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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I switched laptops with my gf and I got Acer aspire V nitro from her. Now I have had this laptop about a week and suddenly the keyboard doesn't work!! keyboard lights are on and when I press the "fn" button I can change the brightness. Pls help!

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    Recently, I noticed my system was getting unstable durring high memory instances such as when I am running a virtual machine. I went to look for a driver and saw a BIOS update (Now I DO NOT update BIOS' because I updated my desktop BIOS and it bricked the system), but it said "Improve System Performance".bios.PNGSo I went into System Information and it said I had BIOS version 1.31biosver.PNGSo what exactly does improve system performance do and should I update by BIOS?? If so whats the proper way to do it and are there any risks?? Thanks in advance for your help







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    Had a barnd new laptop Acer Aspire F 15 F5-573G-57BB delivered today from Argos.


    Plugged it in and switched it on. Strted completing the set up when it said it had encountered a problem and had to restart. It restarted and has the words "Just a moment..." on scree with a circular whirling image. This just stays on the screen and doesn't go away.


    Read a few posts about pressing Alt F10 to get to the troubleshooting screen. Tried resetting but it says there is no recovery image on the computer. Tried start up repair but it says that it could not repair the start up.


    Any thoughts?

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    So I have just bought both my laptop Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM and new Intel optane memory for the m.2 slot. Being that the CPU is compatible with optane and having upgraded my bios(2.7 I think off the top of my head) it's seems it is not enabled(available) for use of the optane memory. Will the bios be updated to be compatible anytime soon?

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    I bought this unit last April at Abenson Appliances here in Bohol Philippines. It was okay, performance no question, but yesterday as I opened it, I noticed a white dot in the lower right of the screen, about half an inch above the taskbar. How can I fix it? Is this under warranty? It's really annoying me. Can you give me solutions of there's any to fix it? I researched already in Google, but I'm afraid it will just worsen the problem. Thank you!

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  • 07/05/17--01:10: SSD
  • Hi guys, its possible to add a SSD to the F5-572G-798K without removing the 1T HDD and keep both devices running?



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    I bought a Acer Aspire E5-575G and already had to bring it twice to repair within the first 2 months of purchase. The first time, it didn't turn on any more and the second time it did not load any more. Fortunately, the warranty is 2 years long ...

    Is that a (sad) exception? Or is the reliability of this computer that low?


    It is quite annoying to install everything on the computer... just in time to bring it to repair and ... start all over again. There are more productive uses of my time...



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    My laptop is screen is black when i turn it on. it charges when connected to the power pack and turns in when i press the power button, but cant see anything on the screen, screen it totally balck.


    Have tried pulling out the battery and hard reset by pressing down the power button but all to no avail.


    Thought it might be a bios issue and have also downloaded the bios for update but dont know how to go about it with black screen.

    Please kindly assist.

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    i downloaded e-lan touchpad driveers from acer website but even after that the 3 finger gesture used to switch tabs and move to home screen at any time is not working please help me out.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The adaptive brightness is constantly lowering my brightness and I've tried everything I could think of.


    I went into intel graphics settings and turned off the adaptive brightness.


    I went into the power options and turned of power saving dimming and anything like that in the settings.


    Nothing will make it stop, does anyone have a solution for this?

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    Received my new Acer Aspire today. As soon as I booted it up, it said Windows 10 needed to update, so I hit the OK button and the update started, giving the message, "Getting your update ready. Downloading Windows 10 update. Please wait" along with the percentage of the download. It went extremely slowly, only going up one percentage every few minutes. It had reached about 80% when I came to check on it and the download had started over. The update message was the same, but the download percentage was back down to 3%. It reached about 30%, then restarted again.


    While it was downloading the first time, I hit the "Go to my desktop while my PC updates" button, customized some of the settings, and downloaded and installed Firefox. Could that have done something to mess up the update?


    I have never owned an Acer and, being a Linux gal, am also very new to Windows. Anyone have some advice? Thanks!

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    I've been trying to factory reset my laptop with both the Acer Recovery Management and a Factory Default Backup USB but every time I use either one a blue screen pops up saying my PC needs to be repaired and with the error NETIO.SYS 0xc00000098.


    Is there anything I can do to fix this? or do I need to send it to a repair place?


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    F2 =

    Boot mode [uefi]

    secure boot enabled


    boot order:

    • hdd
    • atapi cdrom
    • usb fdd
    • network boot ipv4
    • usb hdd
    • usb cdrom
    • network boot ipv6


    Tried so far:

    • removed battery, re installed battery - no change
    • took off cover, unplugged hard drive for a few minutes  then reassembled - no change


    The computer has not been dropped.  Often overheats and shuts off automatically (needs a new fan I guess).  Windows updates installed and rebooted a few times no problem.


    Question:  How can I fix this on my own.  I live in the middle of no where, taking it to a shop would cost more than a new laptop.


    I have searched the board and have not found a solution that addresses my problem.

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    If you upgrade to a Core i5 or i7 with Intels HM70 chipset, Intel have put some kind of timer into the HM70 chipset that counts to exactly 30 minutes and then completely shutdowns down the system, with a complete halt to fully off, and not your normal windows kind of shutdown.  This is not a problem isolated to just my particular make and model of notebook, it affects all HM70 based chipsets   Basically I have tried every tool I can find to avoid the 30 minutes timer from occurring, although no luck yet.  I am here today to ask someone to unlock the BIOS as much as possible for the  that I am using in hope to find a solution. Strange thing is everyone that has the HM70 know the Core i5 and i7 processors run perfectly without fault, therefore it will be a matter of turn something off, to stop the machine from shutting off very 30 minutes.  If someone can unlock my BIOS.After upgrade it will shutdown after exactly 30 mins due to chipset limitations. I buy a acer Aspire E1-531 laptop few year ago. Now in my mind can I change CPU. I read you answer. can please tell can I change my laptop CPU, My CPU is now intel pentium. My laptop configure give below : Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 1.8GHz, 2200 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) Chipset HM70 CPU (Socket rPGA988B) Mainbord Model  EA50_HC_HR Can I upgrade CPU i5, i7. Thanks

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    Can i change the hdd to a crucial sata 2.5 ssd 

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    I have Acer Aspire ES1-131 laptops in my office. Among them two of the laptop are having issue with Keyboard and mousepad. On regular basis I have to conncet external keyboard set and apply Uninstall / Scan hardware changes in device manager to get it work. No matter how many times you do fresh driver installation, the issue gets solved only temprorarly.What can be done to solve it permanently. 

    Thanks in advance

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    All my functions work except f9 for the backlight, so when i plug in my computer (with the charger) and the backlight is turned on, i cant turn it off like i usually do. Please tell me a fix or at least tell me how i can make sure my backlight STAYS off even when i charge it.

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  • 07/06/17--04:09: Optical drive
  • Hi

    I have an ES1-523-231L

    Can I get an optical drive for it? Is it easy to fit?

    If so could you let me have some part numbers?

    Many thanks


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    My usb port was working fine till morning but now it suddenly stoped working. I installed all drivers as well but its not working anymore idk what the problem is :/ is it hardware issue or software please help. I have Acer E5 575G Windows 10 Home Edition

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  • 07/06/17--06:02: aspire es 1432 p2cg
  • my laptop auto shut down by itself.. i just bought it for 3 month and it keep occuring

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