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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 04/11/17--09:01: 2017 4K V nitro?
  • Sorry if this is the wrong thread, couldnt find anything in regards to the v nitro series.  Ive been looking at a new laptop to replace my V3-771g from 5 years ago and im looking at the V nitro series. The 2017 models are finally for sale but none have a 4K screen. I was wondering if this feature will be released on later models or not at all. Thanks

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    My laptop is getting laggy and i want to reinstall my windows, since i'm not a fan of windows 10, i want to install windows 7 instead.

    my question is : if i install windows 7 where can i found compatible driver for my Acer Aspire E5-475G ?

    I can only found windows 10 driver in acer official site


    i mainly use this laptop for school and Umm...... DOTA2


    Please help, and sorry for my bad english


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  • 04/12/17--04:32: Comparativo das linas E e F
  • Olá,

    Qual a diferença entre a linha E e a F da Acer. Encontrei notes de mesma configuração mas de preços diferentes. No caso o E sairia mais barato. Compensa?

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    I got this laptop less than 12 hours ago and haven't been able to get anything but a really slow Wifi connection. Here's what I've tried:



    • Uninstalling the driver, rebooting, then allowing the laptop to replace the driver (as opposed to downloading a specific driver)
    • Checking to see if the driver needed to be updated using the "check for driver updates" function on the laptop
    • Uninstalling McAfee

    I use Verizon FIOS and have a relatively new router. My other devices work just fine. 

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    please helpme fix my laptop, i was trying to reset to factrory settings but it was saying it has an error in reseing the pc but did not change any thing then i tried over and over i have done it and reformat it but not in factory setting it just put all the orignal app o the pc and took away my file but the updates and slow performance is still there

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    I bought this laptop back in 2015. The Acer BluelightShield that I access through my Acer Quick Access does not let me turn it on like I once was able to. It just randomly started to stop working. It says it is "off" and when I try to turn it on, it says in orange lettering "Cannot control this device." Any tips or suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you!

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    hi , i upgraded my os to win 10 64 bit pro 1511 build & now i've got a problem . my touch screen does not work . i know its ok & there is no hardware issue , but i searched the net (over & over & over again) to find the touch screen driver but there is nothing to download and use it . now , is anyone who can help me? or guid me to how to fix it. for better realizing of my problem , i put a picture of device manager down below . pls if anyone know the solution , help me .

    Screenshot (2).png



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    So, I have a problem with an Acer laptop (E1-531) as shown in the topic title. A friend asked me to install a new copy of Windows 7 (64-bit) on it. I did it, and now I can't seem to be able to make the Wi-Fi work. I've installed ALL the drivers on the acer website except one: the Atheros Wireless LAN Driver. For some reason it doesn't want to be installed. When I enter the setup it just loads for a few seconds and then the window goes away. I tried to install the other Wireless LAN Drivers provided from the other vendors but no luck. Still, in the Device Manager it says that my Network Controller Driver is missing (it's that yellow-exclamation-mark-triangle thing). 

    So, what can I do ? 


    LE: I found an older version of the Atheros Wireless Driver and installed it and now everything seems to work fine. 

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  • 04/13/17--08:05: battery???
  • Hello everybody

    I bought an aspire F5-573G-771L with 62 Wh Lithium-Ion 2days ago.The questions is the battery icon in right bottom of the screen shows differnt numbers for the rest battery life, sometime 2h or 4.30h what is the reason????

    and It's original is 6:30h but it is not.what's the problem?????


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  • 04/13/17--20:11: V3 -571G = BSOD ETD.sys
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a big, big problem and I'm very [mad]. It started 2 days ago when I cleaned up my laptop and applied a new thermal paste. Everything carefully. I'm not a newbie so I knew what to do.


    When I turn on the laptop, loading the boot(logo's mainfacturer),... then BSOD ETD.sys and that's all. Again,again,again. I can't go to safety mode, I can't log in to desktop.


    I tried everything as far, but nothing helped me.  What to do?

    But now. 3x times I hard shut down and turned it on and everything booted up. Now I'm writing this post from laptop, which has a issues.

    I can't restart it, because, when I restart, I have again BSOD.


    So please guys, help me.. I need a advice. There are a two different ways. One is reinstall, reboot OS or find a solution..


    I have Windows 10, by the way..




    [edited to comply with guidelines]

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    My touchpad is not working.  I use a wireless mouse, but I don't know what happened to the computer's touchpad.  Can you tell me what I might need to do to fix this problem?

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    Does the E5-575G-527J have a backlit keyboard like the older models, E15 E5-575G-D4 and the E15 E5-575G-VG and I'm shipping from the us acer store

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    I bought Acer Aspire E 15 about 6 months ago.


    I love everything about this laptop, except it randomly crashes when it is on battery.


    This issue makes this laptop completely unreliable as I always have to keep it plugged in.


    If anyone has faced same issue?


    Or any idea what could be the problem?


    Any solutions?



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  • 04/14/17--00:45: need coolpad?
  • Hi

    Do you think Aspire F5-573GG-771L needs coolpad or not??????????

    I bought it about 4 days ago

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    I restarted my Aspire ES 14 yesterday because it was kind of slow. I tried to start it again but it wont open. When I turned it on, the lights below that indicates it's on just shows, the screen wont start.

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    Is the Aspire E 15 Laptop - E5-575G-57D4 discontinued?

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    Hi All,


    I have recently purchased a Acer F5 Series laptop. I have experienced that the regular 4GB DDR4 RAM is a bit average in the performance with otherwise a good laptop. I have few questions below...


    1. If I get the upgrade the RAM by adding another RAM to the second slot which is empty, will the warranty be void by that?

    2. What all details I need to keep in mind if I purchase a new one ( Model No. / Serial No. or Make or any other thing.)?

    3. Will I have to get that done at the ACER Service center..?

    4. Currently it has 4GB DDR4, Can I add another DDR4 but 8GB to the empty slot or it has to 4 GB only...?


    Thanks for the replies in Advance !!! 

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    i wanted to install win10 on a usb and formated the system partition instead of primary partition of windows(drive c), wHAT CAN I DO ? windows cant be instaled at the moment and i formated drive (c) too Smiley Mad plz answer me fast

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    i am 62 years of age please keep that in mind i know my way basically around a lap top i enjoy playing games crosswords etc i bought an acer es1-531-c63h laptop at xmass and it is unbearably slow even though i upgraded my broadband and now get a minimum of40mg it buffers when playing radio or videos i have taken it back to factory settings to no avail i just dont understand enough to be able to do anything should i add hardware is there somethings i have not done in the settings i would really appreciate some help but please keep it in 60 year olds language thanks in advance.

    steve ***


    [edited for privacy - THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM - please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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  • 04/14/17--11:14: Can't reboot Aspire e15
  • I have tried to reboot my Aspire E15, but after making all the "choices" (reboot to factory setup, etc), it stops and I receive the message: "Cannot reboot, no changes saved". Anyone knows what to do?


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