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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    Help for some unknown reason the acer care center will not activate i have an acer aspire lap to installed from new with windows 10, how can i get it to work, i have tried updating drivers etc trouble shooting just says it is not compatible with my system, how can that be when it was 


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  • 04/14/17--15:28: Aspire F15 Keyboard failure
  • Hello,


    I have an Aspire F15 F5-573G-73ZS. Purchased in January 2017, so it's only 3 months old. 


    The keyboard has become completely unresponsive.  This happened all of a sudden, one minute it was working and the next not. The failure did not coincide with any hardware changes, new software, or updates.

    The keyboard backlight turns on during boot up, but the keys do not respond during boot or after Windows has started.  The touchpad still works fine. The on-screen keyboard works, too.  The power button also works.


    I had to buy an external USB keyboard.


    I have checked to make sure the keyboard drivers are up to date.

    I've tried uninstalling the keyboard and restarting the computer.  

    I've tried the battery reset solution posted here:   

    I tried the battery reset and leaving the computer unpowered for over 30 minutes.

    I've even tried a system restore, however each time I try to do that, it tells me that the system was not restored due to an unknown error.  Great stuff.

    Device manager claims that "This device is working properly" for the keyboard.   No, it's not!

    I tried updating Bios from V1.15 to V1.25


    Nothing is working. Does anyone know how I can solve this??


    Another consideration.  I have a 1-year Carry In warranty.  I bought the PC in Canada, so I think that's where the warranty is valid. However, I currently live in Germany and will not be in Canada again for some time.  If I have to get it repaired, does anyone know if I can bring the computer to an Acer care centre in Germany, even though I bought it in Canada?


    Here are the full specs:

    Aspire F15 F5-573G-73ZS

    Intel Core i7-7500U CPU @2.70 GHz  2.90 GHz

    8 GM RAM

    Nvidia GeForce 940MX

    Windows 10 Home 64 bit version 1607

    Bios V1.25







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    Hello dear guru.

    My model is: E1-771G-33114G75Mnii


    I already update:

    1. memory - i install 8GB in second slot. total now be 12GB (4gb native + 8gb)

    2. hdd - i replace default hhd to SSD Crucial MX300 750GB.


    After this updaates laptop work fine.

    Now i wish upgrade CPU.

    i look what chipset laptop have:

    CPU native - Core i3-3110M

    Chipset name - Mobile Intel® HM77 Express Chipset

    Soket - 988B rPGA

    Model -  EA70_HC

    i go to intel and see specification -

    On it i see i can use many CPU for upgrade. i wish some i7 model with 4 cores like i7-3612QM / i7-3610QM /i7-3720QM / or some other.

    Please can you help me to i be sure about i am right on my thinking.

    I wish to be sure until buy CPU necause i need waiting lot of time until i get it and also cpu cost money so i not wish frozen my moneySmiley Happy

    Please help me.

    Thank you.


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  • 04/14/17--19:16: Acer Aspire E14 Ram Upgrade
  • Hello Mateys,


    i found soddimm ram online.. i dont know if this ram is suitable for my laptop..


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    I just completed a factory reset on my grandson's Aspire ES1-511 laptop with Windows 8.1.  When I run windows update the "Checking for updates" scroll bar runs continuously for hours but does not locate any updates.  I ran the troubleshooter and it said it located two problems that were fixed.  I ran the windows update again and it still continues to run for hours without identrifying any updates for download.


    Can anyone reccomment a solution?

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    Hi Everybody,


    I want to restore my Acer laptop to out of the box settings.
    When i use the acer care program, and use restore this pc, will it reinstall windows to the out of the box state, so all acer drivers and acer programs are there or will it be a clean install without them?

    I'm looking for the restore state with all drivers/programs from acer

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    moved for better exposure

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  • 04/15/17--06:12: turbo boost problem
  • My acer f5 573g 72 hs has an i7 7500u with turbo boost from 2.7 to 3.5 as mentioned on the sticker on the right of my touchpad says but when i press right click on this pc app windows 10 it says base clock 2.7 to turbo boost 2.9. so why wouldent it show 3.5 as it says for the i7 7500u and how to fix it

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    As mentioned in previous posts there is an issue with the bios here (that was not present in the previous model E11) that prevents you from booting into linux (ubuntu, manjaro etc) once you install it, even though a live usb will boot fine.  This seems to have been purposefully done, and after contacting acer, it *seems* there is no intention to correct this.  I had correspondance with them over email, I also talked over the phone.  So for anyone thinking of buying this machine to run linux, unless you are willing to tinker with the bootloader as suggested in other posts, I would go for machines where Linux usually runs okay such as Dell or maybe the Lenovo 110S (if you don't mind the ethics of buying from a Chinese company).


    [edited to comply with guidelines]

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  • 04/15/17--09:17: DVD drive for E5-575-36BC
  • I would like to install a DVD drive into E5-575-36BC. What part number should I look for?


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    I bought Aspire E5-572G laptop last week. Its charger is giving AC output. I got minor shock when I touched VGA port while charging laptop.


    Charger is supposed to give 19V DC as output but upon checking its output with multimeter I came to know that it is giving following output:

    DC: 19V

    AC: 43V


    When I reveresed the multimeter wires output is:

    DC: -19V

    AC: 0V



    Please tell me why it's giving 43V of AC current as output????



    Is it safe (for laptop) to use?


    I should contact customer care??

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    Hello I am trying to flash a modded bios to my laptop, and I'm taking precautions to make a backup usb to flash factory bios but I don't know where to start to do so. I have downloaded the bios update for my model from the website but it is an exe file

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    I have a notebook Aspire E1-571
    with processor Intel Core i5 2450M

    l lynch program CPUID CPU-Z
    this is the data file

    tell me what the best processors is fo my notebook ?
    or all list of supported processors ?

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    I have an Acer Aspire E 17 ES1-711-P14W laptop. Lately dvd's are skipping and freezing. I've tried cleaning the drive to see if that would fix the issue, however it is not. DVD will start playing and I can hear the drive stop/start while it tries to play the dvd. In the end I have to remove the dvd from playing. Is it possible to upgrade the dvd drive to a Blue Ray RW drive and if so, where can I get the instructions to do that? 


    Thank you!!!

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  • 04/16/17--04:01: Warranty
  • hi i bought neew laptopacer aspire E5 575 IN FLIPKART ,HOW can i claim my one year free warranty  service now ,i am staying in bangalore city  karnataka state in INDIA, CAN YOU HELP ME THIS PROBLEM HOW CAN I SOLVE 

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    So the other day I decided to reset my laptop (after it updated to windows aniversary update), I chose the fully clean option and It went as expected but it did show that 'failed to remove all you files and reset again if recycling this pc' message at the end. After the reset I was still on the aniversary update and it didn't do back to factory default. So I decided to reset it again and after about 5% it said reset failed and undoing changes. Anyone know how to solve this problem?


    And one more thing does acer comes with full fledge windows (factory) image or it just resets the existing windows?

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    Odd one and have managed to isolate the issue - touchpad causes the screen to turn off. Deactivated the touchpad and voila, screen stays on.

    Any idea how I now maintain a working screen AND touchpad?


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    Hi All - My Aspire V5-571 failed to boot last week giving a repeating beep and then "Operating System not found" in upper left corner. Tried killing power (including pulling battery) and rebooting multiple times with no luck. This is originally a Win 8.1 machine upgraded to Win 10.


    I ordered the eRecovery CD set from Acer (based on my SNID, so they should be the right disks) and tried them this morning. The instructions say to start with the System Disk and hit F12 at the splashscreen to bring up the boot menu. I did this (have tried multiple times) and no boot menu ever comes up. This is what I do see and hear:
    1. Power on, immediate repeating short (I think) beeps
    2. Splashscreen
    3. I press F12
    4. CD crunches and then whirs
    5. Beeping stops
    6. After a while wait wheel appears and CD stops making noise (simultaneously)
    7. Blue screen
    8. Partial DOS box quickly flashes in upper left
    9. CD access
    10. After a bit Error Message Dialog appears "Fail to get PT Info" with only "OK" as response option
    11. I screen-touch "OK"
    12. Goes to black screen, then splashscreen and entire sequence repeats.
    Hitting F12 or not hitting it makes no difference.


    Any suggestions or diagnoses? Bad hard drive? Bad system ware? Thanks for any help Smiley Happy

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    im having a problem, my e5-571 will not boot. i turn it on, the light turns on aswell, and i can clrealy hear the fan starting to work. but all i get is a black screen. no boot screen no logo no nothing.

    i tried taking out the RAM and back in, doing the whole f2, f8, f10, f12 thing, but nothing.

    i read an article that say a bios recovery will solve the problem.

    i tried doing it using a usb stick and bios files from the support site, but nothing happened. it seems that it havnt started a recovery.

    after taking each and every thing apart, i got the screen working for a few moments, and then again - nothing...

    i have no idea how to fix this problem and i would be happy to get your help!


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    Hi please help me,

    I am unable to connect wi-fi in my ES1-571 laptop.

    I even don't know whether the driver is installed or not. I am using Windows 7 (64 bit).

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