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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    Today, after doing some work i restarted my Laptop and when the Acer logo pops it went directly to bios without me touching anything thing, so i left the bios and when it booted again, same thing happened Acer logo pops and goes directly to Bios, i checked everything and nothing is changed even if i try to go to a boot menu it doesnt work, is there anything i can do without loosing my warranty?

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    My laptop is about 2 years old. Af ew months ago there were tiny  blue and green pixels on some of the pioctures. It steadily got a little worse but i could live with it. This morning, the screens is nearly completly covered in a light purple color, both pixels and flickering horizontal lines

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  • 07/06/17--07:31: help regarding Elan Smbus
  • audi fro manager.JPGaudio.JPGsmus.JPGi need help with this problem my Acer notebook mouse it is not working and my laptop does not give a sound see thos pictures please help i like my Acer E1-532

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    My battery just suddenly does not work. When I plug the charger is shows it is chraging and the light is amber. I shows about 75 percent charged but ner gets fully charged. When I unplug the charger, my laptop just goes off completely.


    It is very strange because the previous day the battery was working well and had never showed any problems.


    I don't know what to do and how this issue can be fixed. The battery seems to be internal  as I can not see it externally..


    I need help



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  • 07/06/17--13:37: VN7-592G-77LB
  • I recently damaged my hard drive for my VN7-592G-77LB (Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition 2016) and I was wondering to know the size of the said hard drive so I don't have to open the laptop up. It is 1 TB, if that helps. Thank you!

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    can somebody help me here? i can't find my bluetooth setting in my laptop after updating to windows 10... i'm done try installing driver from acer website one after another but still can't find my bluetooth

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    My bios isn't updating the new settings I give it.  Updating the date and time works.  Changing from Legacy to UEFI boot does not work(it doesn't survive a reboot).  I thought the CMOS rechargeable battery might be the problem but it's saying 3.04V.  Changing boot order doesn't get saved, nor do any settings on the main screen like Touchpad[Advanced] to Touchpad[Basic].

    I tried resetting to defaults, which changes to UEFI but the change to defaults does not survive a reboot.


    So I thought maybe it might be that the bios needed to be flashed to a new one, or reflashed to the same one or something.  Booted into Windows 10 and ran the updater to 1.37.  It extracts then shows me the old bios version and new version. It never asks me for comfirmation.  a second after the program says erasing and writing, windows restarts.  Nothing bad happens, but bios is not updated to 1.37.  Older versions of BIOS don't work with the program.


    I'm lucky my computer is not bricked.  Everything is very much functional, but I really wanted to try to set the touchpad to basic because linux doesn't like my touchpad and I've had problems with it.  I've installed the latest kernel opensuse offers but still have problems with touchpad.  Using a mouse works, but not practical in all instances.

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  • 07/07/17--08:50: M5-581t-6405
  • Hello Everyone, I am working on a 2012 M5-581t. When I turn on, all I get is the ACER logo, then it moves to boxed NO BOOTABLE Devise. I tried to get the BIOS without luck. Tried all the keys on Boot up. I am thing the board is bad. When I load the factory recovery DVD, it spins, but nothing appears on the screen. Then I tried a ACER USB recovery. Nothing. I even unsoldered the CMOS battery, discharged the board, and tried again. same result...ugh

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  • 07/07/17--11:46: Acer Aspire e15 e5-573g-56rg
  • I am new to this egpu community. So any help or advice is appreciated. I have read through many of the forums here and other websites.  The notebook system that I have is Acer Aspire e15 e5-573g-56rg the system is an i5-5200u a GeForce 940 with 4gb dedicated VRAM and 12gb or ram. I have a exp gdc beast v8.0 with the ngff / m.2 a key interface, a 500w power supply, and an Evga Geforce 670 ftw 2gb ram. I'm pretty sure that I have connected everything correctly. The system boots up correct in the UEFI bios. When I look in the device manager I do not see the graphics card in the (other devices) (system devices) or (display adapters). So, I am assuming the system does not recognize the card. Although the power supply is running, the graphics card fan is spinning, and LED light on the dock is glowing. If I turn off the (GPU system) device manager does scan and reload. So, I think is can detect when the system is turned on and off. Does this mean the systems are communicating? Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the system to first recognize the external? 

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    Hi, I have a Aspire E5-571G for about two years now. About 6 month ago it started to freez randomly and some times the screen went black and nothing worked in both cases. So I had to turn it off using power button and turn it on again. Took it to warranty about 5 times and every time they fixed it and worked just two weeks and started the freezing or black screen again.

    Now it has started again. It doesn't happen when playing game or watching movie, but in any other cases goes black.
    Can you help me?

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    Have this wonderful laptop that will be working and then Black Screen.  I reload windows10 and im up and running again for about 3hours then, you guessed it the dreaded Black Screen Again! I have tried the pulling of the battery and pushing the power button thing. I have even just restarted it and it goes from the acer screen to the Black Screen. I am no tech,  I am hoping this is an eazy fix and I can do it. I am on a budget and have no extra dollars to put out for a service. Please Help

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  • 07/07/17--22:28: Aspire E 15 575g
  • It has been 6 months since i bought my laptop. And from last 2 months it has been acting strangely. System shuts down automatically, without any prior warning. But it doesn't when the charger is plugged. Any solutions??

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    I have an issue about streaming audio files on my laptop. I want my laptop behave like a bluetooth speaker when i connect it to my android device.

    I can't use my laptop as a bluetooth speaker. I paired my android device to my laptop when i go to the bluetooth setting and tap or click on the My Android device, nothing will happen, it shows only remove device.

    I am using Acer Aspire E 15 laptop which have build-in bluetooth device. But when i sent files over bluetooth connection its work fines. 

    May anyone please help me out on this issue.

    i am also attaching some screenshoots for detail information about this issue.

    Laptop OS:Windows 10 aniversory Update.paired device..JPGbuilt-in bt.JPGAll bt device.JPG


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  • 07/08/17--06:31: acer aspire e5 575g-50PY
  • itz been 4 days after i bought this lap top. Internet  say total batry life 9h. but my lap lasts only 1.45hrs . wthtz wrong with this lap? whatz avg battery time it should last?

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  • 07/08/17--08:57: Acer e5 575g
  • Hi,
    I wanted to know that if installing a ingenuity software like pirated windows os , will it void the warranty?

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    hi, my laptop randomly freezes while playing games or watching sometimes i get fps drops, i have low cpu usage and no overheat

    i tried to scan with cmd and checked the memory there is no problem but sometimes i get 100% disk usage and my disk is almost emptty i just re-installed windows again can anyone help me with it?

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  • 07/08/17--13:13: ACER Aspire F5-573G
  • I Purchased a New acer F5-573G I ran PowerCFG to generate a battery report. The design capacity is around 62,160 mWh however the full charge capacity is 50,216 mWh. What's wrong with my new acer ?

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  • 07/08/17--14:07: acer aspire e17 memory
  • hi everyone;

    bought an aspire e17 like 6 months ago. just playing some facebook games and low performance video games. but like for 2 days my computer keeps giving an error saying "memory decreased. please save and close applications". something like that i am translating from turkish. has anyone had some error like this or has an idea how to fix it?

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