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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I can get to the erecovery screen but the circle just keeps spinning, even after 2 hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Getting back to factory settings would work.


    Thank You

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  • 05/22/17--09:25: E5-471 overclocking
  • Hi, I have ASpire E14 E5-471-32HE,4gb ram, intel 4400, 1.7ghz. And I have really bad gaming experience, Can i overclock my cpu or gpu? Is it safe?

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    I downgrade my Acer  Aspire E5-522-89W6 today. Everything went smooth, but no wifi driver. I also went to acer website to download all the driver but no wifi at all. HELP PLEASE THANK YOU

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    I've had my Acer F5-573G-57E8 one month ago. After a full charge its battery indication time is peculiar. At 90% level it shows 2 hour remaining, 88% level shows 1.5 hour remaining,86% it shows 2 hour remaining. thats why i tried an internal battery reset. i think i tried it 3 or 4 times. cause i was not sure the paperclip is properly inserted or not, in the battery reset pinhole.


    after that my laptop is not starting. but when i power cord plugged in it starts and after a few minutes light indicates battery full. but when i plugged out power cable laptop instantly dies. without power cable plugged in i cant start my laptop now. i dont know what i should do now.


    Please, Help me and thanks in advance for assistance.



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    my laptop acer aspire F15 F5-573G-57E8. This laptop have keyboard backlight????? if this laptop have keyboard backlight then how i will on this light???





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    How to solve this problem

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  • 05/22/17--23:24: ASPIRE F5-573G-59V4
  • Recently I bought this laptop and I got 440 gb of my C: drive automatically from the total 1TB hdd. Is there any way I can shrink that drive as not much space is required for C: drive? please give me some suggestions.

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  • 05/23/17--02:09: Aspire E 15
  • I have installed  (Network Wireless Adaptor driver) in my laptop but still i didn't see any wifi in my (Change adaptor Options).I can see only my Ethernet connection in my (Change adaptor Options).I have re-installed the driver also, but the problem still exists.Please help me how to solve this problem.

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  • 05/23/17--05:45: Battery replacement
  • I have an Acer laptop. I was hoping to replace the battery but even though I have quoted the model ( N15Qi ) and serial number (NXMVHEKO17*** )  Manufactured May 2015. Nobody seems to recognise these details. I can't even see how to change the battery.  Any help would be much appreciated. Keith


    [edited for privacy - THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM - please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]


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    i have a seriously problem


    i went go to bios of acer laptop model : Aspire E15 , then first step set a supervisor password for example : *** and second step , change legacy mode to UEFI mode and finally step , Exit and save change


    after reset , i receive this messege  : -->>  No Bootable Device . then i decided that again change UEFI mode to legacy mode but i can't do this because secure boot is Enable and i can't disable it because it option is deactive

    secure boot is deactive.JPGsupervisor password is deactive.JPG

    also supervisor password is deactive and i can't change to Unset but i remember my password but i can't Unset because it option in deactive


    What should I do for this problems ?

    thank you for help

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    Hi All,


    I bought an acer laptop Aspire E 15 E-AZ and after a month of purchase, my laptop keyboard does not work anymore. I believe that it is not my keyboard problem as when i turn on my laptop, i press the power key button. After the laptop has turned on, the keys are not usable anymore. Kindly advise the possible solutions, thank you!

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    My laptop has started randomly freezing for a while now, after a few minutes of inactivity and when I'm on different screens. The only known commonality between occurrences is that I'm away and the laptop is on during that period. I am forced to hard boot the PC in order for it to work again.
    Before my suggested update to 1703 (Microsoft techs asked me to), I did not face this issue, but I had another issue that was subsequently resolved. But this issue has cropped up. ES1-512 is not on the list of supported Acer laptops that can successfully run the Win 10 1703 update, but I was asked to roll forward to this build and am facing issues. Had I known this, I would not have upgraded from my, previously, 1607 Build.
    I have attempted to run troubleshooting after I hard boot but to no avail.
    I need this resolved. My BIOS is V1.07 and have a Win 10 64-bit PC.
    Kindly help.

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    I'm trying to enter the bios settings of my laptop, but I can't enter it.

    The reason most probably is that there's no logo during boot, just a black screen. It does boot into windows just fine, it just doesn't display anything during boot.


    Can anyone help me solve this?


    Thanks in advance,



    PS - I can't enter BIOS from windows either, because I put in a new HDD. I'm trying to change the boot order to boot from dvd/usb and I also want to be sure I can enter BIOS if needed later.

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    I'm just wondering, does anybody know of a method to contact Acer by email, phone or carry-pigeon when they have labelled your product out of warrenty? I can't find any email address, and all of the telephone contacts I have redirect my call to a third-party out of warrenty service. I find this ridiculous - I have been trying to repair my Acer labtop for literally A YEAR! Everytime I send my product in for repair, I get it returned with someting else broken (this is literally the forth broken machine they have sent back to me). Since this process has been going on for so long, and they just returned another broken computer to me about two weeks ago - now my product is out of warrenty and I can't even get ahold of anyone to fix it! I spoke to a technicial support technician about a week ago who said that this is ridiuclous, gave me a Case ID and suggested I demand a new computer for all this hassle and then the next time I called a couple of days ago - they've reclassified my case and it appears impossible to actually reach anyone who works at Acer. I'm so fed up with this company! Anyone have any suggestions?


    Thanks alot!

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    Hi. I want to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 10. I have Windows 10 installed and I made a bootable Linux USB stick using the Universal USB Installer program. When I try to start the PC from the stick, it doesn't show me the USB HDD option in the boot menu when it's on UEFI boot. When I switch to Legacy boot, I can boot from the USB stick, but I can't seem to install Linux alongside Windows because I don't see Windows Boot Manager in the Device for boot loader installation camp in the installation window. Can you help me install Linux Mint with Windows on UEFI? I followed the steps on a tutorial on how to install Linux with Windows 10 but I got stuck when I didn't see the USB HDD option in the boot menu.
    PS: I have InsydeH20 Rev 5.0 BIOS.

    Thank you.
    Your help is VERY MUCH apperciated!

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    Does anybody know how to install multimedia codecs, or VLC player or any other player with it's own codecs on Linpus Lite 2.2?


    Linpus Lite 2.2 comes with Totem and KMPlayer installed, but neither of those two player can't open mp3, avi, mp4, mkv... files.


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    Actual photoActual photo

    Hello. Yesterday I received my new Acer battery, and upon insertion, everything seemed to be working great until I inserted my charger. It states, "plugged in, not charging." Is my battery defective or have I skipped some steps?


    Initially, I had a 6-cell Li-ion battery and upgraded to a "Acer Aspire E1-731-4699 (6600mAh / 71Wh) 10.8 Volt Li-ion Laptop Battery."


    I cut my laptop off for about 4-6 hours so it could charge and it still says "18% available (plugged in, not charging)". I have an Acer Aspire E1-731-4699. The charge doesn't go up or down while my charger is inserted. Once I remove the charger, it goes down. Does anyone know what is wrong?


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  • 05/23/17--15:07: Sign on
  • Aspire E 15 I am attempting to turn on my computer I have message: no bootable device??? What does that mean?

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    A very simple request from Australia.

    I want to change the email address you have in My Profile  on the ACER website  but when I choose "Edit" the email  area does not respond.

    You apparently don't want me to send you an email about the change so how do I fix it, please?

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    I bought this laptop which the store claimed had ALinux. Instead it has stripped down Linpus Linux Lite with about two commands - for how to read copyright claims, one of them from 1989.


    The BIOS has no Legacy option, so the computer always refuses to load from USB (there was no internal optical drive) and goes to hard drive and loads Linpus.


    I bought external optical drive for the Resource DVD Acer put in and which seems to have full Linpus. But no Legacy, so the laptop boots Linpus no matter that I put the optical drive and USB before hard-drive in booting order. So to buy an install DVD for Windows etc wouldn't work.


    When I press F12 during booting, only hard-drive can be selected as booting option. Not USB and not the DVD.


    'Update BIOS' I have been told, but in these circumstances, frankly how?


    It seems that Acer has taken eco-friendly energy saving a bit too far to produce a laptop that can't be used at all.


    If somebody can point a path forward, I would be grateful because I am at my wits end.


    I have been using Acer computers for 25 years and have been mostly very satisfied. But this time its pure horror.

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