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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    Hey guys just bought this laptop...



    Does anyone know how many Cuda cores that has? Does Acer use only the 512 core shaders in thier OEM version of the 940MX GPU? Can someone with this model take a screen shot of the GPU-Z specs?

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  • 07/10/17--22:08: E5 575G 527J
  • I am planning to add an external monitor using the HDMI port.  What will be the resolution available at the port for the external monitor.  

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    I have problem with my sata connector of E1-431 model, there is no availability for replacement...

       i) Can i use the other model (such v series, m series etc.) sata connector for my model ?

       ii) Is the sata connector differ for each model ?


    please help me...NEW-Laptop-HDD-Interface-for-ACER-V5-571-V5-571G-V5-471-V5-471g-SATA-Hard.jpg

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    Hi. I'm laptop serviceman. recently, I received some laptop that models are E1. their common problem are as followed:

    when I turn on each of them, shut down immediately. after 4 seconds.

    I seperate all devices connected to them. HDD, Ram, Battery, ...

    I write new bios.

    but don't any result
    Please help me


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    Hi all, 


    I have an E5 575g, which came with a quite low quality screen (, according to HWInfo64), and which is used for graphic design. I know this model can also ship with FHD screens, and looking up, I had two candidates to excange it (warranty is already voided as it was bought more than one year ago), but I don't know if the second one is compatible, the first one looks essentially identical in size, connectors and interface type:

  -> This one looks pretty much it, but it has only 262k colours, and clocks around 50 GBP. -> My preferred option, but even though the interface type and connectors are the same, as well as active area, the outline is a bit smaller. Could that be a problem? It's significantly more expensive (100 GBP plus 20 shipping), but the extra 16.7M colours are worth the price difference I'd say.


    I know there are other people around here which replaced their screens with a panel similar to the  N43 from AUO, but that particular panel is discontinued and is otherwise identical to it; I'd rather keep to the same manufacturer of panels to be safe. 



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    Running this on Windows 10 (as I bought it) and within a couple of weeks I started seeing significant slowdown even though the Internet Security and Anti Virus are active. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to stop this issue please?

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  • 07/11/17--05:12: regarding warranty upupdates
  • ***

    Power supply problem


    [edited for privacy - THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM - please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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    Yesterday I made the update at graphics drivers and now bluelight shield work with problems, turn of and on panel of acer quick acess bluelight shield it´s on.


    How do I solve this problem?


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    I have an acquaintance that has a Gateway M-73 laptop where the hard drive started to go bad(could not boot, a lot bad sectors, making clicking sound). We replaced the hard drive. I was able to recover the part of the registry and recover the windows product key from the registry.

    When I look up the serial number on the acer self service website, it shows “M-7349U VHP32WTUS1 UMAC4PHG40 2G+1G\/250” as the product. If I am reading that correctly that would mean the OS was Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

    This individual does not have recovery media. He did state that he did the upgrade to Windows 10. I do have a Vista 32 bit home basic disc, which I installed, but the product key will not activate.

    What are my options for installing a legit copy of Windows on this machine?

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    I need help with my laptop. Im thinking of putting a new cpu in and I need to know which ones are compatible. Thanks!

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  • 07/11/17--14:49: Aspire e15 e5 575g 31yc
  • Sir is there is any laptop related to this name. I faound this laptop on a showroom bt I am unable to find that laptop online pls suggest me It's real model or fake

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    ACER ESPIRE ES15.... ES1 521 62EC


    When starting the laptop goes straight to BIOS

    I press

    f9>f10 (to save and exit) still goes straight to BIOS

    I have moved the boot sequence up/down (sideways...LOL) still the same


    If I press f10, wait until screen goes blank then quickly press BOOTS into win10 and all is normal


    I took the back (strewth what a performance, I swear the cips were welding on) to remove the HD battery to replace, because searching I see that if the time/date is wrong this can happen as the HD cant remember the sequence but I simply cannot find the battery, and the time and date are correct on the laptop.

    Ive malware/adaware/hitman/win defender/Ccleaner, removed wires from main battery and waited 5 mins...all still the same on boot up.


    Not many out there withthe same problem as me.....any help please?

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  • 07/12/17--09:25: M5-581t with Nvidia
  • My aspire seems to flash VERY FAST at Acer logo screen then reboots...continuosly. In F2, I chose default loading option. same issue.

    If I going into F12 -Boot Manager-I have two choices: HDD0 : ST 9160....blah blah hard drive. The second option says

    Unknown Devise : WindowsBoot manager. when I select second option, Windows loads normally. If I do a restart within Windows 10 or cold boot, I have to use F12 boot option again as the boot option is not saved...

    Any help would be great.

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    Hello everyone, I just lost my original adapter for my laptop and I bought an adapter that doesn't fit my laptop model. Anyone know the specific model of adapter for E5-575-53VG? I wondering if this one will be fit to my laptop model 


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    laptop is new; used less than 2 weeks.


    as usual i had 4 or 5 tabs open on firefox, one of them streaming music


    i wasn't at that time "using" the laptop; i suddenly heard a loud, abrasive, buzzing sound

    looked at the screen - it had gone dark


    it didn't respond, so i forced shut it.


    when i restarted it, it worked without any hitches.


    i am concerned about that loud buzz - there was no heavy programs running on the laptop.

    i don't play games. just web browsing, writing, & streaming music.

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    My laptop is Acer Aspire E1-571G-32324G75Mnks, and i want to add Kingston SODIMM DDR3-1333 4096MB PC3-10600 (KVR13S9S8/4) . Is it valid RAM, or i should use another one?

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  • 07/13/17--02:24: ASPIRE ES1 521 62EC
  • Hi all


    I'm very dissapointed with this forum.


    I've searched all over the web, cant find ANYTHING as to why my acer only starts in BIOS.


    I posted a question giving all the problems, and yep..NO-ONE answered.

    Is there no techy from acer monitering this board?, ready to help us folks out?
    Not wishing to sound sarcastic but if we didnt purchase their products they would have no jobs, I'm right yes?

    I wonder if this post will spark a reply?


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    moved for better exposure

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