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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I just started working on my new Acer Aspire laptop yesterday.
    I do keep getting a question from the Acer Collection app all the time whether I want to turn on the current position app or not. I click on No but it wont accept that and just keeps coming back with the same question over and over again.

    Does anyone know how I can get rid of this annoying question coming up from the Acer Collection...other than click "Yes"? Smiley Frustrated

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  • 08/23/17--07:37: My BIOS settings
  • all my settings went to default when i upgraded to the latest BIOS 1.27 I want to know what settings i have for my laptop, i use a Acer Aspire E5-575G-547V


    Thanks for help



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  • 08/23/17--09:55: E5-575G-371Z
  • Hello, I would like to ask which battery je suitable as replacement. I have this model E5-575G-371Z, Acer Aspire E15 Obsidian Black Aluminium. Thank you.

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    I know its not normal...but is there any way i can cool it down? I use cooling pad but it does practically nothing, it cant keep up with temperature while gaming so it only slows heating up for a few minutes. When it gets 99°CPU starts to throttle. So i wonder if it if "normal" or it means that cooling is really dirty and if i can cool it somehow without cutting into it...

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  • 08/23/17--11:03: Aspire E 15 left hinge
  • my left hinge broke after less than 1 year of wear and tear i keep very good care of my electronics and i never dropped my laptop yet last night i closed my acer laptop and the left hinge snapped out a small black plastic piece out of  the back of my computer

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    Internet and network file transfer is so slower by ethernet cable than on wifi. I tried different cables, different network outlet but nothing works. Same cables works fine with other pc. I tried installing latest driver but still no success. I use windows 10 and it’s a realtek adapter. What should I do?

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  • 08/23/17--11:42: Bios v1.27 ( F5-573G-58XS )
  • While researching the latest Bios version previous to initializing my F5-573G-58XS (unit#3) I did find the txt  file. 

    I was chking to see if there were (any AcerCSR unstated) bios upgrades,  regards the Batt' algorithm/code.


    The only item listed in the notes that i can 'visualize' is the fix to some port failures, as seen reported in various postings out there in the www .



    Reference, " Release Note:
    1. Update following microcode
    2. Fix S3 wake up, USB BT yellow mark, CCD not work, some port fail.      
    3. Update EC to v2.3.   "


    Thanks for any "translation"  Smiley Happy




    p.s. wrote this then, thought of doing a search... a thread by Kubas789 popped up asking similiar question... (ref. )   seemingly unanswered as of today and for a diff. platform with potentially diff. issue(s),    so I went ahead and posted mine   Smiley Happy

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    I m using Acer Aspire V5 573G
    Processor i7(1.8-3.0GHz) and 8 GB Ram .

    My Laptop starts blinking after shutdown
    24 ×7 , when i checked up time of my laptop i saw 8 days some hours ,

    But after this i m tried to Solve this problem and it worked for me.

    1. Hold SHIFT key and click on Shutdown , if it will not work then

    2 Go to Power plan then click on what should power do then click on link above , then uncheck the fast bootup off. I hope it will works for you.

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    Today I reapplied thermal paste on my 592G but now battery isn't working.
    Windows does detect battery and remaining percentage (45%) but it doesn't charge. And also it doesn't turn on without adaptor.

    I already tried tesetting battery but it didn't fix.

    Any suggestions?

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    My laptop keeps changing its brightness when changing from pictures with a light screen and a dark screen, and I have turned off the battery saver and adaptive brightness settings in the battery settings and the intel graphics settings, but nothing is sticking.

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    Hi There!

          Suddenly today my  4 months old Acer F5-573G notebook showing purple horizontal line on the screen from right to left . I restart it and shut it down for 2 hours. But when i open it again the purple horizontal line remains on the screen. i have also tried to capture screen with microsoft built in snipping tool but strangely the picture not shows the horizontal line.then i take a picture with my smartphone. i included it for your better understanding.IMG_20170824_000838_HHT.jpg


    please give some solution....



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    Hi, Acer community

    Can anyone answer me what kind of m.2 ssd I can install in my Acer Aspire VN7-592G-71ZL NX.G6JAA.002 series laptop?
    I can't find any information about m.2 ssd slot in technical specifications of my laptop. So I don't know which kind of m.2 ssd I have to buy for installation. Please help.

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  • 08/24/17--03:51: Aspire E5-771 Antenna
  • I want to upgrade my wireless card.  How many antenna's does the Aspire E5-771 have?

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    Since my upgrade to windows 10 creators edition (build 1703) i've found my wifi connection has become a bit fragile, while it works fine most of the time the machine periodically becomes unable to see my router (or any of my neighbors either) and I loose my internet connection


    Normally its a simple fix, and running the window 10 troubleshooter re-sets my network adapter and the connection comes back


    Occasionally this does not work and I have to re-start the machine


    looking online there is a lot of talk about the windows 10 creators update not playing well with various wifi adapters, and one of the suggestions to fix the problem is to re-install the drivers, I've tried to do so via windows but it says i've already got the latest version so there probably isn't a new version out there, but i'd like to re-install a fresh copy of the software incase the windows upgrade has damaged it


    but looking on the Acer downloads page for my machine doesn't show any drivers for the qualcom atheros qca9377 wireless network adapter in my machine (the driver version my machine has running is


    (the wifi driver for an atheros device on the acer downloads page for my machine is Wireless LAN Driver (NFA435)

    Version: which is presumably not what i'm looking for)


    can anybody point me in the right direction



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    After not being able to access the internet I pressed the diagnose button in Network settings and I received this message    


     'Diagnostics Policy Service is not running'.


    I am not tech savvy at all and have no idea what to do about it or how to repair the problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have an Acer Aspire V5 573G, OS is Windows 8.1. Thankyou in advance. Mary.

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    I am Facing a problem in my laptop i am using aspire Es1-512 while i was using windows 7 in that when i put my laptop to hibernate when i start again touchpad stop working so i installed windows 10 in that now i am facing a problem whenever my laptop goes to sleep it always got hanged and i have to force restart every single time i need some help in this as in my work schedule i always have toput my laptop to sleep 

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    Laptop screen is extremely dim/dark, can see a very faint image of the display on the screen by shining a torch on it. 

    When connnected to a external moniter (Tv), it displays a perfect picture. Any suggestions? 

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  • 08/24/17--06:59: Abrir Aspire E14 E5-471-52B9
  • Saan po pinakamalapit na Service center ng acer? Taga Caloocan po ako

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    I have had my Acer laptop for under two years and it has been away for major repairs twice already. Recently I bought a new power lead/charger as I was experiencing intermittent problems in charging. The pin did nor seem to connect properly in the socket of the laptop so I thought buying a new charger would solve the problem. The new charger is a bit better but did not solve the problem.  if I wiggle the pin and it starts charging and I hold it in that position it continues to charge. Problem is as soon as I relax the connection is undone and the charging stops again. I now have to use the laptop on a tray and try to 'prop' the pin against the side of the tray. This works best but is not a solution.


    Has anyone else had this problem and how was it resolved. I dread having to send it back for further repairs. All my stuff has to be removed and I have to set it all up again once it comes back. I use three browsers and a mail client, have many saved bookmarks.


    I'm not impressed with Acer. I had a Toshiba and a Dell laptop before this one. Between them they lasted over ten years and when each of them went wrong I felt I had sufficient use from them I bought a new one. I will be very surprised if this Acer survives to three years.


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  • 08/24/17--08:46: Laptop E5 575G Model problem
  • Hye, I have a decided to buy the Acer Aspire E5-575G laptop that i have found on the internet. But the thing is the model number of the laptop is Acer Aspire E5-575G-58CR and after googling for a long time I cannot find any indication that this 58CR model even actually existed. So my question is, is the 58CR model is a legit Acer laptop or is it just a fake clone non-genuine laptop. Please help.

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