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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I am having a issue where my local area connection for my NIC is taking a long time to identify the network, even when a ipconfig from CMD shows a valid IP address and I can ping out by domain. I have the IP stack set to Windows 7 standard with IPv4 and IPv6 set to DHCP. I also have a DHCP reseveration for the MAC address of the laptop's NIC in my router and it's a direct 3foot CAT5e from laptop to router. I should also note I have IPv6 disabled on the router's WAN, as my ISP(Verizon FIOS) does not support it. The laptop is the only device connected to the router's LAN and I have no other wired ethernet devices in the house to test with.  I have the wireless NIC disabled by default in OS, not by keyboard shortcut, but if I enable it, it identifies the wireless connection faster then the ethernet/NIC. I checked Acer's support site, and the latest LAN driver there for Windows 7 is However my laptop's driver is that version, it's date is 8/2/2011 while Acer's is 6/11/2012. Any idea what that means? Also, anyone have any thoughts on what might be delaying the NIC from identifying the ethernet connection? 


    To give some context, here is another issue which may be related.


    For many months my Aspire M5-481TG has had a quirk where on boot, it will have a diffcult time loading after the black and amimated Windows logo screen but before the user login. At first I thought I made it better by deleting the other user profiles so the one I use (admin rights) is the only one. This keeps the login screen from appearing which solved the problem for a while. However over the last month, it now gets stuck on the green windows load screen after the animated windows logo screen. I think this is when windows is preparing my desktop, and if I press CTRL+ALT+Del I get a quick message "Loading Security Options" and then get the standard Lock/Switch User/Log Off/Change Password/Start Task Manager and from there I can press the cancel button or select Task Manager to get my desktop to load normally. It will also load normally if I just wait on that screen for several minuets, but occasionally it doesn't, and will get stuck on that screen and the only thing to do is hold the power button on the laptop to power down. I checked windows update and installed all the main 2017 updates but left the optional ones. I also did a disk check, with error checking, and a /sfc scan with normal results. The few times it has crashed, I have tried a startup repair, but the repair processes fails, even though I can boot normally with a power reboot. I have done the normal sweep of malware scans with Malwarebytes/ESET/PowerEraser/etc and found nothing. It makes me want to do a fresh install on the whole laptop, but I am not sure how to do that TBO with this laptop's mSSD.


    Anyone think this is related to the first problem? Any have any suggestions for scans or hotfixs to try? The computer is acting and working normally otherwise, with no performance problems while running, which is light use. I notice there is a BIOS update, should I try that? Just don't like updating BIOS if I don't have to, specailly since it doesn't seem to be related to issue. Thanks for any thoughts and ideas anyone might have. 

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  • 08/21/17--10:24: Hacked computer problem
  • i have been having great problems with windows update, and after 10 attempts by microsoft and Tesco technicians, it seems to be working at the moment. One fix by microsoft was to create a boot flash drive and completely reinstall windows 10 on my Acer Aspire ES1-571-P1VN. This also got rid of all the on screen icons placed there by the manufacturer, so i telephoned who i thought were Acer on a freephone number ************* who called themselves Acer UK, to ask if i could re download them. They answered stating that they would need remote acess to scan my  system for problems. When doing thi in command prompt the found something callede Torpig, a form of spyware and said that they would need to install a program to get rid of it. They also said that i should do this on any other computers that i had. At this point i told the chap that i was not happy and clicked the window shut. Ilater found the correct number for Acer support, who said bthat they would never ask for remote access. I am cocerned that my computer may be hacked and a friend told me that the only way to be sure that there was not spywear on there was to reset windows selecting that all files be removed. I am now doing this but am still cocerned that this would not remove the hacking program if it was installed. I am not a computer expert and would be grateful for any advice.




    [edited to remove # so others don't use it]

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    i had bought a  acer laptop with model number acer aspire e5-575 in feburary of this year. it has 4gb ram, 1tb storage and a i3 processer. initially it was going good. but now a days it hang most of time like when i start it from sleep it take time to show the password page,when i open the google chrome or mozilla firefox it take time to open it.there are many more problem which i am facing dueto it's slow processing speed. it had not installed any heavy software in it like any heavy game and office software. i am student. i bought this laptop for general use only. i hope acer will contact me soon.

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  • 08/21/17--11:56: Acer E5 575g 56gy
  • I bought this laptop and heard somewhere that i can upgrade the screen panel from 768p to 1080p. Kindly guide me on how i can upgrade the display of my laptop. I live in India so please help me i am not happy with the current display.

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    on Saturday past, my laptop froze. I waited a few minutes to see if it would unfreeze but it didn't.

    Needless to say I shut it down with the power button and since then it won't start all, no lights flash or anything.  I cant take the battery out because it's inside of the laptop.


    Please somebody help.  it's driving me nuts :-)



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    So im trying to install windows xp ( yes ik ) for certain reasons on my acer aspire es 15 , So i get this screen , everything seems to go in a good way


    25 seconds into the setup however this screen changes to a BSOD which is this one


    I read that to fix it i need to change my SATA Settings and that is a 100% fix , however in my BIOS Settings i only have 4 tabs 




    None of them contain the SATA settings configuration , Im kinda stuck right now . please help

    Thank you

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  • 08/22/17--05:53: about caddy for 2 hdd
  • please need an answer

    did caddy 9.5 mm will work on E5-574G laptop or no

    link on amazon


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    My Acer vx15 screen died and it needs to be replaced I have visited Acer service centre about a week ago and no reply from them yet. Anybody knows where I can get it replaced what's the cost

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    Double finger touch do not work. I tried it by kepping advanced touchpad from bios. But did not respond. What should i do? Os Windows 8.1 only single finger works.

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  • 08/22/17--10:48: E5-575G-562T
  • I recently got this laptop and it works great but a sticker below the numpad states that you can increase the CPU clock speed to 3.1 GHz from 2.5 with Turbo Boost, I have checked the bios and various other settings and can not figure out how to activate turbo boost. People elsewhere on the internet say that it comes boosted out of the box but upon checking the system info screen in settings my CPU is only 2.5 GHz instead of 3.1 GHz.


    I guess my question is: How do I increase the CPU clock speed?

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    Would someone know the parts numbers for the hinges and the rear LCD bezel for the E5-575G-527J (NX.GHHAA.004)?



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    Looking to buy this laptop from Amazon but is out of stock, anyone know when it will be back in stock?

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    How about a actual Battery that will attain a  "12hrs-Long battery life" during a full charge process, subsequent turn-on of unit,  and of course consistency,        

    Vs actual real-time experiences contrary to manufacturer's claim of 12hrs.*,   which also brings to mind disputes regards certain european vehicle manufac' claims !




    * ref.;

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  • 08/22/17--20:00: Acer Aspire 5334-2581
  •  Hi Guys, 


    I have an Acer Aspire 5334-2581 which either crashed or rebooted last year. When i put on my laptop i got a black screen saying "Window Error Recovery" at the top in white and a blue screen saying "A problem has been detected and wndows have to be shut down". It took a while to come on but when it finally did, i got a Acer Recovery Management window saying that the opition will return windows to the same state as when purchased but it will transfer my documents to a bak up folder which can be found in my C:\Backup1. I follow the steps and everything was fine, got back my docs. However when i put on my laptop a couple of months ago i realize that my computer had reeboted again and all my doc gone this time. What can i do to try and revover my documents that was there before.  Please help Smiley Sad

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  • 08/22/17--20:38: Half the speed
  • Got this Acer E1-432P that's been eating dust for a while now, one reason is that is darn slow and all my attent to solved this failed.  Now on a rainy day I decided to try my luck here.


    What my observation shows is that the CPU ratio never gets to be above x8 so it runs always at 800Mzh instead of the maximum of the Pentium 3556u which is 1.7G.    Originaly the laptop come with Windows 8, when it was updated to Windows I had hope it would solved this but no.  Just before posting this I tried updating the bios, but I get a message "DNS name does not exist" then I press a key to continue as suggested but the windows closes right away, too fast for me to read what appears to be an error message.  So that's a fail.


    I check the usual stuff, like power setting, bios setting, but I'm out of ideas.


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    In November of last year, my Acer E5-574-58JM was the victim of an encounter between it and a full cup of Starbucks coffee. Although I unplugged the unit and turned it upside down immediately, both the keyboard and the touchpad were all but ruined. 

    Up until recently, I was able to get the computer to turn on by pressing all of the keys on the keypad all at once (the power button itself won't respond). Now I am unable to get the computer to turn on even by doing this, so I have ordered a keyboard off of eBay. 

    The big problem that I have seen is that there seems to be no way that I can see to get the keyboard out without removing the metal keyboard plate, which appears to have been sealed in. I have been unable to find any way to approach the problem from the top of the keyboard, since there do not appear to be any kind of screws. 

    I'm sure that there is something that I'm missing. Has anybody had to replace the keyboard on a newer model E5-574 (Core i5 6th Gen), and if so, how do I do it? 

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    I am trying to find out where I can get a replacement for an Acer Aspire V3-572G-54S6 back case (monitor). I have been looking around the net without any luck. It appears this used to be a common issue. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to locate this part?

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    Hi Everyone!


    My Acer Aspire ES 15 which I purchased just a few months ago keeps freezing regularly. Im not sure what's going on. Does anyone else have a problem like this? More importantly, any idea why this is happening and what can be done ?



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    Please help me as I am elderly and do not understand this message that keeps appearing! Have looked in 'my PC' and it says '5gb free of 95gb' I have had the laptop for about 6 monhs an and I do not download any films or music but just use it for emails and searching and my photos.


    To help you I have about 950 photos in 'my docs' and in Thunderbird I have about 1500 emails saved.


    I have used my cleaner to clear everything I can but this only reduced it by 3GB.


    What have I done wrong? Is it all the photos because I can put these on a memory stik if necessary.


    In simple terms please!



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  • 08/23/17--05:35: aspire e5 15
  • Hi hope someone can help bought my new laptop yesterday and the lag on it is terrible and i cant even play any games on facebook because of the lag

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