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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I am about to buy an Acer Aspire E5-774 (E5-774-50LM) series laptop, which has a free slot and a free 2.5" SATA slot.

    Do I need to contact the official service centre in my country (Slovenia) in order to do that or can I change it myself without losing warranty?

    Also since I already own serveral Windows licences I would like to refund it as soon as the new laptop arrives.

    Including links to planed RAM upgrade and laptop.

    Thanks for your help Smiley Happy

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    My Aspire E3-111-C0WA froze the other day while sleeping, and when rebooted would not start up even to the BIOS screen.  It boots to a black (but backlit) screen, the LED's work etc.  I have tried removing the main battery, removing the CMOS battery, and various key combinations on boot.


    From posts on similar models it seems a BIOS recovery is needed.  I have the Recovery USB key created at purchase, but it doesn't seem to have a BIOS image.  The BIOS postings on the Acer website are .EXE files not BIOS images.  When I start with ESC-F1 as I have read it does act differently - power light flashes, so seems that it is waiting for a BIOS image, but I don't have one.


    Thanks, Marc


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    I have had an Aspire F5-573G laptop for 3 months now. Today the sound suddenly stopped working for both the speakers and the earphones when connected. The volume bar can be raised above zero and it is also indicated that there are no problems with the speakers on the device manager. Please help!

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  • 12/18/16--13:46: E5-553G-T4KV virtualization
  • I just flashed BIOS with v1.13 (30-11-16) and still no support for virtualization nor IOMMU.


    I'm using Arch Linux, is there a way to unlock virtualization?


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    My HDMI port stopped working after recent windows 10 update. Tried to uninstall and install graphic drivers, upgrade to new one, install win8.1 graphic drivers from Acer as well as Win 10 drivers. Nothing changed. Changed 3 HDMI cables. Don't know what to do else.  Any help?



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    My laptop Acer E5 573 G is stuck on acer restarts again nd again after acer screen...

    ifound the solution to insert windows disc and to repair windows....but its temporary starts behaving the same several time...also its not possible to keep windows disc  everytime ...please suggest any permanent solution.....




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    After months of research, I finally managed to get all the Windows 7 x64 drivers for E5-573G, since Windows 7 is not supported on the support page of the product. I attached a ZIP archive with all the drivers. When a new update comes up, I will update the ZIP file ASAP.


    NEW: You can find pictures of installation steps for each driver in the archive.

    NEW: I updated the pack, for a cleaner experience.


    This is the Acer E5-573G_Revision2 Driver Pack by me:




    Also, I should mention that after you install all the drivers there's still an "Unknown device" in Device Manager with the Hardware Ids "ACPI\MSFT0101". That's basically an Intel Platform Trust Technology driver which is compatible only with newer versions of Windows (8.1 and later) so don't worry about that, you can disable it in Device Manager if it bothers you that exclamation mark.


    Update: Although there are some possibilities to use the Trusted Platform Module on Windows 7 (with a hotfix but the microsoft download links are down) let me know if you need that and I'll do some more research. If you don't know what that is then for sure you will never use it. PS: It's for BitLocker Drive Encryption and some other stuff like key management etc. Smiley Happy


    Warning: I'm not responsible for any "software damage" made to your notebook and you should proceed with your own risk. Also this is NOT official, nor recommended by Acer or any other 3rd party software. Altough I succesfully installed the drivers and tested them, I cannot guarantee for you that it will work on every Acer E5-573G model. As a final note and conclusion, be ready to re-install your OS if something goes wrong and let me know if you have questions or problems with the installation.




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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone can help me. I just wanted to know if I can upgrade my laptop to 8GB RAM or more and if possible tell the specs. ☺

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    Where is the wifi switch?  Wifi works on tablets, but not this ES1-511-COM4.  My unit is:

    ES1-511-COM4   -  NXMMLAA008******


    [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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  • 12/19/16--11:19: Aspire E1-571G HDD questions
  • Hi.


    Got an Acer Aspire E-1 571G and my laptop has been acting up. Whenever I start up, it goes directly to HDD password control.


    Q1: Is this something Acer can give me a password for, if they receive the SNID and/or S/N, or are there other simple solutions to the problem?


    Q2: Would a sata300 or 600 HDD work with it?





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  • 12/19/16--13:32: Aspire E5-575G-515S: new ssd
  • I would like to change the 96GB ssd of my Aspire E5-575G-515S and install a biger one.

    How can I do to "copy" the old ssd on the new one? What about the Win10 pre-installed?


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    I will try to keep it simple and clean.



    Model: Acer Extensa 2510G
    Bios: 1.3


    In Short 
    From last 4 months. I can no longer hear voice on my headset only background music is there the voice is heavily muted. Only little portion i can hear.

    Sound plays normal on speaker and output with 2 poles on audio jack but headset or headphone with 3 poles or 4 are not working.


    So when it started

    I am not sure when this happened but i think after upgrading my bios to 1.3. Caused this problem. While i upgraded to windows 10 everything was fine.

    While 2 pole jack is working i think Realtek audio manager is not changing it's output as i select heatset on output selection popup.


    So what i basically did to solve is:

    • Installed latest driver of Realtek HD audio
    • Reinstalled windows 10 completely
    • Changed output selection to speaker to heatset to speaker
    • Checked with diffrent headset and headphones (headset is not broken)
    • Checked with 2 pole jack speaker which works fine (even when realtek driver is not installed)
    • Even brought it to acer hardware support, everything inside seems fine
    • Checked if karoake mode is enabled(it is disabled by default)

    Temporary fix

    While i found temporary fix pushing audio channel manager to completely left or right fixes the problem. But the audio becomes no sterio and no more virtualization.

    It will be easy if anyone could find a problem with the above explanation

    Thank you


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    If I want to 'experience' Bluetooth by starting using Optical Mouse, do I 'HAVE' to buy 'Dongle' too ?

    My ACER laptop has built-in-bluetooth, so I think it is not necessary to have 'Dongle'. I am not sure.

    I am not a tech. First trial of bluetooth. Actually I bought 'Bluetooth Optical Mouse' online without dongle.

    Tried to connect to laptop, failed. Original purpose of purchasing this mouse is to connect it to Samsung smart TV.

    Found that dongle is required to connect to TV. So, I tried to connect it to laptop.

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    hallo Mr and Mrs acer laptop users from the first, happened yesterday I boot

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    Hey all so i have the old Aspire 5935g and decided to format and install windows 10 (it had vista) now i cannot get a gpu driver that supports windows 10 for the life of me,

    does anyone know if windows 10 is a lost cause for this laptop and if thats the case what OS would be fine with it? please dont say only vista Smiley Tongue

    thanks for any advice in advance 

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    I have Windows 8.1 on C:/ disk and I want install linux on D:/ with bootable USB.I think that I need less version of BIOS. Now I have v1.32 and I cant choose Installation from USB. Please help me. Thanks.

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    I want to buy new laptop Acer E5-575G-52C, which already has factory 8GB of DDR4 RAM and add adittional 8 GB of RAM in it, so I will have 16GB. I have looked everywhere to find out if this is possible, but I can not get any information.


    Does anyone know if I can upgrade RAM in Acer E5-575G-52C and how much slots for ram does it has. Does the original RAM comes in 1x8 GB or 2x4 GB.


    P.s.: Sorry for my bad english...


    Thank you for any information.


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    Hello everyone.

    Hope can someone help me to resolve my issues.


    Aspire E15 E%-571-7776 Model 



    Unable to install the linux os on my laptop, created usb boot flash drive using the rufus tool.

    when i select install os, it's not picking my un allocated free space... so i can't continue further on that....



    I installed windows insider preview build on my laptops



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    Update: I cross-posted this in the Windows 10 forum, I believe that's were the mods would prefer it.  


    Probably as a result of a Windows update (or maybe due to something I installed), my bluetooth drivers, settings, etc.. dissapear.  There is no bluetooth settings window, no bluetooth icon in the system tray, and Device Manager only lists "Bluetooth USB Module" under the Bluetooth category.  When I reinstall the driver using the driver download from Acer, everything reappears but only untill the next restart.  Is there any way to make it stick?




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  • 12/20/16--19:40: E5-575-54E8 Nvme Capped
  • M.2 Slot is capped at Pcie 3.0 x2 witdth when it is capable of full x4. This is with a Samsung 960 Evo and on the latest 1.18 bios. Please bring this up with whatever team/group is in charge of such things.

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