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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 09/09/17--03:29: Acer Aspire E5-575G
  • bought a new laptop, then installed windows 10, I do not know why the processor runs at 480 MHz, instead of the declared 2000 MHz? Processor is Core I3-6006U (2.0 Ghz, 3Mb L3 Cashe). Reinstalled Windows 10 on Windows 7 the problem did not dare.IMG_20170909_162628_HDR.jpg

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    So here's my problem, my laptop shuts down automatically after how many minutes whenever I am connecting it to the internet. Please help me, I am college student and my final defense is fast approaching..

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    My Acer Aspire F15 recently facing a WiFi connection problem.
    I connected to my home WiFi, everything show in computer seem normal. Showed connected to internet, but when open browser (chrome, Firefox, Edge), all cannot access to Internet. Even Microsoft update also cannot.
    Ethernet works normally. I brought my laptop to service center, they checked on my network adapter work normally, but still cannot access to Internet. They advice me do a full format, it probably software problem.
    I had formated twice, the problem still there. Is it the problem come from between the windows 10 and the network adapter driver?

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    I am looking for the HDD cable and bracket.  My model came with the SSD but I would like to add and additional drive.  Where can I purchase the parts?



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    bought a new laptop, then installed windows 10, I do not know why the processor runs at 480 MHz, instead of the declared 2000 MHz? Processor is Core I3-6006U (2.0 Ghz, 3Mb L3 Cashe). Reinstalled Windows 10 on Windows 7 the problem did not dare.

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    As per subject, is it possible to enable PS/2 and SMBus on an Acer Aspire V3-572G?

    I cannot find any option in the BIOS.

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    I admit i only spent 3 hours of searching through this so very well designed website. Now i am fed up  with it and start a topic to hopefully find the answer.

    1-When is it wise to update the bios

    2- there are now 8 files in the  BIOS/Firmware folder; do you have to use all the updates or just use the latest one?

    3- how to do so?

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    Sorry to say but iam really frustrated,





    the spec of my lap is good except i dont have a gtx version of nvidea gpu.but i got a  940mx gpu

    .the system is very slow. got 16gb ddr4 ram 17.turboboost to 3.5ghz..................still it does not perform like 

    what the spec is saying...this is a 573g 75zz aspire......i am dissapointed .i reside in uae .the cost of this machune is close to 790 us dollar if i covert to usd.....i dont wat to put an ssd because i i added that money when i bought this poor bad machine, i could have bought some other branded a better laptop.................verry least 3 times i have to reset it in last 3 lap is only 3 month since i bought.......

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  • 09/09/17--11:21: adding video cards
  • Hi everyone! 


    I have an aspire f5-573g-54wk and I have a question. Can I change my video card in future? If it can be changed, which video card can it be changed with?


    my system:


    geforce 940mx(4gb)

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    I have almost 3 years old acer e3 112 and it can not power on.

    It looks like it powers for 3 seconds and then restarts. The HDD starts spinning and stops.

    I have tested with USB lamp - it turns on for a couple of seconds and then turns off.


    Any idea which is the damaged component and if it can be fixed easily as the laptop is out of warranty now.





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    I'm trying to upgrade my laptop to get maximum performance what should I upgrade to do so?

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     Hi, so I realized the fact that since my current driver for my graphics chip is outdated (10.14 from 2015) I should update it (it was causing some programs to lag extremely). I tried the stock windows updater from device manager but it couldn't find the newest version (15.40). So tried the intel driver updating utility, but that also couldn't find the latest. I found the proper driver from intel (, I downloaded it but during installation it closes abruptly and gives me an error stating that it is not the right version for my computer (laptop obviously).


     I believe acer is responsible for this as intel only provides generic drivers and laptops are not very suitable for that.


     I also found a few people with the same issue (they had a different laptop and slightly different processor, but same HD 5500 graphics card).


     My laptop is the V3-572P-326T. I have the latest version of windows 10.


     If this forum is monitored by any acer employees, please have someone look into this problem. Outdated drivers are a serious issue and are causing me (and I'm assuming many others) major headaches.

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    Is there a way to change the difference in brightness between the steps that the Fn Up/Down key make?  I don't like the screen very bright and find that the lowest step is a bit too dark and the next step up a little too bright.  My old Acer seemed to have a better range than this new one which seems to get to 'very bright' far too quickly.

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    All was working fine then the wifi signal suddenly dropped. The network shows in the network list with Limited against it. I have rebooted, I have reinstalled the network and still no connection. Phones, iPad etc all work fine on the network, just the laptop playing up. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?


    Many thanks.



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  • 09/10/17--04:54: Acer Aspire VX 15 Display
  • Opened up laptop. Keyboard is lit up. Display is black. Tried to cycle power but the screen is non responsive. Is there anything I can do or try?

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    I bought this laptop just 2 weeks ago(27/8).
    The issue of random shutdown occur on 4-5 days ago when it shutdown randomly when running on battery.It can run for hours when plugged in.
    (p.s. it is not a overheating issue as it even shut down when idle)

    I suspect it is related to loose battery connection or faulty battery.

    Does anyone also have this issue???

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    I am using an Acer Aspire F 15, F5-573-71FM laptop.  I have been having this issue where whenever I try to watch a video on this laptop, the sound starts to crakle and then starts to get ahead of the video.  This happens on both Firefox and Chrome and happens on any video playing site like Youtube or Twitch.  It is only an issue on this laptop, it was not an issue on my old laptop, and it isn't an issue on my phone.  This is either an issue with Windows 10 or with the laptop itself.  I have already tried updating my video driver, and clearing my cache. 


    The sound dan desync up to a whole second or two ahead and on rare ocasions, the video will speed up to catch up to the sound.  I don't know if this is the sound going too fast, or the video going too slow, but this is getting very annoying.  If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be extremley grateful. 

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    Hi everyone,


    I have an E5-575-51GG with a Skylake 6200U. Does anyone know if the latest UEFI (version 1.27) includes the microcode fix for this issue?


    The release note for UEFI 1.27 mentions a couple of microcode fixes but without detail.


    Release Note:
    1. Update following microcode
    2. Fix S3 wake up, USB BT yellow mark, CCD not work, some port fail.
    3. Update EC to v2.3.



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    Yesterday I bought my new Acer F15 (F5-573G). After I installed everything I have decided to play some Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. 

    Then I noticed that I can't make a long pass from my left flank (using keys UP+RIGHT+(E)+D) (and yes, I am playing using keyboard, which is maybe better because I would never noticed this).


    So I have exited the game and opened blank Word document.


    I have tried several tests:


    1. UP + RIGHT + E + D   

    only writes letter E, after fifth or tenth times it writes letter D


    2. DOWN + RIGHT + E + D  

    it writes D and E always


    3. DOWN + LEFT + E + D

    it writes D and E always


    4.UP + LEFT + E + D

    only writes letter E


    5. D + E

    it writes D and E always


    when I press each button alone it all works, I can go up, down left and right.


    So i tried with numeric keypad and got different results


    1. UP (8) + RIGHT ( 6)+ E + D   

    it writes D and E always


    2. DOWN (2) + RIGHT (6) + E + D  

    it writes D and E always


    3. DOWN (2) + LEFT (4) + E + D

    it writes D and E always


    4.UP (8) + LEFT (4) + E + D

    it writes D and E always


    So I have come to the conclusion that something is "wrong" with UP + left and UP + right combination. I decided to try with any other two letter combination and got various results. on some combination is working normalny on some it only writes one letter.


    So as I have only bought this laptop yesterday, my question is:

    is this a general known issue, or should I take it back? Because I worked so hard to buy a new latop and I really want a one withouth any huckups.


    I have flashed the bios from  1.18 to 1.27

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    when i  plug in any device to my usb 3.1 type c port it dosent show any thing .

    i checked the device manager but there was nothing there and i have also tried the following methods:

    1. updated my bios 

    2. updated all my drivers (even re installed them and then updated them)

    it dosen't work .if any one knows any thing pls help



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