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E, F, V and M Series Laptops topics

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    I have acer aspire e-15 with no cd rom drive I had upgraded to windows 10 its past the 30 days roll back time where I can go back to windows 8.1 and I have up graded all of windows drivers and my acer drivers and closed programs & no virus and still my computer randomly freeze have to shut it off & on. i had done a few commands not sure if i found my hidden recovery partition, but want to know if i can add a drive letter to it and copy it to my scan disk drive?

    and can i down load a copy of windows 8.1 from microsoft server and can i use it to re-install my wndows 8.1 and wi i need a cd key for it? here is the screen shots i took of them. 

    windows build.jpgdisk part.jpgdisk part.jpgreagentc.jpgall partitions.jpg


    [subject line edited to reflect new topic]

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    I just received my new Acer E5-575G-55KK. When I am connecting it to the adapter, the metal body is giving the "tingling effect" of slight electric shocks. What should I do?
    Many internet forums have discussed similar matter with other laptops, and most of them held wall outlet as the main culprit, but, my question is why the metal body is carrying this "ground" in the first place? Shouldn't there be any shield to restrict conduction from supply to the body?

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  • 12/07/16--03:47: Aspire ES1-332
  • Looking at these new laptops, was just wondering if you can swap the 32gb for an ssd on these?

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    I want to know if someone has a OEM ISO of Windows 10 for a E5-571P (multilingual). Apparently something is blocking Windows Update (it keeps searching for updates forever). I tried updating by ISO downloaded from the page of Microsoft, but after updated I do not allow to change the language to spanish. Of course, any help will be welcome.

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    When I open my browser, dashes appear automatically on the search box, can't even stop it, what you need to do is close the browser. Same with logging in to Facebook or other apps that required sign in. Tried checking the  dash or hyphen key on my laptop's keyboard but it looks fine, I'm also using a wireless keyboard still dashes appear. I also tried scanning for virus and malware but can't find anything, tried system restore afterwards, still the same then I tried resetting my windows 10 on my laptop, works fine but after a day or two the dashes again automatically appears. I'm using an Aspire E5-521G-632L.

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    I cannot connect my bluetooth headset to my Acer Aspire E1-571 after upgrade to Windows 10

    Kindly help

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    I just boughtan Aspire ES 15 ES1-531-C97T and I can't open the disc driver. The drawer has no release button that I can find. No eject setting anywhere. No open/close I bought this for my daughter's birthday last month and she gave it back to me last evening to "fix" for her. But I'm totally at a loss for how to open the dvd/cd player. I've even gone online to look for information and no one has a solution.

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    I have recently bought a new Aspire ES 15 (NXGKYEK010 - First 10 digits of serial)


    Everything works as expected on the laptop itself, however whenever i connect to my BUSH TV i get video but no sound


    I have tested the HDMI with a different device and it works perfectly fine but for some reason the laptoop isnt playing ball 


    Anyone have any suggestions?


    Thank you for any help

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    New to this forum. I have tried Acers site and not solved the issue with powering up. The power button light flashes five times and then nothing.



    I had to get a screen replaced by a friend, its been so long since I used the machine that when I needed to put in my password I had forgotten it! I had been using a four digit one previously with no problem. Did not have the option to use that when it fired up the first time. Now I have tried to start up again, I got to the start up screen with password prompt. Tried it out and the machine went into black screen mode. I tried switching off by pressing and holding the power button. This is when it flashed 5 times at me for the first time. I have taken the battery out. Tried with power lead only, tried power reset for 30 sedonds without battery in or power lead in. still the same flashing light and nothing. I am stumped. I am not a tech person with computers so simple language answers would be appreciated.



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    Recently I bougth Acer E5-575G-57A4 and the biggest complain I have about this laptop is screen quality and colors. I've been trying to adjust my brightness, colors and gamma for several days now and it is getting better. What I did is I reduced the brightness of the blue color with Intel graphic options and put the brightness to -20, because otherwise my eyes got very tired even after 1 hour of using the laptop. I also adjusted the gamma of tye screen with quickgamma software and it helped as well. So my question is how did you get your settings to optimal? What is your parameters? To Acer I would like to tell that you should adjuct the screen brightness and gamma better, as the setting for blue light are too high!

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    What components do I need that will fit for installing a internal CD/DVD player on an Acer Aspire E5-575G-728Q? This model has both a 256 SSD and 1TB HDD, so is there even room in the slot where a DVD drive typically is located, or is that being taken up by either the SSD or HDD?

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    Acer E5-551-89TN doesn't come with an optical drive, just an empty slot, so I want to add one. What are the parts I need for this?

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    Hello all!


    I recently purchased an Acer Aspire ES1-132 series laptop on a black friday deal from (a UK based retailer). It's a great little laptop but as usual with these laptops, it comes with 32GB eMMC and i'm finding it a litle bit tight.



    The problem with the SD card reader is that it's very short, so a standard SD card pokes out quite a bit. I opened the bottom of the laptop to find space for a 2.5" drive but no SATA connection. There is what looks like a bespoke Acer connection type (I'm really hoping) which might be for converting to a standard SATA port (as I know Acer does do this). The problem is, there isn't much information abot this model, so it's impossible to find the right cable, if it even exists.


    I've taken a couple of pictures and uploaded them to Onedrive, would anyone mind checking and letting know if I can add a SATA drive and if so, what cable I need.



    Thanks for your time!



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    Hi, I'am a student trying to install virtual machine (Virtual Box) on my laptop. However, virtualization seems to be disabled in the BIOS, When i access to my BIOS there is no menu to enable it. It is hidden.

    So,  How  can I enabled it please?

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    Multiplie times per day my keyboard and touch pad freeze and only a hard reboot will work. How can I fix this?

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  • 12/09/16--02:31: Keyboards backlight.
  • Helo.

    Can you tell me this notebook has a keyboards backlight or not?

    Acer Aspire F5-573G-518P  (white)

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    It is almost like is overheating or something, it just shuts off without a warning....
    but it hapens even when I am not doing anything hard for the computer.... also, the computer is new so it cant be because of dust..

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    Hi there,


    I have an Acer M5-481PTG Laptop. It has a 14 inch-TN-Panel with WXGA-resolution built in. For better viewing angles and colors, I'd like to upgrade to an IPS-Panel.


    Unfortunately there are only 14 inch-IPS-Panels with Full HD or more resolution available. And as far as I know it is not possible for my Acer to run Full-HD because of the missing second eDP lane.


    Now my question: Is it possible to upgrade to a Full-HD-IPS-Panel (for example the B140HAN01.2) and run it on the old 1366x768* resolution? Does anybody know if this could work?


    *[Maybe also 1600x900, 18 bit could work with 1 lane eDP... ]


    Thank you very much in advance Smiley Happy

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    Greetings Acer Community,


    I'm hoping you can help with this problem I'm having with my Acer Laptop. So I've recently bought an Acer Aspire S13 Laptop with Intel core i5 (non-touch) from Amazon. It has been barely a week and I've been having this problem in which the screen would become pixelated or junked up especially while surfing the internet. Please see the image attached, has anybody else experienced this problem?


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