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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 09/10/17--17:16: Laptop getting very hot
  • I have a acer aspire E 15 E5-553G-12C6, it has been getting very hot larely, just having google chrome open it gets hot. Sometimes it will randomly shut down, would the heat have anyhting to do with that?

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    acer aspire f5-573g 56cg battery replacement, cant find the battery for this laptop

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  • 09/10/17--20:27: ACER HELLIOS 300 hdd
  • it is missing the HDD Mounting bracket and it is also missing the SATA cable to connect the second drive to. How do I go about fixing this? Thank you!

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    So here's my problem, my laptop shuts down automatically after how many minutes whenever I am connecting it to the internet. Please help me, I am college student and my final defense is fast approaching..

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    Issue; AVX instructions do not work in a virtual machine on a Windows 10 based computer that has an AMD CPU. And also can not enable AMD-V.


    I have Acer Aspire E5-553G laptop. It has AMD A12-9700P processor. Bios manufacturer Insyde crop (InsydeH2O Bad manufacturer  I had ever seen). It could not have hardware level virtualization enabling function. So I cannot be able to run any virtual machine on the VirtualBox. But fortunately, VMware support to power on the virtual machine.


    But when I go to power on  metasploit2 -linux vmware workstation in vmware it gives this error message "This virtual machine requires avx2 but avx is not present. this virtual machine cannot be power on".


    Follow I attached snapshots for your reference.




    Please support me to solve this issue. 




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  • 09/10/17--22:31: Acer aspire E15 E5-575G-58J2
  • Hi guys. Certain letters on my keyboard dont work on start up. I connected a usb keyboard and it worked fine but now the usb keybaord also has letters that dont work. The original operating system was windows 8. There was a long period where i didnt install updates but did updates and also installed windows 10. Things only got worse after i installed Windows 10. Now, when typing while logged on to my laptop the screen locks. Please asvise how to fix this problem

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    I understand that Num Lock will be "on" when booting up if it was "on" when I last shut down (and the same for "off" too)

    My problem is that recently my "Numbers" turn off randomly during use. They will be working totally fine and then suddenly whether I am entering a Password or typing an EMail or working in a Spreadsheet I (eventually) notice the Numbers are not appearing

    This is frustrating if I am typing a contrived Password with lots of Numbers and Text in it - and in EMail or Spreadsheets if the Numbers are gone the Cursor responds to me pressing what was going to be a number by leaping to "Home" or somewhere else within an EMail for instance or to a different Cell in a Spreadsheet

    The only things I have not tried is leaving the Numbers off (after they turn themselves off) to see whether they come back - and I also have not tried using the upper numbers to see if just the Keypad is affected

    Windows 10 ..... Can you suggest a fix please ?

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    as i start my pc screen is black and seems to be flashing on different black shades. Sometimes it takes 1-2 hours to start after blink while sometimes it takes almost a day. After start it works fine but when i shut down and start again after few hours the problems come again. I read some threads here to remove battery, but this version seems not to have removable batteries.

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    I'm getting low connectivity / limited connection after installing Windows Update (I forgot which one).


    The picture shown above is when my laptop is less than 5 meters away from the router. The connections fluctuates, and sometimes reduces down to one "bar" only.


    My network adapter is : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-N 7260

    I have tried troubleshooting network, but it didn't help. I seeked help from Intel but I was recommended to seek help from Acer.

    Please help! I need it desperately for studies. Thanks.

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    Thinking about the worst repair experience till date. Thank you ACER, you beat all the competitors. I do not wish to say a lot bad but the acer repair center is just incompetent and dishonest. They dragged my auto shutdown issue until warranty get expires and now I have no means to contact them by chat or email. Only got a phone number from a repair center person who just say there is no problem and we have checked everything we can.


    How can I lodge a complaint against ACER. Please let me know.

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    I think I have a keyboard problem.
    When I use combination UP + LEFT + some key that key isnt typed in word (for example up+ right + d).
    And I need that combination for gaming.
    Could you please check if this is how it is supposed to be on acer laptop or I have a glitch.
    Just open blank word document hold key UP+left and letter D.

    Thank you for all your help in advance.

    Laptop is f 15 f5 573g

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    This will sound very similar to numerous previous inquiries, but I believe my issue is different. Acer E15 Aspire E5-575. Windows 10. After minimizing windows OR laptop has gone to sleep, I max windows or wake up the laptop and I get a black WINDOW, not screen. It has an orange stripe along the top edge as you would see adjacent to tabs. It may take only a few seconds, but sometimes up to 30 secs for the black window to disappear and all is good. I have tried to take a screen shot but it seems to capture what really should be there, or one of the other tabs, not the black window. Possibly too many tabs loaded, but not sure. Either way, it wasn't happening before. Started a few weeks ago and happening more often. I was going to try the disable pnp driver fix but if I do that, won't my screen go black? If so, how would I be able to re-enable it if I can't see it? Any other fixes? I am not using an external monitor. It just happened again when I left this tab to get the specs on my laptop at Amazon. It read down in the lower left corner that its' waiting for Amazon images to load, then a couple more line of message popped up that I can't remember, but basically seemed to express that it is waiting to load info.
    Screen Size 15.6 inches
    Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
    Hard Drive 256 GB SATA
    Graphics Coprocessor geforce
    Chipset Brand NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
    Card Description Dedicated
    Graphics Card Ram Size 2000 MB
    Wireless Type 802.11 A/C

    Thank you.

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    I've just purchased the above laptop, but the resolution can't be changed beyond 1366 x 768 in any of the control panels, i.e. Win 10 display properties, Intel HD control panel or NVIDIA control panel. I've done internet searches and searches on this forum, but haven't come up with an answer yet - can someone help with this please?


    it's a brand new build of Win 10 after changing the HDD over to an SSD.



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  • 09/11/17--19:15: Am I getting scammed ?
  • A local shop is trying to sell me an acer laptop , only problem is ....
    The model number that he provided does not match with any on the official acer website , infact it doesnt match anywhere but this lebanese website / store , the model number he provided was (aspire e-15 nx.gdxem.074) , the specs are good and the price is reasonable , am I getting scammed ? 

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  • 09/11/17--20:12: Hello All
  • Just a newbie here dropping by to say hi! How are you? 

    Am I the only one who's getting an error message saying that my Acer Laptop V5 is having a low memory. My google chrome will suddenly close and it seems like it needs to be restarted. 

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  • 09/12/17--02:01: Acer Aspire ES 15
  • I bought a new Acer Aspire ES15 Laptop .how long should i charge for the first use?

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    I will be doing something normal and a sudden my windows key becomes 'stuck'. The button isnt physicaly pushed down but the laptop thinks it is on. When it happens if i press I it will open settings etc

    any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Hi there,


    I was wondering if it's possible to charge my Acer Aspire A715-71G laptop through usb type-c 3.1


    Kind regards,




    [edited for privacy - THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM - please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    Is the BIOS Recovery system (Fn+Esc) in the Acer Aspire E1 series basically equivalent to external reflashing?


    So if the BIOS were to be write protected, you could not flash it from inside Windows or not even DOS flasher like Flashit.exe.


    But it looks like the BIOS Recovery system copies the entire .fd file to the BIOS chip, so basically it ignore the write protected nature of the firmware and copies the file to the chip anyway. It looks like this BIOS Recovery system is an entirely external process independent from the main chip since it can externally rewrite the chip.


    Is this the case? If so then it looks like it's equivalent to external flashing via a programming device.


    Can anyone explain it how does this Recovery system work?


    Basically my question is whether the BIOS Recovery procedure can reflash the BIOS firmware on the chip if that is write protected (you know like enabling the write protected flag in the BIOS config), and does the BIOS Recovery replace/overwrite the .fd file entirely during the flashing process ?

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  • 09/12/17--08:50: Acer Vx 15 battery problem
  • Hello i bought acer vx 15(i5-7300hq,1050ti(4gb vram),8gb ram) 3 weeks before and i have a weired problem... The battery percentage of the laptop shows 100% while plugged in and as soon as i disconnect the ac charger it drops to 96 % .. and again when i plug in the ac adaptor it immidiately shows 100% fully charged and as soon as i remove the charger it drops to 96 % or 97%... Also when plugged in and fully charged i start playing game after sometime the laptop start charging and the orange battery light lits up.. the laptop is brand new .. i bought it on 22nd of august 2017 ... Also the battery life while on battery is not at all 4 hours.. it is getting discharged very soon.. say like 2 or 2 and houlf hours.. i have tried the manual recalibration method as well as the resetting the battery by inserting the pin method... Please help and explain.. thank you

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