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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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  • 03/04/17--04:43: aspire e14 wont turn on
  • hey i was watching a movie when it suddenly turned off and when i try to turn it on it wont turn back on. ive tried to reset the battery from the little whole it has in the back but no does its usual turning on sound and also the led lights trun on for 2 to 3 seconds then its dead again. i can see the lcd also blinks. it has nvidia geforce graphics in it. i took it to a local shop he said its because it has geforce in its we have to open and look for the problem and i said no to him he was no use anyway. my uncle brought it from malaysia so ive got the warranty from there and i am living in pakistan. i guess ive to send it back there but i can not wait for 6 long months for it to be returned. plz help me i am a student i need it to work badly

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    I can't get this to work. First, using Phoenixtool on all 3 versions of bios on the web site for my ES1-512, none showed a name to use in a crisis disk. I was able to make a crisis USB stick eventually, and kept trying different bios names from the extracted bios files. None worked. I also did not know which usb port to use. I tried making a cd version, that too did not work. Finally, I kept trying different key combos, Fn Esc, Win key + Esc, etc. With so many permutations, I finally gave up. Can you tell me 1 - the exact bios name to use? (I got this from my friend who has no idea what the installed bios is) 2 - what port to plug it into? and 3 - what key combo to use?

    Every time I've tried it, lights come on, it will try to read the cd for example, and then just stays on with the power light on but nothing happens. I have tried changing out memory sticks for known good, recycling the power by unplugging and holding power button down, trying it with and without battery connected, (I have the case open) etc. I'm very frustrated because I fell like if I just had clear instructions it would restore the bios just fine. I have done this with other systems successfully. Please help if you can. Thanks!!

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  • 03/04/17--06:38: Aspire ES 11
  • Hi everyone, I have an issue with my new notebook. Fn F4 sends it to sleep but I am unable to wake it from sleep unless I restart. I have done a complete restart a number of times but am worried about the long term damage. Can you help with a solution? Thanks in advance.

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    URGENT!!! I need the following drivers as given below :

    3D Video Controller

    Ethernet Controller

    Network Controller

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    How do I get my Bose Soundlink Color to pair with my laptop?

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    i bought this laptop at Jan 2017. I used after around one week and realised there is some grinding sound come out from the bottom left hand side. It really annoy me and I use it in a quiet environment, so I can hear the sound sharply, and the worst things is the grinding sound is consistently although I didn't run any programme. I send to "Acer AFTER SALE service center in Malaysia" for 3 times!!! First time they said is fan noisy, and replaced me a new fan, but the problem persist, and second time they said cannot diagnosed the problem from their diagnostic system, I went there and test in front of counter, and the receptionist open a new case ID for me and diagnose again; which is third time. Then the engineering team called me and said still can't diagnosed the problem that I descripted, and changed a new speaker for me ask to try test the problem, and if it still persist require me video it and make a further step. So what can I do? I really disappointed with Acer. I just want to solve this problem, and give me back a silent environment without grinding sound, it is harmful for my hearing!!!!   

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    Hello, i have Acer Aspire E 15 E5-571G-584G running windows 7 64-bit. Few weeks ago i had my laptop in my backpack and i fell on it. I checked if the hardware is okay and cleaned/dusted the fans, MOBO etc. After that it worked fine for the first few tries but now it keeps freezing/crashing. I tried installing windows 10 but it kept giving me BSOD with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. 
    Here's what i've tried:
    1. Re-installing windows - didn't work
    2. Formatting/cleaning hard drives - no issue found so far
    3. Checked the hard drives with CrystalDiskInfo - no issue on hard drives
    4. Checked the CPU and other stats with Speedfan and Speccy - few temp higher when i play games

    5. Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic tool - no error was found 

    Any other ideas and solutions to fix the issue or at least detect which hardware is failing..

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    I did a SSD upgrade on my Acer E50573G-58B7 and installed Windows 10 on it. Then I tried to install the last nvidia driver for GeForce 920M I faced a BSOD with the message "Driver Power State Failure". After that I was unable to install any driver for it and I noticed that my nvidia card was not listed on Device Manager.


    I thought that the problem was due the Windows 10, and tried Windows 8 too, but without success, there is no "3D Video Controller" on  my Device Manager anymore.


    There anything that I can do to check if my GeForce card still working? I'm afraid that it passed way.



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  • 03/04/17--23:06: aspire ES1 520
  • how much ram supports in aspire ES1 520

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  • 03/05/17--10:28: Acer Aspire E1-432G
  • Hi.. Can my acer aspire E1-432G processor get changed? If i'm not mistaken there are some similar model with different processor.. My current laptop using intel® 2995U (1.4GHz, 2mb L3 cache)

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    The AC charging connector does not connect correctly.  This allows the AC Adapter plug to disconnect unless the Laptop is help in a comsistent manner.   I am disabled and get tired holding one position for long periods.  This allows the connector to disconnect from the Laptop AC Plug causing the laptop to lose 110V from time to time.  This makes the backlit keyboard to go dark until the connection is re-connected allowing the AC Adapter to start charging the laptop again.  

    The Plug appears to be tightly connected but refuses to maintain connection for long periods.  The problem appears to be inside the laptop and nit in the plug attached to the AC Adapter.

    How can I get this repaired?   In my opinion this is a Warranty issue as the Laptop has never been abused and needs professional service to become fully functional again.

    How can I get Warranty Service? 

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    Hi.. Can my acer aspire E1-432G processor get an upgrade? If i'm not mistaken there are some similar model with different processor.. My current laptop using intel® 2995U (1.4GHz, 2mb L3 cache)

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    I have been trying to register my new laptop and it will not accept my S/N or the SNID. Could someone help me?

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  • 03/05/17--22:55: Aspire ES1-432-CBAR
  • HI, Im Syafiq.I was bought this model laptop last year but i want to upgrade this laptop. I want to know, can i upgrade cpu and graphic card on this model laptop??

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    On February 9th I ordered:

    At the time, it said 3 to 6 weeks. No problem, it's a great laptop for a great deal. Checked again roughly a week ago and it said 1 to 2 months. That sucks, but oh well. Now it says currently unavailable. "We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock".

    This was concerning, so I contacted Amazon support. They basically said they were doing everything they could to correct this problem and procure this item from the manufacturer, but they had no information to give me.

    So, I'm wondering if I could hear anything from an Acer representative? That would be reassuring. I need this item for school.

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    moved for better exposure

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    This problem has been going on for a long time!  The glide pad has no sensitivity adjustment.  Acer blames the OS and Synaptics while the OS and Synaptics (the glide pad maker) blame the other 2,  meanwhile Acer customers are left to struggle with constant mistakes and errors.  I finally bought a external mouse with a wireless USB connection.  It's a extra piece of equipment and less than perfect but it puts a bandaid on the ACER which is a pretty good product except for a few small problems like the glide pad.  The irritating thing is my last Aspire had a glide pad and that Acer had an adjustment for the Glide Pad to prevent accidentally brushing the glide pad with the palm of the hand!

    PLEASE give us a fix?? 

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    which is external compatible ram for acer aspire e15 e5 573g 380s available in all store in india

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    I have an Aspire e15-575g-54u7 laptop which is only 2 months old and it has a single dead pixel in the middle of the screen. My screen resoultion is 1366x768. So it's pretty noticeable. Is this covered with my warranty? I have a 2 years of warranty. Also i tried to fix it using the lifehack methods.. but seems like it's totally dead. 

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