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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 09/12/17--08:53: VX5-591G graphics problems
  • So a couple of days ago I noticed that my screen was "flickering". I use quotes because I'm not sure if that's the best description, but it's the best word I can come up with. When the content of the screen would switch from white to dark grey, I would notice what I can only descibe as flickering for maybe 5 seconds. Switching back to a mostly white screen, it took about that long for the brightness to fully increase, but if there was any flickering it wasn't as noticeable. Updating the drivers within Device Manager didn't help. So I chatted with Acer customer support, who had me disable driver signature enforcement. This seemed to fix the problem for a while, but when I came back to use the computer an hour or two later, it was doing the same thing.


    This morning I got back on with customer support who had me refresh the computer, which for the moment seems to have fixed the original problem. However, not long after finishing the refresh process it bluescreened with the error code VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. This leads me to believe that there's still something wrong, but I'm not sure where to go from here.


    Some potetially relevant details/thoughts:

    • After the reset, driver versions match what Acer has on the downloads page for the laptop, so apparently the later ones I had updated to might not have been stable for this particular machine?
    • This laptop has two graphics cards listed, which I've never seen before. Could it be some sort of conflict between the two?

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    The speakers on my laptop work fine on both sides when I do not have headphones in, but when I do, the sound only comes out of one side. It either picks the left or the right. I checked my settings, they're fine. I tried balancing, but it just balances whatever side works at the time. I have tried updating my drivers, nothing.  My headphones work on my ipod, and the other pair I tried is brand new. So it isn't those.

    Like I said, I can use the speakers without them no problem, but I would like the option to use my headphones. What can I do to fix this issue?

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    Did anyone else noticed keyboard ghosting on acer (f15) laptops. The laptop that I have bought isnt that cheap but the keyboard cant recognize more than two keys. I dont know why acer wont admit this issue with laptop they advertise as gaming laptop (f5 573G).

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    I was playing a game, when suddenly my laptop turned off, as though it were a desktop and the power went out. I've tried unplugging the charger and pressing/holding the power button in every combination I can think of, but it still refuses to turn on. The charging LEDs do not turn on when the charger is plugged in. The battery is not removable. My warranty expired about a year ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is it safe to do so?


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    Hello all,


    I bought an Aspire V5-552P-X404 in October, 2014. It has worked well all these years until a few months ago when I started getting the notorious BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH(BSOD) with an error message "BAD POOL CALLER". This BSOD occurs whenever I plug in the ethernet/LAN cable or connect to the internet with a USB 3G/4G modem. Connecting through wi-fi works well without any issues.


    I've taken actions ranging from updating drivers to doing a CLEAN INSTALL of Windows 10 (Creator's Update), but the problem still persists. As a result, I'm suspecting a hardware might be responsible for all the troubles.


    Does anyone in the house have a fix for this, or any idea that might help?


    Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.


    Daniel S.

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    Any ideas on this please?  My laptop has stopped charging correctly.  It only sometimes seems to notice that I have plugged into the mains to charge.  Tried different sockets etc to make sure that it is not an issue with mains power in the house - it is not.  Plugging in sometimes (occasionally) leads to sensing power and charging battery but most times it does not.  Only started recently and I had not made any change to firmware or drivers on laptop.  Any suggestions on why this might be and how to fix would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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    hi guys. i've recently bought a new aspire vx 15 and installed windows 10 on it, but touchpad multitouch gestures (such as double finger scroll) doesn't work. i tried to install touchpad drivers (both elantech and synaptics) from acer site but nothing changed.

    as you can see here, even after installing new drivers and restart, nothing changed in touchpad properties:

    i'm really confused right now and i don't know what to do. please help

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  • 09/13/17--11:50: Acer Aspire E1-570
  • E1-570
    hi everybody
    my e1-570 was stolen a while ago,I have a microsoft acount protecting it,but a few days before the robbery ,I created a guest acount,to access E and F when I don't need net.
    Does anybody have any solution to do anything?anything means everything,cleaning data or smashing the laptop under a vehicle.

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  • 09/13/17--12:03: Aspire E1 532 reset
  • How do I factory reset an Acer Aspire E1 532? My mother gave me the computer and I would like to reset it to erase all her downloads and etc. that she had left on it.

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    Hi all,

     I bought a laptop that did not boot up, as the laptop said (no bootable device) I checked it then replaced the hard drive and loaded windows 7 home premium that I had.

    All loaded fine but when I tried to connect to the internet I needed to get a wireless driver, when I put the details into the ACER info page it says that it had windows 10 installed when new and the driver wont work for operating system I have installed.

    Can anybody tell me please what driver I can use for windows 7 or send me a link as I can't connect to the internet to continue the rest of the installation.

    I take it that I can copy the driver file to a memory stick and the load it onto the ACER and install.

    thanks in advance, hopper350


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    I turned on my aspire F 15 and the keyboard lights up, but the screen is black and pulsing. Help!!!

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  • 09/13/17--20:47: Optane Memory ( Intel)
  • Hola aun no hay soporte para instalar memoria intel optane  ? tengo un Aspire F15 F5-573, aparece actualizar BIOS

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    Olá a todo(a)s!


    Recentemente adquiri um Aspire F5-573G com Windows 10 Home (há menos de 1 mês, na verdade) e, durante cerca de uma semana e meia, ele funcionou perfeitamente. No entanto, a partir de então, ele começou a travar todas as vezes na tela inicial com o logo da Acer, antes mesmo de aparecer embaixo aquelas bolinhas giratórias de "carregando". Mas se eu o desligo segurando o botão power por alguns segundos e logo em seguida o ligo novamente, ele funciona de maneira normal. Isso acontece todas as vezes que eu ligo, mas não quando reinicio.


    Já tentei algumas vezes o power reset (lembrando que neste meu modelo a bateria não é removível), já restaurei as configurações originais da bios, já fiz um scan de memória (não tendo achado nenhum erro), e o Windows está totalmente atualizado; mas o bendito problema continua acontecendo. O próximo passo na lista, de acordo com o próprio atendente do chat de suporte da Acer, seria fazer um reestabelecimento total do sistema com o Acer Care Center - o que implica formatar o computador, justamente o que eu gostaria muito de evitar.


    Interessante que, a não ser por esse problema, o computador funciona muitíssimo bem, obrigado.


    Alguém poderia me dar uma luz? Uma que não pressuponha formatar o notebook...?

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    Hello to all!

    Recently I acquired an Aspire F5-573G with Windows 10 Home (I bought it less than one month ago, actually). During about one week and a half it worked perfectly. However, from that point on, it began freezing every time at Acer's splashscreen, even before that revolving little wheel comes up at the bottom. But if I turn the notebook off by holding the power button for some seconds and turn it on again right away, it starts nicely, without any problem. This happens every single time I turn the computer on, but never when I restart it by Windows.


    I even got chat support by Acer for my problem and, following the instructions, I took these measures: I've tried the power reset (more than one time, reminding that in this model the battery is not removable); I've restored the original bios settings; I've had a memory scan and found nothing; and Windows has been completely updated. Next step in the list (told me by the chat attendant) would be using the Acer Care Center tool for full system restablishment - which implies formating the computer, someting I'm (still) not willing to do.


    One interesting thing is that, apart from this nuisance, the computer works perfectly (and is really fast, indeed).


    Could anyone enlighten me? With a guess that, for now, doesn't imply having to format the computer... Smiley Very Happy


    P.S.: My problem is actually pretty like this one (, and it bugs me that this poor soul couldn't find a proper solution...

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  • 09/13/17--20:47: Optane Memory ( Intel)
  • moved to the Spanish community for better exposure

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    moved to the Portuguese community for better exposure

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    i was working with my acer laptop E1-570 and suddenly it went shutdown due to battery low. After connecting charger it display something on the screen and mistakenly i have press some key from keypad. so i have power offand then try to power on and was showing "Explore beyond limits" and cant open window. i try to restart by pressing "Alt+ctrl+Del" but it didnot work. i also try by removing the battery and give direct charging but the problem is same.


    please anyone can help me to open my window or fix this problem. your kind help will be higly appreciated.


    thank you

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  • 09/14/17--01:28: 3 monitor display



    I have an Aspire V5-552 laptop and have set up a 3 screen display i.e. laptop screen and 2 monitors. The monitors are both K222HQL ACER.


    The problem I am having is getting a consistent display setting across all 3 screens. One of the K222HQL monitors has a font size which is much bigger than my laptop and other K222HQL screen, which have the same consistent setting.


    Any ideas?




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    I've recently joined Skype and cannot get the webcam to use on it.  It simply flashes on and off.  I've had a friend who knows about computeres look at it and we've disconnected the drive for webcam and turned it back on to no avail. I've looked at other 'help' websites and there are tons of people with similar problems withe skype and the built in camera on Acer computers but I've yet to find a definitive answer to this problem.



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