on i tried pulling the battery and only chatger still black no matter what i do nothing i even tried vga the vga port is not responding so i dont know anyone can help me

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    I want to replace the 1080p (FHD) screen on my laptop currently with a 4k (UHD) screen as seen on some of the acer V nitro models. I have done some investigation into the potential for this, and discovered the screen connector on the current screen is a 30 pin eDP (through DD0ZAALC011 cable) conector that also provides the webcam feed. UHD laptop screens require that you have a 40-pin eDP cable. So I turned to this laptops closest cousin with a 4k screen - the Acer V Nitro UHD. This uses a video connector with the same terminator (on the motherboard) however lacks the webcam feed and has a 40 pin connector instead on the screen side. Could I replace the screen connector cable and hook up a UHD screen on my laptop, or will I have compatibility issues (e.g. the webcam is using extra unused connectors in a 2-channel eDP connector so I won't be able to use the V Nitro cable)? Has anyone tried this or should I grab out an oscilliscope and attempt to reverse engineer the circuit and communication protocouls used? Is there any documentation of the screen and screen controllers in the laptop avaliable?


    And yes, I know the inherit impracticality in using a 940mx with a 4k screen. However, I don't really game on this laptop and the gpu is mostly used for modeling - so it shouldn't really be an issue.


    Acer V Nitro Cable:         Current 30Pin eDP Cable:

    s-l1600 IMG_4607-min.JPG

    (ebay photo)

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    How to upgrade Aspire E15 E5-575G-37D2 ram from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB in philippines?  

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    is there any way to change, i.e; increase or decrease fan speed of my laptop? is there any supported third party software? i tried speedfan, but it onlt showed cpu temp. , and did not show any fan speeds.

    i actually want to increase fan speed for gaming purposes. and also, to lower it to reduce noise in some places.

    my laptop is ACER ASPIRE E5-575G-5622 , SNID: *************.


    [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    i just got this laptop for my niece, is used and got it very cheap, the mousepad fails sometimes but it says a bios update could fix it, but it was kinda slow in perfomance, so i installed a windows 8.1 32x instead of the win 10 that it had and upgraded the ram stick to 4GB, but the system only uses 2 gb, why is that?, i thought the max ram in 32 bits is 4 or 3.5 gb.


    OH and someone can tell me if i have to install all BIOS updates, if so, in what order?, if not, only the 1.7?

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    I experienced a strange problem and can't seem to find a solution.
    It seems the range of my network adapter fell by a couple of meters. I live on the first floor and the router is on the ground floor basically underneath me. Before yesterday, I consistently got mediocre internet (2-3 bars), but that is to be expected since I share the house and internet with atleast 7-8 more people.
    Yesterday something happened and suddenly I had the yellow no-internet sign on my wifi icon. When it dissapears, I still only get 1 bar of internet and can't actually open any website. I also consistently get the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error on chrome. When I move 2 meters away (to outside my room) I get almost full connection. So, the question is, how did my laptop suddenly lose it's capability to reach the router. It's also worth noting that when I disconnect from the WiFi and look at the available connections, mine is shown as having 5 bars for some reason. Then I connect to it and it doesn't work. So far i've tried:
    -Updating the network adapter drivers
    -Flushing DNS
    -Disabling ipv6
    -Disabling all other adapters aside from the WiFi one
    -Moving router a little (I can't move it alot because it's in the storage room and is connected to a 1000 intertwined cables)

    Im really frustrated because Im currently studying abroad and need internet on my laptop to study, and I can't really give it for repair since I need it. Maybe it's also worth noting that it constantly makes a slight grinding/screeching sound which amplifies when It's under heavy load. Im guessing that's the fan grinding against something, which I'll try to get fixed when I go home for winter break. I don't think the 2 issues are related but still...
    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    My Laptop is dropping the wireless conection at least 6 times an hour. around twice since i stated typying this. i need help i can do anything because the wireless is so bad or shuts off. i know its not the router because everyone else uses it just fine. i tried uninstalling the driver and installing it but that didn't help. i found something that makes it stay on while sleeping but i think it may have made it worse because its not doing that. is there something wrong with my laptop? or something else?

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    as the title says i want to know if my laptop wich is [ F5-573G-72HS ] support nvme in M 2.0 slot because i want to instal [ 960 pro ] ssd from samsung .. will it work?

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    Hi All,


    Can I install NMVe M.2 SSD in my Acer F5-573G-72HS?

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  • 10/02/17--02:56: acer aspire

    I am planning to buy the following model. Does it come with a Power Adapter charger input 100-240 v with Output 19V?  Acer Aspire E5-575G-57D4 Notebook PC 


    Thanks for any help

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    I have the Aspire VN7-791G 779J Model which came with a german windows 8.1 OS. There are two hard drives inside, a 120GB SSD and a 1TB HDD, with the following partitions on them:



    600 MB Recovery Partition

    100 MB EFI System Partition

    118 GB ACER (WIN 8.1 OS / NTFS)



    914 GB DATA (NTFS)

    18 GB Recovery Partition


    I just used the Acer Recovery Tool and created a recovery Image (aprox.18GB) on an USB Stick.

    So now to my question: I want to erase all partitions, boot from bootable WIN 10 Install DVD and perform a clean install on the SSD. If one day I'll decide to restore everything to the factory state will this USB Stick be enough ? Will it restore the drives and the original partitions too ?



    Or how should I approach this windows 10 installation and keep the door opened for a complete restore to the original state ?

    Thanks in advance.



    PS. what are those 600MB and 100MB partitions on the SSD for ?

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  • 10/02/17--07:50: acer aspire e14 e5-411
  • I have tried to reset my laptop which was running win 8.1 but upgraded to win 10 because of problems now all I get is  a pop up box saying "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows click OK to restart the computer then restart installation." I have tried using alt f10 to try to reinstall but to no avail I do not have install discs, any solutions out there



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    hello i want upgraade my pc with ssd but i need mouting frame for hdd but i dont now whats size  need in my pc

    Acer Aspire e5-573g

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    Good day guys, how do i activate the nvidia graphics card? or does it switch automatically? Please elaborate





    [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    Update comes in the following weeks, how have Acer been checking development status for laptops? Will laptops with Creators update compatibility able to support fall creators update?

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  • 10/03/17--03:17: Aspire V 15 NITRO
  • do I need a gaming monitor to match my gaming laptop?

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