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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    Hi, I have this laptop, Acer Aspire E5 575G 78GR comes with HD screen only. 1366x768... Is there anyway I can update it to Full HD 1920x1080 or much higher? I'm currently located in United Arab Emirates. my graphics card is GF 940MX.

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  • 06/07/17--20:44: E5-523 i3 6gb ram laptop
  • Why have a problem for windows 10,

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    Hi all I've had my Acer over 2 years now had it in under warranty repairs for screen freezing get it back and same thing happens totally **bleep** off had nothing but trouble with it and now it turns on when it wants to or I get it to start and it goes to 'preparing automatic repair' sometimes it will stay in this mode and go to 'repairing' or sometimes when all that is done and it finishes I click to go to windows 8 and it then goes to a white screen it has done this for over a year I had it in with someone to check it out for me and its come back still with the white screen popping up. About ready to toss it in the bin but I've hardly had any use out of the thing. Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks 😊


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  • 06/08/17--06:39: Displayport Alternate Mode
  • Do Acer laptops support Displayport Alternate Mode through the USB 3.1 port?


    Mine does not seem to work. Windows 10 gives me the below error message when I plug in the top-ranked Cable Matters USB C to HDMI adapter:


    "Try improving the usb connection. Displayport connection might not work. Try using a different cable"


    If I click on the notification it guides me to the following help page from Microsoft:


    I have an Acer F5 - 573G - 59V4

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    I bought a used laptop from craigslist. Everything is worked well for 3 months. But just yesterday I got a notification of "Your Windows License Will Expire Soon" message. I tried to register the product but it seems like someone else aready registered it.  Since this is an ACER product I was hoping the company could help me with this. 


    Thank you

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    I purchased my E-series Aspire back in 2013, and haven't used it for anything except surfing the net, uploading pictures from my phone and typing up documents. Because I use my smart phone for pretty much everything, I don't typically use my laptop but maybe once or twice a year. Starting about a year ago (2016), my laptop would start up (all blue lights on) but the screen would remain black for quite some time... then, if I was lucky, it would show the start up screen. I've turned it on between 2-3 times since this first happened, all with the same outcome. Now, after starting it up and playing the waiting game for nearly an hour, I tried to do a hard restart- with no change. I've left it charging all night and then tried the hard restart again this morning, again, with no change.

    I've read that this could be caused by a faulty screen or possibly even a motherboard issue, but I'm not tech savvy enough to figure it out on my own. Please help!

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    I'm sorry for terrible english.
    There was a color band problem on my computer as follows.
    All the drivers actual.
    What should I do for a solution? Thank you.



    Türkçe: Arkadaşlar bilgisayarımda aşağıdaki gibi bir renk geçişi, renk bandı yada piksellenme diyebileceğimiz bir sorun oluştu. Bilgisayar Acer Aspire E15-553G- T7Q5 modeli. Ne yaptıysam bu sorunu çözemedim. Çözümü bulunca burada paylaşacağım.


    Ekran Alıntısı.PNG2.png3.PNG

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  • 06/08/17--16:57: Aspire E5-553G-1986 memory
  • I recently (and I am starting to think, unfortunately) acquired this laptop and have discovered that it has a propensity to reboot when I close the lid. Not every time, but certainly unpredicatably, if not totally at random. I'm about ready to see how effective it is as a wheel chock the next time I change my oil.


    Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there some setting I can change to make this stop? It is running Windows 10. I have not changed any hardware or added memory or done anything that should cause the system to become unstable. This has been going on since January of this year, when I purchased it.

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    Oi pessoal, 


    Adquiri um Acer F5 573G há pouco menos de um mês e venho notando que o HDD dele não é muito silencioso, já chequei com o AIDA64 e aparentemente está em estado perfeito, o sensor SMART apresenta tudo ok nele, quando fico sozinho num ambiente fechado é possível ouvir as rotações do HDD, um rec...rec...rec até sob baixo uso de disco, menos de 20%, isso me incomoda muito mesmo, uso um MacBook Pro também e o silêncio dele distoa bastante perto desse notebook Acer. Essa é minha única decepção com o produto, que fora isso tem me agradado bastante. Vi de outros blogs e até aqui mesmo as pessoas relatando que isso é normal, os HDDs Seagate são barulhentos e de má qualidade. O de vocês é assim mesmo também? 


    Desde já, obrigado.

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  • 06/08/17--20:34: Acer F5 573G - HDD 2TB noisy
  • Hi all,
    I got an Acer F5 573G just under a month ago and I've been noticing that its HDD is not very quiet, I checked with the AIDA64 and apparently it is in perfect state, the SMART sensor presents everything ok in it, when I'm alone in a closed environment I can hear the HDD rotations, a rec ... rec ... loud even under low disk usage, less than 20%, this really bothers me, I use a MacBook Pro too and its silence is quite close to that Acer notebook . This is my only disappointment with the product, other than that it has pleased me a lot. I've seen other blogs and even people here reporting that this is normal, Seagate HDDs are noisy and of poor quality. Is it really normal?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I received an E5-575 laptop for my college graduation about two weeks ago. The intention was to be able to use it for a work from home job with my newly acquired diploma. However, due to my Epilepsy I am not able to sit at the computer for more than 20-30 minutes before feeling dizzy and nauseous due to  the refresh rate. I have found how to change it but it only has the option to be at 60Hertz.I would prefer not to have to hook up to another computer or screen as my laptop is brand new. This is not very conducive to what I would like to do with my laptop or my future. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    I have a Acer Aspire E5 772g-59VG and I am looking to see if I can add more ram to it! Currently I have 8GB but when I look up the laptop it says I can have up to 16GB!


    If I am able to add more Ram to my laptop are you able to direct me to where I can buy some and how to install it!


    Thanks for listening!


    (If you need like a S/N number tell me I don't really know what it's for)

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  • 06/08/17--23:41: Acer Aspire E1-572
  • Hi, I'm Annette and new to this forum.


    My laptop is showing the following message, and I don't know how to fix it..

    "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot failed.

    Insert Media recovery and hit any key

    Then select "Boot manager" to select a new Boot device or to boot Recovery Media


    It was running fine last night whan I turned it off Smiley Sad

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    I’m currently trying to reset my acer laptop back to factory default and every time I press reset my pc from inside acer care centre it says that there was a problem resetting your pc and that no changes were made. I tried pressing alt + f10 to activate “Acer D2D Recovery” but all that brings me to is the advanced restart menu when you press shift + restart. The only thing I have done to the partitions was split my C drive into 2 partitions to try and short stroke the hard drive. I am running the windows 10 creators update and the laptop shipped with the first build of windows 10.

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  • 06/09/17--07:39: Ar91
  • My notebook can not bootting. How to fix it? Aspire es1-131. Thank.

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  • 06/09/17--08:26: Acer asprire wifi problem!
  • i have bought this laptop for 4 months. Everything is working good but few days ago i found an issue. After i had put down my laptop on a desk with a slight force, it showed me a BSOD with stop code 0x000001d3 and restarted. When my laptop turned on, wifi did not work. I checked the wifi driver and it was missed. i had restarted many times but nothing until i put it down again and wifi works correctly.

    I think it is a hardware issue. Should i bring my laptop to the warranty center? 

    Sorry for my English

    My laptop model is Acer E5 575G core i3 6100u

    Thanks for your help

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    I have a laptop of acer, it is E5-575G-3330. Yesterday, I reinstall Windows via USB. Now, I lost all of acer software on my laptop (acer configuration manager, driversetuputility, AOP framework,...) and services. I do not know how to reinstall or download it. Help me, please!

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    does the extended warranty has onsite warranty?

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  • 06/09/17--13:47: Acer Aspire E5-521
  • I recently got an on-screen notification that an upgrade or change was available to make my screen layout more easily readable.  I choose to accept this change.  Well, now I hate it. Everything is too big. How do I revert back to my own layout?

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    how much maximum size can upgrade to my laptop and also maximum speed that can i use?..2666mhz is still can use?

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