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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I need to change my email address in my profile, looking at other posts I need to send a private message to Acer-Karp, how do I do that as the link on previous posts does not seem to work.



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    So recently my laptop got really slow and i want to get a new m.2 ssd for the E5-475G-53IQ, people say it is only support sata m.2, meanwhile the m.2 slot in acer e5 have the m.2 with m key, and there is a guy in acer forum posted that his acer e5-575g with kaby lake works with nvme m.2 . Can someone help me with this confusing thing?

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    Hi all.


    On the battery guide, it says to fully charge the battery on first use and then discharge. And to do it 3 times. Preparing the battery for first time use

    I wanted to know what is mean by `discharge'. Does it mean deep discharge (to <5%)? (I thought they were bad for Li-Ion batteries) Or just to 20%. 



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    hello , i'm planning to add an ssd to boost my laptop but i don't know if this model supports m.2 ssd or any solution to add another drive or not..

    plz can u help me

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    Hi, I have an Aspire E5-573G with Intel i3-5005U @ 2.0GHz

    RAM : 4GB

    Graphics: Intel hd graphics 5500 and nVidia GeForce 920M


    I was getting green dots all over the screen with Intel graphics driver so I tried switching to nVidia but for some reason could never do it as it kept saying "you are currently not using a display attached to nVidia GPU". So I reinstalled windows but still had the same problem.

    I contacted the customer support and they told me to update my BIOS from V1.17 to V1.37. Now I am not able to boot into UEFI mode or to my factory settings as it says '"no bootable device" and in legacy, still my PC is using Microsoft Basic display Adapter instead of NVidia and as a result I cannot adjust screen brightness or play any games. As soon as I install intel graphics driver, screen goes blank and I can't do anything.


    Note: In UEFI mode, my BIOS tells me GOP version: Intel something and in Legacy mode its: Nvidia GPU


    Please help. Thanks in advance

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    Hi everybody!


    First of all, my english is rather poor, so please forgive any error you could find in this text.


    My laptop, a 575-70D0 model, is only one month old. Yesterday, while I was using it, it suddenly turned off and from then, it won't turn on anymore.


    While investigating in Internet, I found a solution talking about making a battery reset. It seems like I should only press the battery reset button about 5 seconds while the computer is disconnected from charger, wait about 5 minutes, connecting the charger again and turn on the computer.


    Well, that didn't work for me. When I push the power button, the fan try to start a movement which ends after 2 seconds. Besides, when I connect again the charger, sounds an only beep which means nothing to me.


    I'm sort of desperate. I need this unit working for tomorrow Monday at work. Please could anyone try to help me?.


    Thanks a lot.

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  • 05/21/17--00:22: Touchpad
  • Can some one tell me why I have to reinstall my touchpad driver every time I start my laptop

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    I've paid 400 euros for a laptop i was convinced to be good, its an acer aspire ES1-711g-P12Y, it has 4GB ram, nvidia 820m 2gb and an intel pentium N3540 2.16 GHz, with turbo 2.66 GHz. Is it worth getting an eGPU (if yes, which), is it even compatible (any way to check)? any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I am trying to install Windows 10 Creators Update on my Acer M3-581T Timeline, which I just bought as used one..

    It has Windows 8 OEM installed with it's recovery partition..

    When I boot the Windows 10 installation disc, and try to advance with the installation,it says a driver for msata (?) ssd

    is missing, and it can not continue with the installation..

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    What exactly I need to do,to upgrade it to Windows 10..


    Specs for the computer:

    Acer Aspire M3-581T
    Intel i3-3217U
    15,6 LED LCD
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    6 GB RAM

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  • 05/21/17--09:25: acer aspire e5 572g
  •  Dears, I got new laptop acer aspire e5 572g , I could not fine power management option in boot setup, to make

    usb enable while laptop is off, any know of it.. thanks a million..

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    I have Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573G-3100 laptop its have 4 GB of ram and I want to upgrade my ram So suggest me which ram should buy which will work perfectly with my laptop. thanks in advance

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    Hello Acer community.

    I have an Acer Aspire E5-521G-636X laptop and I contacted AMD a while ago to ask them why Windows 8.1 was not getting display driver support anymore and I told them that I can't use Windows 10 due to a BSOD that I would get, something along the lines of Page fault in nonpaged area. Regardless, that problem has been solved with the help of AMD's tech support but they suggested that I should contact the laptop manufacturer for instructions on how to disable my integrated R4 GPU if I want to have the Radeon R5 M2xx GPU always enabled with the latest driver support since the R4 iGPU no longer has support for the latest features.

    Here is a quote from the mail:
    "Also if you wish to have discrete Radeon R5 M2xx GPU always enabled on your computer with latest driver support, you have to disable your Integrated R4 APU graphics on your computer. Because your APU graphics doesn’t support the latest Crimson driver software.

    Please note: - Not all laptops have the option for disabling the integrated GPU.  The low-power integrated graphics adapter must be disabled in the BIOS if the option is available.​

    Contacting the laptop manufacturer for correct instructions on this procedure is strongly recommended. The laptop manufacturer provides exclusive support for the BIOS.

    Thank you for contacting AMD."

    Is it even possible to disable the iGPU? I've entered the laptop's bios before in order to install Windows and to see if it allows for CPU overclocking but nowhere did I find anything regarding the iGPU and whether or not I can disable it.

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    Hi all,
    Needing to replace the keyboard in my current laptop and was considering retrofitting the backlit keyboard from a V5 laptop as they appear to be the same dimensions however the only thing I am unsure about is wether my laptop has the connection for the led power. If anyone could help I would be very grateful.

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  • 05/21/17--15:09: Aspire E 16 ES-521-66SN
  • my computer is telling me the driver for "wan miniport (network monitor) #4 is not working properly.  How do I repair this. I am not a computer whiz and I am very frustrated about this. 

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    Can i install an internal dvd rom drive on my model aSPIRE ES 15


    [subject line edited to reflect new topic]

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    greetings! i wonder if i can upgrade the processor of my acer aspire e1-570 from i3 to i5 even possible to i7? i cant check it inside i have no tools to open it. thanks

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    Help Please


    I have just come to use my DVD drive on my wifes laptop and found she doesnt have one. SHe would however like one, how do i find out which size DVD drive i need for laptop?



    Many Thanks

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  • 05/22/17--03:01: E5-471 cpu upgrade
  • I have Aspire E14 E5-471-32HE, 4gb ram, inte; core i3-4005u 1.7ghz. Can i upgrade my cpu to intel core with 2.4ghz+? what cpu can i buy for upgrade?

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  • 05/22/17--06:19: E5 -575G - 54XT
  • the brightness adjustment function using the shortcut key Fn+left/right on my keyboard is not working since i upgraded from Window 8 to Window 10,what can i do to get the function back?

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  • 05/22/17--08:25: 16GB DDR4 Single Chip
  • Hi, Can I successfully install a SINGLE DDR4 16GB chip or must I rather use two 8GB chips?
    The idea is to later add another 16GB chip. The code of the chip is: AD-DDR4D-2133-16GB

    I have an ACER Aspire E15 (E5-575-743x)

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