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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    4 times today my Acer laptop has had the cursor freeze and require a restart. What's up?

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    missed sm bus controller driver and ethernet controller windows 32bit Aspire E1-531

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    last night, my Acer E1-571 suddenly died without any warning at all. When I tried to start it a again, it didn't start. I plugged in the charger, pressed the power button, and still nothing. None of the leds at the front were ever on after it crashed.


    I've  tried the age old process of removing the battery, holding the power button for 30+ seconds, then plugging in the battery or attempting to boot with only the charge (I've tried both).


    I've attempted to use a universal power supply, but that also did not work.


    Any ideas as to what I can try next?


    p.s. the warrenty is now expired

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    We have an Aspire F 15 that we have had for 1 month. Over the last few days it is not waking from sleep mode and you have to reboot the computer to use again.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    I wanted to format my laptop, I looked for the activation key but couldn't find on the laptop(E1-570). I was wondering where I can find it. Thank you.

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    hi friends.

    i wana use my laptop as WIFI AP to share internet with smart phone.

    i install Connectify 2016 but it show error "Your WIFI dose not support Hotspot and AP mode. update your driver and try it".

    i downloaded wifi driver from this site and installed it but show  again "Your WIFI dose not support Hotspot and AP mode. update your driver and try it".


    connectify alarm :


    driver version:



     windows 10 x64

    apology friends i can't speak EN good.

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    my aspire is running slow since i got it. it was like that day one, i been doing a lot to try and make it faster but nothing is faster. i need to know is since i updated the bios can i downgrade it to see if doing so can help?


    it has a 4gb ram and 1tb harddrive with a intel pentium quad core n3700 cpu.


    i need to find someway to make it fast. its slower then a 2012 laptop with windows 8 that had 4gb and 500 gb hdd with intel platium quad core

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    my older laptop won't start after installing an update

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    Hi Good Day! My Acer Aspire E5-551G touch pad are not working properly. I tried to install and uninstall touchpad synaptics many times but it is still not working. I cannot drag anything, my left and right click are not working. I tried to search solutions online but none of them worked. When i install the driver it say that the device was updated but it is not working. I hope you can help me with my problem. 

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    How do I replace McAfee LiveSafe with Norton?  I prefer to perform this replacement with the laptop not connected to the internet.  Can I download Norton to my desktop tower PC and then transfer it to the Aspire laptop using the USB C port with a USB C thumbdrive?  Currently running Norton on my tower PC and fairly sure installation on another system is allowed.  Will the Uninstall feature in Windows completely remove he McAfee program and all related files from the laptop?  Or, will I need an uninstall utility to ferret out all of the McAfee files?  Any "lessons learned" appreciated.

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  • 12/22/16--00:57: promo claim form
  • Recently bought a Acer laptop Aspire E14,.store said you can get the promo claim form from acer but how?

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    Apologies in advance if my frustration shows thru this post.  Just bought this ACER Aspire E15 E5-522. First boot worked fine, no issues.  Went in and un-installed some software that tries to force you to buy their product (PC something?) re-started the machine and of course it did updates and re-started fine. Played around getting to know the machine, went to shut it down, hit the wrong button and clicked re-start & update instead and it started doing a 2nd update for the day. 2 hours later the updates were finally completed and it said "re-starting"  Left it alone to restart and install the updates and 4 hours later, it is stuck in re-start mode.  it shows the ACER logo and shows a spinner like it is working, then the screen goes black.  Few minutes later it does the same thing over again.  I have powered it down and tried to re-start and now I get nothing. UPDATE - OMG, I just hung up from the ACER help desk and #1 it was so loud it was like a party was going on!  The guy is trying to tell me the battery is dead and I should charge it for two hours and call back.  The darn thing is plugged into the wall and when I told him that he says it probably over heated?  Seriously?  Really thinking I should pack it up and return it.  Any thoughts? 

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    Was having had a Windows 10 issue and an Acer Aspire E5-721 battery misreporting charges.  After some research I was emailed by Acer Tech Support.


    [edited to comply with guidelines]



    When I followed these steps guess what happened.  Yup....I am now the proud owner of a bricked laptop!!!

    Emailed and called Acer only to be told that I will have to pay for any repairs for any hardward faults??


    I have called their tech suppprt line and got into the BIOS via F2 but they were clueless as to how to resolve this matter, getting me to reset the settings back to default and to look for SATA and IDE settings.  Wasted time talking to them there so have mailed "" to see what can be done. URGENTLY as I am self-empolyed and use this laptop for my business use, daily. 


    The laptop worked fine (albeit the battery was misreporting but other than that all was perfect) and having done what their specialised software/hardware professionals have created, pumped out over the internet on their website and then instructed me to use and do, why am I the one having to possibly pay to get them to fix my laptop that they broke.  How does that make sense??  Have emailed and send Facebook/Twitter messages but nothing has happened yet....will give them another 24hrs before I launch into level2 angery customer mode.


    When I was a teenager I flashed countless BIOS computers in the 80s and 90s (over clocking, updates and 'jailbreaking' as it's called now etc) and this is the first failure that has happened to me.  Now at the age where I don't have the time to mess with these matters I decided to simply follow the actual manufactures tech support advice (and instructions), using their updates off their website and this happens.


    Smiley Frustrated Smiley Frustrated Smiley Frustrated





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    I purchased an Acer aspire ES1-531P8NJ in sept and today it won't turn on... not computer tech savvy at all. Lease help

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    Tryng to start after pin hole reset does make a brief noise like it's starting up, but then it goes back in the loop

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    My lappie is now 2.5 years old and in constant use.  Lately, it has started to close down on me without warning.  I can sometimes get it back up but not always.  I googled for advice and saw that dust could be the problem so have vacuumed it out.  It still closes down.  Should I get a new battery?  I am not very technical so gentle advice would be really appreciated.  Thank you.

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    My laptop is fairly new (bought in September 2016) and has started randomly shutting down even if I am only running Netflix or a news site on google chrome. The screen suddenly goes black and everything cuts out all at once like when a house loses power. When I turn it on again, it turns on as it normally does -without any message saying it wasn't shut down properly. This has happened about 5 times in the past week and I'm not sure why as this is only a recent problem. The laptop has not overheated any of the 5 times it has randomly shutdown, so could it be an issue with the software or hardware?


    It just shut down again as I was typing this up!!!!! 

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  • 12/23/16--08:29: Black screen E5 574-307m
  • I'm having a problemwiththenotebookaspiree15e5-574-307m,toturn it onitlights uptheledlightsnormallybutthe screen goestotallyblack anddoesn't show uptheAcerlogo.I have4monthsandheuseditsparinglyuntil last week,whenI started toinstallsome games.  Sorry for my bad english.

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     Charctarestics : Intel i5, 8 RAM, 1TB HDD, GeForce 940m 2Gbs, OS Windows 10.


     The progblem: laptop is running really slow. Windows boot time is 1.5-2mins. Even while browsing my system gets stuck, the mozilla window is '"not responding" for a couple of seconds(e,g. opening a tab with facebook, youtube and a havier website) Every now and then, my INTEL HD driver crushes and is "revived" by Windows shortly after.


     Overall performance, so far has been clumsy. The only thing that seems to be off, when monitoring the performance statistics, is the HDD speed and usage percentage. I have not used the laptop for longer sessions and there were no heat issues. There is no malware, viruses, etc., i`ve scanned it.

    Someone else having similar issues? Any suggestion would be appreciated!

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