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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 06/21/17--06:37: Acer Aspire F 15 F5-F573G
  • Having ownd a couple of Acer laptops in tghe past, when my last one started physically to fall apart, I decided to buy an Aspire F (F5-573G-50AQ) in November 2016.

    Somehow, even after only 6 months, I don't think this one will last as long:  the build quality just doesn't seem so good.

    1. The left-hand hinge sticks slightly when closing the lid, so that it sometimes does not close properly;



    2. Two of the three USB ports are already quite loose, so the plug moves slightly;

    3. There is a significant "haze" around the edge of the display and a small area in the middle (I'm not sure this shows so well in the photos below);




    It could be that these are common issues, but previously they only started after several years of use ... NOT six months.
    I can't say I'm impressed.

    Would these be covered by the warrantee?

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    Bluetooth toggle is "greyed"out on My Acer Aspire E 15 touch Laptop.


    This is the 1st time this has happened to Me, & I need Bluetooth Turned on to Enable a set of Bluetooh capable Speakers for the LT. (LT = Laptop) 


    How & what do I do about this situation.


    Please remember I am a noviceat this



    Bluetooth Connect  Buttons are Grayed OutBluetooth Connect Buttons are Grayed Out 

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    moved for better exposure

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    I have an Aspire E5-473 with Windows 8.1 64 bits.

    On the side from Acer there is an Bios update for the battery thats going empty when am not using the Laptop.

    But after update the Bios the battery is going still empty.


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    Idk whats wrong but I cant seem to turn off light on the keyboard using Fn+f9 nothing happens. It used to turnoff by itself after keys not being click now the lights wont turn off at all help pls.

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    I did an update to my Ubuntu OS which seems to have effected my BIOS.  I need to change the secure boot to disable (which it is was before the Ubuntu update).,  but it is greyed out.  I have the supervisor password and user passwords set.  The ONLY option I can change is the user password.  All options, in all the menus, are greyed out.


    I have a ACER E5-575.  The bios was upgraded about a month ago and all was going great.


    How do I get control of the BIOS again?



    phil s

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  • 06/21/17--11:13: Acer P653 Cable
  • moved for better exposure

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  • 06/21/17--15:14: Acer ES 15 (ES1-572)
  • Laptop comes with i5-7200U and 4GB DDR3L 1600 MHz RAM. Can it support dual channel. I know from Intels description that the CPU can support, but don't know about this one. Anyone got precise information regardiong this, thank you?



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  • 06/21/17--19:13: aspire v5 won't turn on
  • I have a aspire v5 552g-x412
    Cpu amd a10 5757m
    Gpu amd radeon 8750m
    8g ram

    Long story short, started with a screen problem, saw that the problem was caused when wires (covered) were moved so I took off to follow the wires and now the computer will not turn on with either the battery or the charger.

    When power button is pressed, the power light flashes once and there is a faint click sound that I have traced to both fans.

    No idea what happened. Any help appreciated

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    My laptop acer es1 512 doesn't work. On start display critical low battery then turn off . The light for battery is blinding...

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  • 06/21/17--23:17: Problem Acer E5-475G Store
  • In my laptop E5-475G, why can't download some application. It's always automatically got out from store after a few minutes. Why in my Acer Store. Can you explain it to me?

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  • 06/21/17--19:13: aspire v5 won't turn on
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  • 06/22/17--00:24: aspire f 15 laptop
  • I can not use the keyboard and this appears to have started about the time an automatic update to Windows 10 occured. Any suggestions?


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  • 06/22/17--03:11: Aspire ES1-571 P3MB
  • Hello, My laptop is less than a year old and it was working fine until recently the startups have been really slow and sometimes when I'm using the touch pad the cursor gets stuck. How do I make my pc fast again? Please give instruction. Thanks!

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    Does anyone know how to set the laptop screen to enable skype to auto answer when receiving a video call

    Obviously my new laptop has Windows 10


    On my old Acer with XP, I set up the screensaver and no issues


    I've tried

    • with screensaver but you have to press any key before screen appears
    • without screensaver but turn off screen after 5 minutes but again same issue with any button press
    • without screensaver  and never turn off screen but as screen remains on, I'm concerned about screen burn

    Hopefully somewhere, someone will have had a similar issue and found a workable solution



    Many thanks




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    Hello Acer Community,

    I have a acer aspire e15 laptop with a i5 and a 940m graphic card. I am wanting to add an EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock + Mini PCI-E Cable Will this work with my Laptop.

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    I have Acer Aspire E15 E5 - 571-31ZP laptop with touchpad not working, this laptop was working propery until the time the HDD died and i decided to get one from my old acer mini laptop. After the swap i discovered that the touchpad is not working. I did a clean windows install on which windows 10 was installed successfully. the touchpad has not worked until today. I installed the following drivers for touchpad:

    1. touchpad_ELANTECH_13.6.2.2_W10x64
    2. Touchpad_Synaptics_19.0.7.31_W10x64

    From the Acer official site.

    I tried to check for touchpad setting in bios nothing is showing in bios.

    bios vision is 1.09

    If anyone with the solution please help.



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  • 06/22/17--10:41: Online Buying
  • I don't undrstand why we cannot buy a laptop from Acer itself.  I am currently looking to purchase an Acer Aspire F5-573G-73ZS, but the retailers are all out of stock.  What to do now? Does Acer make a specific number of laptops?

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  • 06/22/17--13:33: Aspire V5 Cursor is missing
  • My cursor disappeared and I don't have a mouse to use and using only the touch screen is really difficult. I tried fn+f7 but it didn't show back up. Any other suggestions on getting my cursor back up? Thanks!

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    Hi all, I am using a Windows 10 Home on an Acer Aspire F5-573G laptop. A proccess which is called 'System Interrupt' is using about 10-15% of CPU all the time. I've installed all the Windows updates and all the drivers as well but the problem is still not gone.When I'm running any "heavy" application like any pc game or Blender 3D CPU goes up to 99% and the system becomes really slow.I've also disabled all the sound effects and turned off the Microsoft Search service but it didnt help either.
    Would anyone have any suggestions of what should I do in this case?
    Thanks in advance.


    *(Aspire F5-573G: i5-7200U/GTX950M+Intel HD 620/8GB RAM/SDD 256GB+HDD 1 TB)

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